MDC will only rule when two Sundays meet

MDC will only rule when two Sundays meet
Published: 09 February 2018 (704 Views)
The continuous confusion and lack of proper planning within MDC circles indicates the political death of that opposition outfit.  
The recent drama that took place at MDC-Alliance rally, at Huruyadzo shopping centre in Chitungwiza where MDC-T two deputies, Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri publicly and senselessly demonstrated their misunderstandings in front of party supporters indicates how foolish and myopic the two opposition officials are.

It was reported in a local press that the two MDC-T deputy presidents engaged in an open argument after an official within the MDC-Alliance Rosiwita Madzivire, who is member of Zimbabwe People First blocked Mudzuri from addressing the crowd saying only Chamisa has the mandate to do so as he is the alliance acting leader.

Given the fact that Chamisa and Mudzuri are at par in their MDC-T party, Chamisa is creating an impression that he is more superior to Mudzuri since he is the acting leader of their obscure alliance. On the other hand, Mudzuri who is that party's acting leader believes and boasts that he is superior to Chamisa and assumes that he must be given the platform to address alliance supporters ahead of Mudzuri.

The current political situation in the MDC-T and its alliance is like a political competition where party officials are competing for a life after Tsvangirai. It is a known fact that Chamisa, Mudzuri and Madame Thokozane Khupe are all seeking for political relevance as election date nears. All the three MDC-T deputies seem to be confused about their duties and how they are supposed to handle party business.   

Additionally, it is bewildering how the MDC-Alliance and MDC-T are fielding their parliamentary candidates in this year's elections. Already, there is discord in some constituencies as MDC-T candidates are contesting for same position with candidates from their alliance. For instance, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu will be running for Harare East constituency together with People's Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti. Biti and Gutu are in the same alliance but fighting against each other at constituency level. Surely, this depicts the level of disorganization and ineptitude by members of that alliance.

Firstly, the ailing MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai created a downfall for his party when he appointed Mudzuri as the third deputy leader. Tsvangirai thought MDC-T would be stronger with three deputies, contrarily the opposite is true. It is true when they say too many cooks spoil the pot. Although Tsvangirai tried to put his house in order, the truth still stands; his MDC-T is now in a sorry state.

Surely, it is impossible for MDC-T to lead this nation.  In efforts to win previous elections, in 2005, MDC-T and MDC-N led by Welshman Ncube weaned themselves from the original MDC-99 which was led by Job Sikhala. Because of differences in ideologies, MDC-T further divided when Biti formed his PDP.

After realizing that they have nothing to offer to the electorate, opposition leaders thought that if they merge they would win elections hence launched MDC-Alliance. Unfortunately, all is not well in that coalition. No wonder why Khupe and her allies refused to be part of the alliance.

Lovemore Moyo, the MDC-T national chairperson saw the light that there was nothing tangible from their opposition party that would entice the electorate in the coming elections, hence decided to quit politics.

Speaking at a poorly attended MDC-Alliance rally in Chitungwiza recently, Biti imprudently said their coalition will transform the economy within a short space of time. If the alliance is failing to transform itself, how will it be able to transform the economy? It should ring a bell in Biti's mind that charity begins at home. Accordingly, the PDP should firstly transform his party together with the alliance before talking of transforming the economy.

- Peacemaker Zano


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