Zimbabweans are reaping what they sow, enjoy the meal you prepared for yourself

Zimbabweans are reaping what they sow, enjoy the meal you prepared for yourself
Published: 11 September 2017 (564 Views)
Zimbabweans have made a bed and we have prepared the bed ourselves and we must not complain we must enjoy ourselves. Sometimes we tend to wonder and pour so many complains, and give blame to one person yet it is us who have sown these seeds since 1980. With me the mathematics is very simple we are reaping what we sow. I've been to Zambia recently discussing policy matters with some academics, whom I was sharing with some few issues concerning the democracy of our country, each answer I would get from most Zambians is, it's you who made Mugabe to be what he is today so enjoy the meal that you have prepared for yourself. Zimbabwe is a peaceful and loving nation, and it seems people can go to the extent of suffering, in fact if there is a nation where people enjoy poverty its Zimbabwe. they have never resorted to violence or any other means they would rather go for days without proper meals, or sleep on bank pavements and to them its normal because they are reaping were they sow.

During the 80S Era

If Ndabaningi Sithole, and other comrades were still alive I would tell them to be quiet today because it's them who made Mugabe to be what he is today. They are the ones who declared that Mugabe should be there and no one should question why he is there. Edgar Tekere withdrew from a crucial election that was supposed to have changed things by now, but alas he decided to withdrew his candidature at the last minute and therefore allowing Mugabe to go unopposed so he is the one who sow those seeds and he must reap were he sow. During the last days of Tekere you would never imagine that he is the man who fought in the liberation struggle, he could not afford proper medication, he was living a terrible life, whilst Mugabe would enjoy luxurious trips , foreign trips with allowances whilst Tekere himself was languishing in poverty. I remember meeting Tekere at headlands mall in 2012 I couldn't believe that he is the man who fought for our struggle, and to me I would never sympathise with him because he is the one who sow these seeds and he had to reap were he sowed. He was supposed to have stopped all this by making sure Mugabe doesn't romp to victory in 1989. He never gave proper reasons why he withdrew his candidature last minute but whether he was given money or it was personal, today we are in this mess because of Tekere who decided to make an insignificant decision, so we are reaping what we sow.

Eddison Zvobgo the One Who Authored the Constitution

This man was cheated and told that if you write and insert these clauses honestly you are the one who will take over the throne. How many people were promised to take the throne by Mugabe himself? So many people and they waited patiently but alas some simply went to their graves in a bitterly way. They should not even blame anyone because they are the ones who made Mugabe to be what he is and they are reaping what they sow. these are the fruits they must enjoy them quietly some of the comrades their families are suffering but they fought in the liberation struggle. Zvobgo wrote a very controversial constitution, inserting some draconic laws, laws that were very punitive and oppressive thinking that once he is in power he would use those same laws to achieve his own objectives, but alas he never saw the day, when he died he died a miserable death, he was neglected, and he died a heavy bitter man, he was clashing with the same Mugabe calling him all sorts of names, who is to blame? It is him Zvobgo who must enjoy the fruits because he is the one who sow the seeds, and he made the bed for himself and he must enjoy the sleep.

Webster Shamu and His Cremora Propaganda

I remember Webster Shamhu during his days when he was the Zanu PF commissariat no one thought Shamhu would leave that office, everyone thought he was there for ever, he went to the extent of referring Mugabe as the cremora of this country. He told a big gathering that Mugabe was there forever and no one would remove him, we will defend him at any cost, today Shamhu is nowhere. He was dismissed from his party position. He was baby dumped and today Shamhu is nowhere and he is suffering. These are the results of Shamhu's words and he must never complain. When Zimbabweans were coming up with a joint statement that enough is enough we have suffered, himself he was dismissing those statements, he even referred those who were calling for Mugabe to step down as enemy of the struggle. Today were is Shamhu? These Zanu gurus do not even learn a lesson that it is Mugabe alone and his family he does what suits him, so as for Shamhu enjoy the bed you prepared for yourself.

Didymus Mutasa the Gamatox Chief Strategist

I used to interact with Mutasa several times when he was the State security Minister, during my days in Headlands and Rusape on professional grounds. We used to engange him a lot. Mutasa was the most feared man in Manicaland Province, each time Mutasa would arrive in Headlands or Rusape you could tell that the atmosphere has changed but alas recently when I saw Mutasa walking in Rusape, people never bothered. He is the man who told people that he is ready to die for Mugabe, if anyone tries to remove Mugabe from office, we will do anything to protect his office, and he went further to tell people that Mugabe is there to stay and nothing will happen to him, we gave him the power, and guess what the same man who was saying those words, he was failing to pay rentals and electricity bills for his Chisipite house, and he was begging for help from Mugabe. He tried to cross the floor by joining NERA opposition party but he could not survive the heat of the state machinery, but alas who will ever sympathise with him, he is reaping what he sow and he should never say anything but rather keep quiet and enjoy the fruits of the struggle. Today Mutasa is an ordinary person failing to make end meet.

Victor Matemadanda

I remember the current executive of the war veterans declaring that we will go back to war if Mugabe loses the general elections, but today the same Matemadanda needs solidarity whilst he is prison. He needs sympathy from all Zimbabweans whilst he is languishing in remand prison. He is the same man who told Zimbabweans to go to hell, Mugabe is there to stay and remain in office. Why complaining today Matemadanda, you simply need to close your mouth and enjoy what you sow, when Zimbabweans were telling you that democracy is decaying in Zimbabwe, poverty levels have escalated, human rights issues are at stake, it made no sense to you until you were dragged to Harare central for simply making your rights known, and you must enjoy the fruits of the struggle you were talking about. These are the same people who have made to be where we are today because of their ignorance.

Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru the Npp Leader

I remember Joice Mujuru when she was the State Vice President she would declare Mt Darwin a no go area for opposition telling everyone in Mash Central that everyone should vote for Mugabe and Mugabe was born to live and rule, and he must be there for ever, but alas today Mujuru was barred from addressing a rally in Chinhoyi recently, when she attempted to force her way to the gathering she was teargased by the brutal police, alas why would Mujuru complain when she is the same person who told people in Mash Central that Mugabe is there to stay and going to the congress is just a formality otherwise he is there to stay. She is part of the crew that made Mugabe to be what he is today and she must enjoy the fruits quietly. Who will believe Mujuru today telling people to bring change when she was enjoying state power she was untouchable and the same woman who used to protect Cuthbert Dube's corruption at NASA house, is now calling for Zanu PF to go when she is the same person who made Zanu PF to be what it is today?

Zanu Pf Stalwarts ( Kudzai Chipanga)

When I look at Chipanga I feel sorry for him because he doesn't know what Zanu PF is all about, in shona they " NEZANU TAMBA VAKACHENJERA" meaning you should play your cards well. He must as well know that he is not the first youth secretary, he must ask his predecessor what happened to them. Godfrey tsenengamu was a casualty after heaping praises on Mugabe what happened to him, he was expelled from Zanu PF the next day. The likes of Togarepi Pupurai and others. He refers Mugabe like our saviour imagine. You can do everything in life but never go to the extent of referring an earthly person like our saviour Christ. That's blasphemy, and we should desist from making such utterances. Mugabe is a human being, a mortal man who makes mistakes and for you to compare him with Christ just because your stomach is full, one should not cheapen himself to that extend. Such praises are seeds that are difficult to uproot, in future Chipanga should not cry foul because he is the one who has sown the seeds and he must enjoy, for today Kudzie enjoy but tomorrow don't cry foul, enjoy the fruits you have sown for yourself. Kudzai Chipanga there were people who did what you did before but today they are regretting, that is life.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai had an opportunity to rule this country in 2008, and he should be completing his last term alas he decided to leave for Botswana. He had a good start and he made Mugabe to run for his good money, nevertheless a day would not pass in Politburo without mentioning his name. he is the man who made Zanu PF to run around using state machinery after realising that Morgan was almost there, to the highest throne of the land but today the same Morgan sowed seeds which made Mugabe to remain at State House. Tsvangirai promised people that he will not abandon the struggle till he is there at Munhumutapa but alas he abandoned the struggle along the way. When people were calling for reforms in the GNU he openly told them off that he was enjoying tea with Mugabe at State House and they should not worry because Zanu PF is in its dying minutes. He protected Mugabe during the GNU era and many of his erstwhile would not say a word because it is him Morgan who was protecting Zanu PF from falling. He went to the extent of heaping praises on Mugabe and people wondered whether it is the same Tsvangirai who was a fiery critic of his arch rival Robert Mugabe. Today the same Morgan is at Highlands's mansion and Mugabe is at blue roof, how then you can call for Zanu PF to step down when you are enjoying in the comfort zone. You have sown the seeds and you must enjoy the fruits. How many Monday meetings did Morgan have with Mugabe? Where are we today? Where are his supporters? These are the same questions that he should ask himself.

1 Million March by Youths

Many times I look at the youths who participate in these so called youth interface rallies and these solidarity marches and I always ask myself a question or in fact so many questions and here are the following questions which I fail to get proper answers:

- Are these youths honest with their marches?

- Is it by choice or what?

- Where do they get time to march when it is time to work for their families?

- Do they have families?

- Do they have proper clothing and food for them to march?

- Is it their initiative?

Why then would they complain when it is them who march to show solidarity to their leaders? You hear so many youths complaining in the streets of Harare that we are suffering with no food yet these are the same youths who have been telling people that they are going to put Mugabe to the throne as our Life President of this country. I've seen most of them marching in Harare and after the march, next thing they will be found sleeping in pavements of Harare buildings and majority of them begging for food in the evening in town, my question would then be, why complaining yet they have been marching showing solidarity to Mugabe with one clear message "Mugabe is there to stay". So let them sleep in pavements and enjoy that, as for me personally I will never blame Mugabe because it is us, them who have made Mugabe what he is today and we should continue clapping hands for him and continue heaping praises on him.

Emmerson Mnangagwa "Populary Known As Ed Ngwena"

He is a strong Lawyer who has strong legal brains and he went to liberation struggle together with Mugabe and he has been with Mugabe for the past 40 years and today he is now the State Vice President. He served in different portfolios as the minister of justice, Defence, Social and rural amenities etc. and he is the man who openly told people that if you don't vote for Mugabe you risk your lives. Many people feared him, especially in Midlands he made people to run for their dear lives, today he needs sympathy from the same Zimbabweans whom he insulted. He went to the extent of heaping praises on Mugabe and he openly told people that Mugabe will not be challenged and he is one centre of power and no one should ever dare to question that because Mugabe himself is right in everything he does. ED was embarrassed by the same man he heaped praises on and he went further to humiliate his deputy in front of his wife and supporters, alas why then would ED complain to Mugabe about his wife, he is the one who made Mugabe to be what he is and he prepared a bed for himself and he should actually lie on it and enjoy his meal he prepared for himself.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the Head of Southern Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (SIPAR) which is responsible for Policy Analysis and Research. He is also an academic, Researcher and political analyst based in Zimbabwe and Zambia. He can be contacted at southerninstitutepar@gmail.com

- Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo


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