Another first from Kwesé

Another first from Kwesé
Published: 12 October 2017 (261 Views)
ZIMBABWEANS had to wait a little longer to start enjoying Kwesé services but the wait is proving to be worth it as the company has met and continues to exceed expectations, adding some sweeteners to the whole deal in a bid attract more customers everyday.

Recently the Econet Founder, Strive Masiyiwa announced on his Facebook page that Kwesé would offer 5 free channels to customers, I think this move will result in customers getting more for their investment.

Kwesé has developed and is launching an online sales and distribution channel branded the Kwesé eStore, which will give customers massive convenience. From the time Kwesé was launched in Zimbabwe, we have seen photos on social media of people queuing to get the product but this is now set to be a thing of the past.

It looks like some people within the Econet group certainly know what they are doing given the potential that ecommerce has in Africa because of the convenience it brings.

To get to the Kwese e-store

1.      GO to Kwesé.com > Click Kwesé TV > Click Shop Online or
2.      Go to store.Kwesé.com and click the country of your choice.
3.      For the Zimbabwe estore  Go to zwstore.Kwesé.com

Once someone is in the eStore, they are able to select the package they want, thereafter they simply checkout and are able to pay using EcoCash or any bank card that can transact online.

One can buy for self or others from the eStore. To pay for subscriptions the process is exactly the same, except that now the customer will have to choose the "pay subscription" option.

Given the widely used payment system that the company developed, EcoCash, customers in Zimbabwe also have an option to use the mobile money service as customers in countries like Zambia are already able to pay for Kwesé services using MTN mobile money.

Prior to introducing it in Zimbabwe the eStore platform was launched in other markets which include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana and Zambia. We were able to link up with Agness Mwanza in Zambia who obtained her product on Kwesé eStore and this is what she had to say, "I got a link on WhatsApp from a friend that I could sign up for Kwesé online. Upon clicking the link it took me straight to Kwesé website where I was able to fill in my details and make a payment.

Within 30 minutes, someone who introduced himself as a Technite from Kwesé called me to welcome me and to find out when I would want them to come and do the installation at my house. Two days later I was connected and am enjoying Kwesé TV since then. I have been able to pay my subscriptions online using the same link. I think it's a wonderful product because sometimes one simply doesn't have the time to be going to the banks or registered agents to make payments. The experience was just amazing!"

The eStore product that Kwesé has developed looks like they are directly going after the customer who wants convenience and it will be interesting to see how competition would respond to this.

Customers demand convenience in everything they do and this product is likely to result in Kwesé picking up more discerning customers.

Customers hate the inconveniences of having to leave their workplace or home, find parking, having their cars clamped and even having to wait in a queue.

The team at Kwesé seem to have done their research quite well and are answering the customers' call for convenience. Now customers can sign up and pay for subscriptions from the comfort of their homes 24/7/365.

We also suspect that the launch of Kwesé eStore in Zimbabwe will likely get a lot of people in the diaspora signing up and paying for Kwesé TV services for their friends and relatives back home.

The success of this will obviously depend on the marketing plans that the guys at Kwesé have.

- dailynews


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