MRP supports Matabeleland Civic Society Resolutions

MRP supports Matabeleland Civic Society Resolutions
Published: 07 December 2017 (187 Views)
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said it is fully supports the more than 40 civic society organizations and pressure groups who converged at Bulawayo's large city hall last Saturday for the Matebeleland Indaba.

"We fully support all the resolutions adopted, and we would like to encourage all of us to embark on the immediate Voter education to help encourage our people to register to vote. We notice the similarities of our demands, to those of our civic society organizations, as tabled to the new Harare administration. This clearly shows the need for effective partnership between us as a Mthwakazi political party, and our Matabeleland CIVIC SOCIETY. Territory dictates that we work in unison," said MRP in a statement.

"We further, encourage and plead with all the Civic Society groupings to consider backing MRP in the 2018 general elections. Evidently,  all other opposition parties have been tried and failed the people of Matebeleland over the years. Most of the opposition parties we have are splinter political parties that are branded by the same individuals who have failed as either Zanu Pf or MDC leaders. Such political parties can not be trusted, on the basis of the change of names, slogans and party colours."

MRP said it would like to encourage Mthwakazi people who have not yet registered to Vote, to do so, as the process is still in progress.

"We discourage our people against voter apathy because failure to register as a voter diminishes one's power to be heard, politically. Massive voter registration for the people of Matebeleland will help complement the voice of our civic society. MRP will save as a conduit to carry their demands to Parliament when elected next year," said the party.

"The government uses the statistics of voter registration to determine the number of constituencies each province should have, or how big one constituency should be. The same statistics are also used for the purposes of budget allocations. This has proven to be catastrophic and consequential to the Mthwakazi population at large as most of our people have given up on the need to register and to vote."

The party  said currently, the numbers of registered voters in the three of the four Mthwakazi provinces which are Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South, and Bulawayo are still very low, at slightly above 30 percent average.

"Hence we encourage all our people to register to VOTE and be counted.
While it is true that Zimbabwean elections have always been rigged one way or the other since 1980, boycotting while the rest of the citizenry and their political parties vote is not an option. Such an act starves us of the opportunity to be heard as a people of this region," said the party.

"MRP remains the best alternative for the people of Mthwakazi, and we give assurance  that your Vote for MRP will not be a loss. We pledge to make sure that, working with our Civic Organisations and other social structures, we deliver on the aspirations of our people. We genuinely warn, out of a painful experience that Civic Organisations must have clear terms of reference and adhere to them in the interests of society. Most civil society groups have been vanquished by the temptation to exploit the people's support by transforming into political parties."

MRP has youthful leadership which believes in working for the people and advancing Mthwakazi cause without fear or favour.

"Our passionate plea to our people is that you register to vote team MRP and trust us to give you the long elusive political power. Finally, we encourage all the women, young and old to participate actively in politics, and be counted in decision making and socio political programs. MRP deliberately avails enough space for women and youth participation in politics," said MRP.

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