Affiliate businesses you can run from your form room

Affiliate businesses you can run from your form room
Published: 04 July 2018 (485 Views)
An affiliate business is a business model wherein a company signs up individuals or other companies to sell or market its products. Also known as affiliate marketing, it is an efficient way of reaching new markets without having to set up branches or remote operations. This business model can be viewed from two perspectives: from the point of view of an affiliate (the one selling a third-party business’ products) or the point of view of the company offering an affiliate business program.

There are a number of businesses that can be easily operated from home under an affiliate marketing model. Featured below are some of the best examples of these affiliate businesses, which can be operated as an affiliate or as the one offering the affiliate business program (the business signing up affiliates to sell its products).

Running a coupon or code site (operated as an affiliate)
Operating a website that distributes coupons for other businesses is a good affiliate business that can be conveniently run from your room. For the uninitiated, coupon sites are sites that regularly present sales coupons that can be used for other businesses online or offline. These coupon sites typically don’t offer products for sale. What they offer are codes or digital coupons consumers can use when they buy at certain brick and mortar or online stores. Sites that offer bonus codes for casinos such as, as well as those that provide codes for the subscription to various services, also belong to this group.

If you are running a coupon site, you will not be making sales revenues and you will usually not be posting advertisements of specific products on your site. Instead, you will be getting commissions out of the sales transactions that take place when consumers use the coupons they got from your site.

To make sure that you will be making money from your coupon site, you will have to promote your site. In particular, you need to target shoppers who regularly look for coupons before they buy something (usually online). It would greatly help if you can have these shoppers in a mailing list or have them subscribe to your site, so they can regularly view the latest coupons you have through their email inboxes, and no longer regularly visit your website to find the latest coupons available.

Sale of digital goods and services (offered to affiliates or operated as an affiliate)
One of the easiest affiliate businesses to run is the sale of goods that have no physical presence. Examples of which are e-books, music, graphics, apps, online novels, and services such as search engine optimization, web development, and design. Since there are no physical goods involved, there is no need for warehousing or storage. Everything is computer and internet based. There’s nothing to worry about shipping as the goods can be conveniently sent online.

Transactions involving digital products and services are obviously quick. The products can be sent at virtually the same time the payment is received. It’s going to be very easy to manage goods as they can simply be organized online, no need to label and package the products physically.

For businesses that seek to offer an affiliate business program, digital goods and services are a great option. For one, there’s no spoilage to worry about or damage caused by vermin and environmental factors. The business can be started with minimal capital. Even if you have a multitude of products in stock, you can run the business on your own, from your own room. You don’t need assistants or warehousing staff.

Running ranking and review sites (operated as an affiliate)
Operating product ranking and review sites can also be a form of an affiliate business. The ranking and reviews, obviously, are not the main business. They are only published to help drive traffic and establish the credibility of the site. They are helpful in search engine optimization. Likewise, they are used to engage readers and guide them on what to buy.

When doing a product ranking and review site, if you seek to make money out of it, you will most likely have to compromise objectivity. You can’t just rank and evaluate products based on their actual quality or performance. As you will be operating as an affiliate business, you will naturally lean towards promoting the products you want to sell.

This idea may not suit everyone. To some, it’s unscrupulous or deceptive. At some point, you may have to mislead consumers, so you can get commissions for the affiliate sales you generate. There are some, however, who manage to maintain a sense of credibility by not necessarily hard-selling products but by omitting the mention of negatives or the comparison with better products. This idea is not the ideal way of running a product ranking and review site but if you want to generate revenues with affiliate marketing, you would have to compromise.

Sale of the usual physical products (offered to affiliates or operated as an affiliate)
Of course, there’s also the option to sell the usual goods consumers buy online. These could be gadgets, clothes, traditional books, appliances, food, home improvement products, or novelty items, among others.

If you are a business that seeks to offer an affiliate business program, you need to make sure that the products you sell are fast-moving (those that sell easily), as much as possible non-perishable, easy to store and package, and easy to ship. Personal gadgets are a good choice although they entail a relatively large capital. You can also sell fashion wear, accessories, bags, eyewear, and other personal products.

If you want to become an affiliate for a business that sells physical products, you need to make sure that you are getting a good amount of commission. Additionally, ascertain that the products being sold are suitable for your target audience. If you want to do affiliate marketing on your blog, forum, or classifieds site, ensure that your regular visitors are likely to buy the products you will be advertising on your site. Otherwise, you will just be wasting the space you allot on your page. For example, if your blog is about pets, you can’t be an affiliate for a company that sells school and office supplies. You would be better off signing up to be an Amazon affiliate, for example, as Amazon can display ads on your site that could be more suitable for your visitors.

You can make money by becoming an affiliate marketer/seller or by running a business that signs up affiliate marketers. Just remember to carefully decide on the product range to sell and be good with marketing. Done properly and smartly, the affiliate business model can benefit businesses and affiliates. You don’t have to set up a physical store and can operate everything from your room.

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