What Independence, What Freedom

What Independence, What Freedom
Published: 20 April 2017 (80 Views)
What Independence can Zimbabwe talk of, when the liberators fought for themselves and their children?

When people preferred the Zanu-PF iron york to Smith's wooden york

When the 1970s chicken run of the whites is a drop in the ocean compared to 5 million Zimbabweans who have deserted a so called independent Zimbabwe

Indeed what Independence what freedom

What Independence what Freedom

When more than 20 000 of my peoples died after 18 April 1980

When Willogate scandal was known after 1980

When 15 billion evaporated and condensed somewhere after 1980

When Sydney Malunga died after his car hit a dog and his driver survived after 1980

When unemployment has reached more than 90% after 1980

When we have more vendors in all our CBDs than formal shops after 1980

When roasted mealies are sold in 1st Street after 1980

Indeed what Independence, what Freedom

What Freedom what Independence

When you are arrested for saying Mugabe is old when he is more than 93 years old

When you are arrested for demonstrating against corruption

When the president says we can only arrest small fish in corruption so that they do not grow big

When thieves can claim to be the Robin Hoods of Zimbabwe while plundering state resources

When activists disappear in broad daylight

When you are free to speak but are haunted by your speech and death brought upon you

What Independence what Freedom

What Independence What Freedom

When the first lady is busy evicting fellow black people from farms to expand her empire of opulence

When the police force has been privatised into an army of a political party

When the leaders are a bunch of sycophantic thieves and murderers scared of even their shadows

When you cannot travel for two kilometres without meeting moving tollgates in the form of police officers

When corruption is the norm in govt circles and professionalism is a pie in the sky

Indeed what Independence what Freedom

What Independence what Freedom

When we are frog marched to attend national events on empty stomachs and undressed bellies

When poverty has engulfed every sphere of life

When leaders chase out the whites and use their ill gotten wealth to build 50 roomed mansions instead of industries

When you are taken from industrial employment where you enjoyed pension savings, medical aid, insurance and other benefits

Into tomato selling where you enjoy municipal police brutality, sun heat, rains, alleyway toilets.

And you are told we are empowering you

Indeed what Independence what Freedom

What Independence what Freedom

When people prefer Xenophobia to Mugabe's rule

When our relatives are prepared to die in foreign lands rather than coming to a desert with no end in sight

A desert without an oasis of hope

When school fees can now be paid with goats, hens and cattle

I think zvihuta can also do

Oooooh what Independence What Freedom

- Brave Ndebele


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