Dating as a way of life: how to find love on a speed-dating event

Dating as a way of life: how to find love on a speed-dating event
Published: 14 December 2017 (2839 Views)
Speed-dating is quite a new phenomenon which has already proved its effectiveness. What is speed dating? Basically, it's an opportunity to go on a date with more than one girl at the same time. Quick dates are parties everyone comes to with one goal – to meet that special someone. During a limited period of time, all participants have the opportunity to talk with each other and make a first impression. What techniques will help you make speed-dating successful?

How it works
A speed-dating event gives you more chances to meet someone compared to online dating because participants of such events are ready to put more effort. After all, you need to know the schedule of the event in advance, prepare for a real-life chat, and get the companion's attention. It's harder than writing "Hi!" How are you?" on a dating site.

The pros of speed-dating
1) As a rule, speed-dating events take place in cozy cafes and restaurants, and organizers try to create an atmosphere that would be comfortable for sweet chats.

2) Organizers divide all participants into age groups, so you'll never come across people much younger or older than you – unless you are looking for someone outside of your age group.

3) Usually, 10 women and 10 men participate in such parties. Women sit at the tables, and every man has 7 minutes to talk with one of them. Then he goes to the next table. The girl notes the guy she liked in the questionnaire, and if the feeling is mutual, the organizers provide both potential partners with contact information the next day. This is a great way to avoid awkwardness and increase the probability of success in attractive boys or girls dating. You already know that the girl you're about to call likes you.

4) Besides, the indisputable advantage of speed-dating events is live communication, which allows couples to form an adequate image of each other. It's difficult to assess the potential companion's appearance and character through emails. A few minutes of communication isn't enough to accurately determine what kind of a person sits before you. However, the first impression is often the most correct one. But, as all the speed dating reviews say, no one promises that you'll meet that special someone on your first event. As for security, there's less risk of meeting someone inadequate compared to online dating.

A few speed dating tips
Don't go to an event hungry because you won't be able to have a snack for at least 70 minutes of chatting with potential partners. So unless you're going to attend an online speed dating event, eat something before leaving.

Put on clothes that are most comfortable for you to look natural. Don't choose something pretentious and remember that you'll be sitting at the table while chatting. So make an emphasis on the upper part: the shade of the shirt or jacket should emphasize your face and not distract attention.

The best questions for a speed-dating event
Prepare for the party in advance. Pick up some funny speed dating questions that will help your companion reveal herself. By the way, it's better to think of your answers, too.

Questions that will help determine the life goals of your companion:
- What's your most cherished dream? What keeps you from making it come true right now?
- How do you imagine your perfect day?
- What do you value most in friends?
- With what real person (politician, actor, writer, etc.) would you like to have dinner? Why?

Questions that will help you get your companion's attention:
- How do you think, what character traits we may share?
- Imagine that your house is burning, and you have time to pick up only one thing. What would you try to save and why?

Remember that any person wants to seem better than he or she really is, so don't idealize the girls who take part in speed-dating events. Listen to your heart and analyze everything you see and hear.

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