Stunner, Olinda split up again

Stunner, Olinda split up again
Published: 13 February 2017 (442 Views)

RAPPER Stunner and his wife of one year have officially divorced as they announced an end to their relationship on Facebook on Saturday.

Olinda, who people started to know last month through a rant on Facebook Live, said she was done with the philandering Stunner and his 18- year-old mistress she named Deon.

Last month after Stunner had confessed that he had cheated and he was working on mending the relationship, everyone thought all was fine in their love nest.

After weeks of silence Olinda exploded back on the scene with another Facebook Live rant in which she said she found out that the couple were having the time of their lives through a video sent to her son on Snapchat.

"I didn't sleep the whole night after somebody sent a Snap Chat to my son showing Des and Deon in the car.

"It seems as if I've been played. . . Des and Deon are still together how disrespectful after crying, it was one off thing, lack of judgment in an interview with Ruvheneko," said Olinda.

"I feel like such a fool. I'm an idiot, the biggest fool on earth . . . once bitten, twice shy.

"I'm done . . . I'm not going to do this whole crying thing. This is my mindset I'm coming back to Zimbabwe and the only thing I want is to pack my things and leave."

She continued: "He doesn't want to be a man and give back what belongs to me. I don't want drama with him, I don't want problems with him. I want my furniture zvese."

After several videos on Saturday, Olinda later claimed she had been blocked from broadcasting LIVE on Facebook and urged her followers to go on her Instagram for a LIVE broadcast.

It didn't take time for the rapper to hit back as he said Olinda was emotionally abusive and he was going to get a protection order.

The rapper said he paid gupuro (a traditional divorce token) of 50 cents (in bond money) to her family to signal that he was no longer interested in the marriage and wanted it to be ended.

"If I was so bad, why are you holding onto a man akabvisa gupuro? I am not your husband anymore, please come get what you need kana nezvangu futi its okay, those that know me vanozviketa zvandinazvo. I just need my life back; I'm tired of this emotional abuse.

"Can someone help me please; I need to be free of this woman. Listen to the first song I ever sung (sic) (Rudo Rwemari) all she is saying is my things my things (and you say you were married), pawambotaurawo zve life ndepapi? You found me as I was and now you want to complain? Not everyone is fooled by your crying and it's the only weapon you have that's why you go live on Facebook. After three husbands people will know you for who you are soon.

"Will go and get my peace order from the police now, seeing how last time you were violent to me. See you when you get here my ex wife. Oh and please stop calling my mother her blood pressure is not so good right now and like you are telling the world, I would not afford the hospital bill. It's been an interesting journey."

The drama between the couple started last month after Olinda took to Facebook Live to wash their dirty linen in public. She claimed the rapper had cheated on her with an 18-year-old girl and at one time she (Olinda) risked her life having an operation to lose weight inorder to please him.

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