Macheso releases 'Dzinosvitsa Kure'

Macheso releases 'Dzinosvitsa Kure'
Published: 06 June 2018 (726 Views)
"Handei mberi tipe vanhu kudya kwenzeve

Isu hazvisi zvedu, isu chedu hubvonga chete

Kana tabvonga togadzika vanodya vodya

Kushata kana nhapitapi vachadudzira ivo"

This stanza from Alick Macheso's 2003 song "Charakupa" off the album "Zvido Zvenyu Kunyaya" is a deep introspection from a musician who knows that it is not a singer, but fans who make hits.

In the lines, he encourages his companions to keep moving forward, creating songs and letting fans have the final say about the music. He assumes the role of a cook preparing a "meal for ears".

And his conclusion is frank and open - fans will either savour or detest any music dish that is brought before them.

Macheso has been in the kitchen for the past months preparing a meal he has termed "Dzinosvitsa Kure", his 11th studio album.

Only Macheso and his Orchestra Mberikwazvo guitarists know the recipe they have used to prepare this dish that many have been eagerly waiting for. Fans do not know the recipe, but they have been salivating.

They are hoping that, when tasting "Dzinosvita Kure", they will lick their fingers like toddlers devouring a meal with lip-smacking gravy.

Despite the not-so-delicious meal he prepared on his previous album "Tsoka Dzerwendo" and a disaster he brew on its predecessor "Kure Kwekure (Kwatakabva Mitunhu)", Macheso's fans have faith in their cook.

They are like children that have faith in their mother's cooking styles. Even if a mother goes totally offside on one dish, her children will always look forward to the next meal, knowing that she will eventually get the correct recipe.

Macheso's fans know that the sungura master makes good music. They believe in him. They know his extraordinary capacity and unmatched creativity. That is why they have been eagerly waiting for the new album.

And the wait is now over. Today the sungura king kneels down before his fans to serve the meal.

Today Macheso releases "Dzinosvitsa Kure", a six-track album that was recorded at his Alema Studios in Chitungwiza.

Songs on the album are "Kudzwai", "Vane Zvavanoda", "Madzitete", "Chikuru Kurarama", "Pfuma Yacho" and "Ndakakutadzirei".

The album will be available at vending sites of Zimpapers newspapers following a distribution contract the company signed with Macheso.

It will also be available at Zimbabwe Red Cross Society agents across the country.

The musician's manager said they want to take the album to many parts of the country on the day of release so that people get original copies.

He said more copies will be given out to people that will attend the launch of the album at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza on Friday.

The launch will be graced by other musicians that include Jah Prayzah, Leonard Zhakata, Sniper Storm and Faheem Somanje. The event will also mark Macheso's birthday celebration and Orchestra Mberikwazvo's 20th anniversary.

Macheso's publicist Tich Makahamadze said everything has gone according to their plans and it is a week of celebrations.

"It is a relief that the album is going on sale. We managed to beat our release date and that it a great achievement to us. People thought we would postpone the date as we did on the previous album, but this time we are on point," said Makahamadze.

"We partnered with Zimpapers in order to maximise our distribution. Tomorrow (today) morning the album will be available at all Zimpapers newspapers vending sites across the country. It will also be available at Zimbabwe Red Cross Society offices across the country and record bars will also get the CDs from us."

Speaking about the launch, Makahamadze said Chitungwiza has always been their home ground and they will salute their fans from various places that will attend the launch.

"Chitungwiza is our home. This is the home of Orchestra Mberikwazvo and we are doing the celebrations in our backyard. It will be a great event as we also celebrate Macheso's birthday and the band's 20th anniversary. Every ticket holder will get a free CD."

- the herald

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