It's time for a female president in MDC-T

It's time for a female president in MDC-T
Published: 11 January 2018 (246 Views)
As the fascinating MDC-T succession race herds towards its climax, it's sad that it has been worsened by the emergence of a tribal dimension and gender discrimination among other issues.

The fact that MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai recently hinted that he would soon resign as that party president should not be ignored, but should act as a fresh episode in paving way for a new character, with new ideas in steering the wheels of that opposition political party.

Its high time MDC-T officials consider a woman president, in the person of its deputy president, Thokozani Khupe. If this is the 19th year that Khupe has worked closely with Tsvangirai, it is now time to reward her, hence creating an opportunity to have a woman leader at Harvest House.

Firstly, women are more collaborative, thus they are more inclined towards modern leadership, which is consultative in problem-solving and not just trying to assert a kind of hierarchical power like their male counterparts. Although men may also employ this sort of leadership but it is implemented differently by women.

Elevating Khupe to the position of president in the MDC-T ahead of her two male counterparts, Elias Mudziri and Nelson Chamisa, can be both effective and popular. The fact that women politicians are more open minded means Khupe is able to turn the fortunes of the MDC-T.

The battle to succeed Tsvangirai has been destroyed unity and team work within the MDC-T. Already, there are notable factions in that party. Succession plots between Chamisa and Mudzuri are thickening fast in that opposition party as the rival factions ponder their next move in the event that Tsvangirai finally exits the grand political stage.

It is unfortunate that Mudzuri and Chamisa think that they are superior to Khupe and can be better leaders than her.

In fact, Khupe is more senior to the two male deputies. There is nowhere in the MDC-T constitution where it is written that the president of that part has to be a man. In that vein, Khupe should stand her ground in this succession battle.

Appointing Chamisa or Mudzuri to succeed Tsvangirai is nothing but a sign of tribal discrimination within that opposition outfit. Both Chamisa and Mudzuri come from Masvingo Province in the same district whilst Khupe is from Matabeleland. The MDC-T has always been sidelining people from Matabeleland and this is unacceptable in the political arena.

Remember at one point, Khupe and her allies, MDC-T National Chairman, Lovemore Moyo and MDC-T deputy organizing Secretary Abednico Bhebhe, all from Matabeleland, were once labeled as tribalists because they had aired views which are different from those of their accusers the issue of formation of MDC Alliance. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that electing a woman president in the MDC-T simply makes good sense. It really makes sense since there are few women in that politicians in that party and it also aids to the diversity of ideas which later leads to better outcomes.

Besides the issue of tribalism, chances that Chamisa can succeed Tsvangirai are very limited, considering his alleged relations with the members of the revolutionary party, ZANU-PF.

Previous reports from the media had it that Chamisa, who runs a fleet of trucks was once contracted to ferry milk from the former President Robert Mugabe's dairy farm, Gushungo Dairies. It was also noted that the MDC-T deputy is in constant business dealings with the former first family while some sectors within that opposition party claimed that Chamisa has strong links with some officials from the ruling party, a thing which is against the will of many MDC-T members.

In 2002, Mudzuri was elected to a four year term as Mayor of Harare. However, he was dismissed from his job on allegations of misconduct, gross insubordination and mismanagement of public funds. Although some MDC-T officials are behind his political elevation, it would not be wiser for Mudzuri to succeed Tsvangirai, considering his tainted background.

- Sibusiso Ndlamini


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