Mthwakazi Republic Party a refreshed threat to Mashonaland hegemony.

 Mthwakazi Republic Party a refreshed threat to Mashonaland hegemony.
Published: 20 March 2017 (427 Views)
On the 15th of March in Gwanda MRP sent its officials led by Cde Ngqabutho Mpofu, the party's Organising Secretary for Matabeleland South at Red cross Hall where there was a meeting organised by (wild). The women empowerment civic group had invited the local municipality top brass including the Gwanda mayor Knowledge Ndlovu.

The aim was to bring the top brass to the community to answer some unanswered questions from the concerned residents of Gwanda, especially women. Wild deals with women empowerment. The meeting commenced at around 10am and ended at around past 2pm.

During the meeting a lot of questions were raised, the residents were furious that the municipality borrowed $51 000 from Agribank meant to repair the roads which they were granted, but they diverted the money to buy a vehicle for the town clerk.

"We attended the meeting so that we get the opportunity to hand over the petition demanding the municipality to repair busy main road which is dangerously damaged. The petition had signatures of the concerned Gwanda residents.  I personally handed over the petition to the mayor and I had an opportunity to address delegates present.

 I told them that the local council led by Zanu has failed to repair roads and management in general. The other issue that I raised is that tariffs are now too high at $17 per month excluding water bill yet there are no longer street lights despite the fact that we are paying our bills.  We are also suppose to  pay lighting levy". Mpofu said.

In Gwanda the moment you connect water meter they start charging you including lighting levy, sewage, refuse bin & postage even if you haven't finished building the house.

Meanwhile when Mthwakazi Republic Party came into the political scenes in Zimbabwe the Shona dominated media houses and it's Shona analysts were quick to discredit the party. However, the historical background since the inception of MRP has proved such analysts of doom wrongly.

Indeed to sobre analyst of events, MRP has proven to be the revolutionary political movement so loved and appreciated by the people of Mthwakazi. There is no political party as old as history itself in Matebeleland that has presented the real crisis of Matebeleland like MRP.

ZANU PF leader has not come open about the issue but the reactions portrayed by the state media inclusive of Chronicle and Sunday News testifies to that reality.

 Firstly, Sunday News has for several times portrayed the doomed analysis about MRP using doomed analyst who writes about hearsay concerning the leadership of MRP and it's philosophical ideologies. Such moves clearly indicates that it is a directive from ZANU PF.

Mpofu went on to say, It is true that MRP is not the first organisation to talk about restoration , however one cannot take away the fact that MRP is the only party to establish structures within Mthwakazi in partnership with the communities. Mthwakazi Republic Party is indeed the anthill for Mthwakazi freedom.

"I further support the move by Mthwakazi Republic Party to contest within the Mthwakazi borders for parliamentary and council elections.

Infact we are ready to work for MRP and vote for it. You cannot claim to be a political party without the back up of the people. Every struggle has to be legitimised through an electoral processes. The decision taken by the party indicates that the movement have the technocrats with proper revolutionary skills"

"At last our people have found a movement which caters for the  people's interests. Whether one likes it or not MRP is moving from one glory to another. It's strength comes from its dedication to reveal the truth at whatever cost and it's radicalism to stop the Shona aggression.

"Who ever thought there would be a party at home that would publicly denounce Shonalisation and hegemony?.. " Mpofu said in excitement

May the spirit of MRP spread across the rest of Mthwakazi.

Junior Mpofu Matabeleland South Provincial executive member.
Mthwakazi Republic Party                       

Zimbabwe Government inducing pain on citizens at Border posts.

It has come to our attention that the Ministry of Industry and commerce in conjunction with Zimbabwe revenue Authority “Zimra” and other government department are fleecing our people thousands of dollars unnecessarily. The Zimbabwe Government is causing untold suffering to cross border traders and other citizens who would have travelled outside the country on return. Coming back into the country from a visit is now a scary thing.

The MRP information department yesterday asked citizens to share their experiences at the hands of Zimra and the response was overwhelming on both whatsapp and Facebook.


Ministry of Industry and Commerce – According to the new statutory instrument 64 which prohibits importation of certain goods into the country, one has to obtain a so called import license at a cost of $30-00 valid for only one trip which also forbids you from importing certain products. Most ordinary citizens are not aware of this process they end up being victims of this unnecessary procedure.

When you bring in your goods without this license Zimra automatically confiscate those products to their warehouse and you pay for storage per day per item until you collect. Once your goods are confiscated you are then asked to go either to Harare or Bulawayo “EMhlahlandlela” to the Ministry of Industry and commerce to buy the license, before going back to the border to pay duty and storage fees.

That process only applies to certain products, which means if for example you had building materials they confiscate them without compensation and becomes of the state yet there is no proper documentation in process.

 Therefore there is no guarantee that those goods confiscated at the border will actually reach the state without those Zimra officials working in cahoots with state security at the border illegally benefiting.

Citizens mostly from Matabeleland who spoke to MRP said the government should with immediate effect transfer the issuance of those import licenses from Harare and Bulawayo to the border posts to allow a one stop border facilitation everything should be done at the border.

The government must continuously update citizens through the media billboards and any necessary methods possible any information pertaining border processes. The government must understand that ordinary citizens are struggling because the economy is bad.

The cost of travelling to either Bulawayo or Harare just to get a so called import license and back to the border to collect your goods, which you would have initially paid for to transport is unnecessary and a total worst of citizens hard earned resources. Why not do everything at the border? Government must understand that it’s not everyone who imports goods for sale, and it’s not everyone who have access to information. It is certainly not everyone who lives in Harare or Bulawayo, there are people who stay in Victoria Falls, Hwange, Plumtree, Tsholotsho and have no accommodation in Bulawayo. So when you confiscate their goods at Beitbridge see how much pain and inconvenience you are causing to innocent citizens?

Mthwakazi Border Posts- our citizens complained bitterly that only Shona people are manning all our border posts. Zimra and immigration officials’ especially at Beit Bridge border post are some of the worst tribalists Zimbabwe has. Most of Harare bound buses cross the border with undeclared goods yet Bulawayo bound buses are searched sometimes twice and our people are made to pay hefty bribes in order to gain their freedom to travel home safely.

Zimbabwe Republic Police officers are also doubling up as Immigration and zimra officials. Is it in the police’s jurisdiction of work to ask travelers to produce passports and proof of declarations on high ways far from the border? Are they insinuating that they don’t trust zimra and immigration officials at the border? A trip from Jo’burg to Bulawayo normally take between 8 to 12 hours is now made to take up to 18 to 24 hours because of many unnecessary road blocks.

Our people also complained that the R320-00 being charged for illegal cross borders is too much and fuels corruption at the border. Ordinary People don’t have such kind of money, they end up opting in bribing officials from R50 to R150 half the price of the official fine. Since the Zimbabwean government is guilty of sending its citizens to other countries because of human Rights abuse and mismanagement in the country, returnees must either pay R100 fine or better still freely come back to their country.

MRP takes serious people’s concerns and very soon we may be forced to demonstrate against all this illegal activities of a clueless government, destroying people’s dreams and future. The rot at the border post must be cleaned immediately. Ministry of Industry officials at Mhlahlandlela are Shona and they are supposed to save our people how do they help them? We are tired of being ruled by tribalists, Gukurahundists, and thieves. We are tired of nepotism, regionalism and corruption, we now want self-determination.


 MRP secretary for information and publicity.

- Byo24News


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