Become an African Travel Blogger in five easy steps

Become an African Travel Blogger in five easy steps
Published: 22 November 2017 (3047 Views)
Africa is a diverse and beautiful continent that doesn't get enough credit. That is why everyone needs to consider starting their own African travel blog today. Get the beauty of Africa out there, and let people know that there is wonder and adventure to be had. There are so many different countries and ecosystems, and so much to do and to explore. Give those on other continents a window into the beauty that is Africa, and follow these steps to start your own blog today:

1. Choose Your Niche
You don't need to think too hard about this one! The niche that you should go for is simply yourself. Do what you love to do and use it as a unique launching point that will interest readers around the world. This could be a travel blog of you going around Africa, or it could be a travel blog based in South Africa, where you document your day-to-day life, at-home adventures, and even your excursions where you take a tour to the Holy Land.

2. Start Your Website
You can start and run your blog for free if you want to. These free websites do typically mean that you have a hosted domain name, meaning that if you want your own domain you'll have to pay a subscription. For when you're just starting out, however, the hosted domain name will work fine. You can pay for a theme or even use a free one, and customize it to include your branding, about page, and blog page. Once you have this website set up, it's time to start creating!

3. Create Great Content
The better the content, the better the engagement. Great content is also incredibly important for SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what Google uses to rank websites. There are many factors that contribute to your ranking, such as speed and whether you adhere to their guidelines, but one of the biggest factors is backlinks. You can get these backlinks by posting content that others find valuable. When they share or otherwise post links to your website, Google takes this as an indication that your website is worthwhile. If your blog hits the #1 spot on a search result, then you will receive 33% of traffic. The second place is 17% on average, and it only goes down from there!

4. Market Yourself
You can market your blog for free using social media. Just set up social profiles for your site, share your articles on your page and on your personal accounts, and work on creating relationships. Make friends online with other bloggers and use social media marketing tactics to make your blog take off. It will take a lot of dedicated work, but you can become a success and even start to make money from your blog.

Travel blogs do more than just tell people the top ten places to eat, they give outsiders a taste of what the rest of the world is like. They shed light on countries, cities, and even continents and act as a great way to teach, and learn about the world and everyone in it.

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