Body viewing in progress - Two bodies waiting for burial

Body viewing in progress - Two bodies waiting for burial
Published: 08 October 2017 (1015 Views)
Body 1 – ED's Body Is Being Paraded to the Public

The recent political outburst clearly shows that ED is politically finished. When these so called youth interface rallies started which had nothing to do with youths empowerment by the way of enhancing economic activities, I clearly mentioned in my previous articles that ED will be roasted alive and many people dismissed my assertions.

These meetings clearly showed that there was a body viewing for ED and waiting for his fate anytime.

ED is now weak politically and many people have a tendency in Zanu PF that if fights go to the worst they retreat leaving their own exposed.

For now no one is prepared to stand with ED fearing for their jobs and benefits. If you see Mugabe attacking you in public just knows that you are finished.

This was a well-orchestrated move way back in 2014 and it is very unfortunate that ED didn't see this coming. The truth is there is nothing that ED can do except to await for his fate.

Some certain sections reportedly that ED may plan a coup, this is not easy because 98% of the security apparatus in this country are very loyal to Mugabe, and most of them they are surviving on contracts, for people like Chiwenga and crew their term of office expired long back and they are just serving on the mercies of Mugabe and Mugabe used that as a tool to silence them, having known that their contracts have expired and they risk losing their benefits such as farms, hefty packages and other necessary allowances no one would dare to risk to lose his or her package just because of a lame duck known as ED who is failing to stand up and defend himself.

When I went through the dossier that ED wrote as a responds to Jonathan Moyo I said to myself why is it that ED has become so shallow to write such an empty document which holds no substance in it, instead of just lying low, so that you have a clear conscience of the next move, he is busy writing those heap of pages which are so empty, cheap and rhetoric.

ED must know that his time is up, and I give blame to him because he is the same person who made to be where Mujuru is, thinking that he is also safe politically.

He must not cry like a baby but he should own up his mess.

I remember ED said to Mujuru kana mudzimu wakuramba simuka ubike doro, so why can't he do the same. What comes around goes around as well. People should learn to manage their ambitions.

He should have known this, the fact that he worked with Mugabe for over 40 years; he is the best person to him better more than anyone else in Zanu PF.

Where is Mujuru today, where is Rugare Gumbo today, where is Didymus Mutasa today, these people should learn to know what others went through.

I can see Jonathan Moyo celebrating and Kasukuwere, yes today you are celebrating, watch out tomorrow t is you, Mugabe is just the same and he doesn't change.

Nothing is surprising which is happening in Zanu PF today because it has happened before and it can still happen tomorrow when you fall out in favor of Mugabe and his wife.

They own Zimbabwe and it is their personal property, in fact I suggest that Zimbabwe be changed to Mugabe because anything that these two want it will automatically carry the day.

Back to our main story, we have witnessed so many dramatic events in Zanu PF in the past two months and the momentum which Zanu PF fights is gathering clearly shows that this is the end of ED s political career. In fact his political career is hanging by a thread.

We have witnessed more than 9 meetings purported to be youth interface meetings, in which were used to severely attack ED and his sympathizers.

He was savaged in and out and ED instead of defending himself he is busy bootlicking and heaping praises on Mugabe and his wife.

He described Mugabe as the Goliath of Africa, which is where his problem is, instead of being a man enough to stand on this heat he is busy heaping praises on Mugabe.

He must lie on the bed which he has prepared for himself. Mugabe used these meetings to attack ED and to view his body, and clearly sending a message to people that it is high time ED and crew should go.

So for now body viewing is in progress waiting for burial.

A lot of people are saying war vets are going to rebel, there is nothing like that, remember these so called war vets are cowards who survive on press conferences only and nothing more, and remember they have farms which they were given to them by Mugabe himself and more over if they try to rebel, farms will be reposed and given to youth who constitutes majority of our population to about 60%.

Mugabe is a very clever politician he knows how to play his games. It won't even take him two weeks to implement that exercise, and ED won't be there to protect them as usual because he has his own fights to carry.

Mugabe can also splash money on them for example he can even give them 3000USD each imagine in such an economy and environment who doesn't want money.

Mugabe is the Head of State and he can do anything which favors the war guerrillas. So it is them the war vets that will lose.

ED should just accept reality that his time is up and the best thing he can do is to resign or seek mediation from Thabo Mbeki or Kenneth Kaunda from Zambia.

Body Viewing Number 2 - Opposition Is Finished

Whilst Mugabe and his wife are enjoying the support base country wide in the name of youth interface meetings, they are busy body viewing or parading the body of Tsvangirai and the opposition politically before they put their last nail on the coffin of the opposition ahead of 2018 watershed elections.

Mugabe is measuring his support base and his depth ahead of elections, Zanu PF is busy campaigning, they have almost held more than 10 meetings, Tsvangirai is held hostage in South Africa, and he is nursing his health and the opposition is weak, so for now he is parading the opposition to the people since it is their last chance in politics and Mugabe is parading him politically to people so that they can see that Morgan Tsvangirai politically is dead and wont resurrect anymore.

So for now Mugabe is parading ED and opposition to people and the body viewing is in progress waiting for burial in 2018.

Opposition is enjoying Zanu fights and to them it is quite interesting because they have nothing to offer for now, it is a fade movement, Zanu fights have over shadowed the opposition to an extend that they can't realize their importance and critical role to play by offering checks and balance.

My observation as an analyst is that I for see the ruling party making inroads in urban areas and MDC alliance may even loose numerous seats in their strong holds.

For example right now Zanu is busy registering people using the new system and they are making sure their supporters are well registered and with the current crop of opposition, no activity, so if Zanu PF romps to victory don't cry foul because Mugabe and Zanu PF is busy parading your body which is full of dead and past ideas and waiting for burial politically.

You can't expect miracles to happen in 2018.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the head of SIPAR TRUST (Southern Institute of Policy Analysis and Research) which is responsible for Policy Research and Analysis. He is also an academic and development analyst.

- Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo


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