Zimbabwean musician set to become world's next Afro Jazz star

Zimbabwean musician set to become world's next Afro Jazz star
Published: 27 November 2017 (852 Views)
Africa's Jazz musician born Berven Mashonganyika well known as Prince Tawanda in music industry.
It was at the tender age that Prince Tawanda started writing his own songs.

After completing high school he then started focusing on his music career. He released a number of songs in different genres before pursuing Afro Jazz music which has seen many music promoters and record labels wanting to sign him ever since he started his music career. With huge artists such as Oliver Mtukudzi been seen mentoring this young man he has shown how matured he is through his lyrical content. Berven Mashonganyika has been on several newspapers in South Africa,  Zambia, Malawi, United Kingdom just to mention some countries.  Even though Prince Tawanda hasn't performed overseas just like other current musicians he has performed in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and his motherland country Zimbabwe.  "I am not stopping, I know it's difficult in this music industry and they is so much competition but it's all about passion" said Prince Tawanda whilst having an interview with one of of entertainment reporters.

When asked if it was true that his music has features of trade musician Legendary Thomas Mapfumo,  Prince Tawanda said " I can't say such though at first I wanted to carry on with Mapfumo's legacy but I decided to come up with my own trend which differs from the legend" Oliver Mtukudzi one of Africa's legendary musician was quoted saying "don't give up on what you are doing,  one day you will enjoy your sweat" the legend was posting on Prince Tawanda's social platform Facebook.

Previously Mashonganyika produced Hip Hop/RnB, Gospel, Afro Pop  music and worked with producers such as T man music producer at Mount Zion studios from Zimbabwe, Dj Prince music producer from Zambia, Tk Hollun a singer and producer from Zimbabwe, DJ Blue a producer and DJ from Nigeria, DJ Spitjo a producer from Johannesburg to mention a few.

"I wanted to be like Oliver Mtukudzi, Jah Prayzah or taking it international and be like Akon not knowing that one day was a dream coming into reality".

The young man shocked many when he released his first album with 8 songs in Afro Jazz music.
Since then he has decided to take a stand in Afro Jazz music  and he has been releasing hits each and every year. People are so much in love with his style which reminded them of Thomas Mapfumo who formed Chimurenga music in Zimbabwe in 80’s.

Prince Tawanda has released his first DVD which consist songs from his first album and several people used to call him Sekuru Berv as he had released a song titled Kwa Sekuru Berv as many of his music fans loved that song as it carried an Afro rhythm which fused today's Afro Pop beats.
He has showed his great talent of not just been a singer but a composer too as he is the composer of all his songs.

The name of the brand new album is “Back To Basics” and tracks on it such as 1.Kumafaro, 2.Kutambura, 3. Tiritese

The album was produced by Bothwell Nyamhondera of Diamond Music Entertainment.

Prince Tawanda who spoke to News of The South on Monday admitted that the music industry was very challenging hence he decided to take a different route from the one being taken by many African upcoming musicians who are all focusing on foreign music .

Berven Mashonganyika is simply giving back what belongs to Africans, pure African music.

Click the link below for a taste of his music

- Agencies


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