Our ultimate tourists destination doing its best

Our ultimate tourists destination doing its best
Published: 23 July 2017 (1990 Views)
This Saturday the 22nd of July 2017 is one day to remember as the desire by the Kariba people to be tidy continues to surge to higher levels. Sometime last year the Zambezi River Authority did a splendid job by fixing litter bins at a number of points in Kariba. The work was then well executed and well appreciated by both the owners of Kariba and visitors. Unfortunately our colleagues from the other league we co-habitat with destroyed most of these as they took the fixed litter bins which they celebrated as their easy hunting grounds for food. Baboons and elephants failed to revere what was installed by our local River Authority robbing the municipality pushing it backwards. The splendour of our town is that efforts for partnerships have always been the order of our Kariba life.

We are not flabbergasted that by 0800hrs today, people shall congregate at Telone Exchange to be deployed for litter picking and the community has been invited. Provide-A - Bin programme which Telone runs by providing refuse bins to towns has finally landed in Kariba. This gives our community an opportunity to witness Telone Managing Director Mrs C Mutasa on the plinth delivering a speech and handing over 100 refuse bins to the city fathers and mothers. A ladies affair as the city mayor Mrs Tracy Ndoro will not afford to overlook this opportunity to quadrangle up and represent Kariba in welcoming our visitors and partners to the power generating settlement. The hand over will take place at the Nyamhunga Housing offices at 1000hrs after a two hour cleanup exercise. Residents are expected to flock the Nyamhunga Township to celebrate the donation as well as witness tree planting exercise. A Telone official confirmed that there is need for Telone to reforestate the nation as acknowledgement that the trenching witnessed during the broadband installation disturbed the environment hence the company has to take care of that. She also dismissed the speculative concern that there shall be foodstuff for everyone under refreshments and snacks as was indicated on the circulated programme where she emphasised that it’s a day for factual and imperative aspects of sanitation and environment as will be outlined by the MD.

One senior resident has already expressed gratitude on the Telone donation “It’s good, I hope the bins are strong enough to sustain our environment regards quality suitability for an animal area”, said Aaron Chakanetsa. The community of Kariba has been invited to the event and the outspoken Kariba Incorporated Ratepayers Residents Association (KIARRA) Executive Chairman Samu Mawawo through a whatsapp message has called the people to be supportive by coming in numbers to witness such gestures as they reduce the burden from residents. He called the Municipality to make sure that these donated refuse bins cascade down for access by especially the elderly and widows/widowers of our town. Mr Mawawo also directed the Acting Chairperson of KIARRA Mr D Siapundu to make formalities and have the Association adopt the BATONGA TURN OFF to NYAMHUNGA section for clean-ups as the area had not yet been taken to complete the gap that had been existing among stakeholders adopted clean-up sections.

- Anwell Bepe


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