Time to end Zanu-PF election rigging, Cdes

Time to end Zanu-PF election rigging, Cdes
Published: 12 February 2018 (380 Views)
MY Comrades, I am pleased to finally announce to you that something is happening on the ground. As you are now all aware, a lot of work is underway to ensure that the New Patriotic Front (NPF), a grand coalition of all opposition parties retrieves the people's power that violently snatched away from them by some rogue crocodile with the assistance of an equally rogue military in November last year.

I can confirm from my side, that indeed, I met Teurai and we agreed in principle on how this project will work out. Right now I am making efforts to get in touch with Morgan and other opposition leaders.… the Dabengwas, the Makonis, the Bitis ­- all progressive and patriotic Zimbabweans - including even the Dzinemunhenzvas and others… everyone has to come on board because we do not want to take chances with the crudely nifty junta because this is the one and only chance there is for the people to get their power back. What this means is that all of you my Cdes, both those that - for obvious strategic and tactical reasons - are pretending to be loyal to the junta-boy and those that have purportedly been expelled from ZANU-PF like myself and others, should go to the grassroots to re-assure the people that all is not lost because they will soon be getting their power back. It is just a matter of a few months before power is restored to its rightful owners, the people.

We need to do a lot of groundwork between now and the elections that the junta-boy is trying to hold in a hurry. He knows that the longer he delays, the smaller become his chances of getting anything in that elections.

Like I have repeatedly pointed out before, even when I was in the Far East, the people were sending emissaries to beg me to please do something about the situation that they have found themselves in. As someone who has never refused to serve the people, there was no way I could have forsaken them at their time of need just like that.

Just look at the direction that this junta-boy is trying to drag the country… back to being a colony. Who doesn't know that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again? He has promised his British masters that he will be returning the country to the colonial club called the British Commonwealth. He has promised to return the land to the white commercial farmers - yes the very land that Mbuya Nehanda, Herbert Chitepo, Josiah Magamba Tongagara, Leopald Takawira and tens of thousands of others died fighting for - he is giving it back to the whites on a silver platter! I am even shocked that even some Boers and ex-Rhodies from South Africa are trying to come and take land from our people!

Just look as how he was feted at Davos recently! That shows you how this junta-boy is just but a puppet of our erstwhile colonisers!

Cdes, that we are going to cruise to a resounding victory is not in doubt. But my only worry is that without any comprehensive electoral reforms, the electoral playing field remains dangerously tilted in favour of the junta-boy. We have to force the electoral changes through, whatever it takes!

Get it from me, ZANU-PF has never won free and fair elections since 1980! It relies on rigging and unleashing violence on its opponents. That is what we have to guard against. Just look at what happened to Teu just days after I had met her to start working together in this New Patriotic Front project… she was nearly murdered by the murderous ZANU-PF youths! That is ZANU-PF for you! All this nonsense has to come to any end. The people of Zimbabwe deserve to be free, and that freedom, we shall give them!

As you have already noticed Cdes, as NPF we are also engaging leaders in the region and on the continent… they have to know the truth and not be misled into embracing blood-stained dictators that come into power through coups. Get it from me Cdes, I am both the founding father of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Organisation of African Union (OAU) which later transformed into the present day African Union (AU). I can assure you Cdes that those are progressive political and economic blocs and their constitutions perfectly allow them to intervene, even militarily, in cases where coups have taken place - like in our case - without appearing to interfere in the internal affairs of member States. Only dictatorships would not want these blocs to scrutinise their processes. This is the reason we are also engaging the region and the continent. In fact, I am now in total agreement with Morgan on electoral reforms and the need for SADC and AU to involve themselves in all matters Zimbabwean!

Surely how can we have free and fair elections that the junta-boy is promising when we have obnoxious laws like POSA and AIPPA in place… when the public media is closed to all candidates, except when it comes to spewing propaganda like that we see coming from ZBC and Zimpapers? What idea of free and fair is that? The SADC rules and guidelines for free and fair elections are clear-worded. They have, to me, to be met at least 90 days before the elections. We want foreign election monitors and observers to arrive in this country at least six week before the elections. ZANU-PF is used to rigging elections, but this time around that will not happen because the people are sick and tired and they have said enough is enough!

Time has come for the people of Zimbabwe to be truly free. Iweneni tine basa!

Kindest Regards
Your One and Only Leader


Cloud cuckoo!

DR CZ is feeling bad… really bad! Otherwise how can he feel good when he sees some of the asinine things that he suggests in this column being tried by some seemingly normal adults? Should Dr CZ include a disclaimer at the end of this column… to warn his fans not to try some of the silly things that are mentioned in here at home or anywhere else lest their stupidity is laid bare for all to see?

The case in point is this new political nonsense that is trying to come into something under the name New Patriotic Front with for first lady Grace Mugabe and former vice president Joice Mujuru reported to be one of the leading lights.

Please don't ask Dr CZ what it is that Grace (read Robert) Mugabe and Mujuru now want to do for Zimbos that they could not do in the decades that they were in power, because he too is at a loss! Or what is new about this so-called “New Patriotic Front”. All Dr CZ knows is that the nexus that bring the two and many other politically spent forces together is their bitterness, founded on this bizarre sense of entitlement itself based on the belief that Zimbabwe is their God-given fiefdom; that no one can ever discommode them from their secure positions at the feeding trough. That is why they are still suffering from shock and disbelief that indeed they are now in the dustbin of history. The earlier they come to terms with this hard reality like a peptic ulcer, the better for them.

Some Zimbos with a short memory were heard this week commenting that Mujuru is making a dangerous political miscalculation because she will be contaminated by the hatred that Zimbos have for Grace. The question is: Does Mujuru have any meaningful support in the first place? Yes, as a widow that was roughed up by her former “partners-in-crime”, she has had more than a fair share of the sympathies of many Zimbos, but sympathy is not political support. The two are like a guitar and a jelly fish… even a blind man cannot confuse one for another! So Mujuru is safe playing with Grace the termagant because she has nothing to lose… if anything it is good for her because at least she will have someone to blame for her sure loss.

Mujuru and Grace are birds of a feather in that they both are women of no substance. We have not forgotten how Mujuru concocted documents in order to defraud the War Victims Compensation Fund where she successfully claimed that she was 55 percent disabled, in the process wielding an equivalent of a hefty US$40 000, only to later make a show of returning the loot. Her newly found “friend” is under investigation for academic fraud, involving that dubious degree brazenly looted from the University of Zimbabwe.

Zimbos should now heartily laugh at these people because they have been habitués of cloud cuckoo for far too long for them to easily return to normalcy. Dr CZ is willing to donate three hours of his time every week for six weeks to provide counselling to this group that should - perforce - include everyone who once mattered in this country, without exception.


STILL on criminal elements and mamparas masquerading as leaders, Dr CZ has been closely following the case in which former police commissioner general, Augustine Chihuri is being sued by a Harare businessman for nearly $3 million. The businessman, a former employee at Chihuri's company, was accused by the now disgraced former police chief of stealing from the company two years ago.

After being slapped with the lawsuit, Chihuri was so unashamed as to defend himself by claiming that he arrested the suspect and set up his own court (of his own law) which convicted the suspect of the alleged crimes and then Chihuri gave himself powers to seize the assets of the accused.

Even the devil himself, shameless as he is known to be, would be ashamed to defend himself in this lame way!

This man is the same person who looted the War Victim's Compensation Fund by claiming that he was suffering from what “Dr” Chenjerai Hunzvi claimed was a 20 percent disability. Hunzi himself confessed that he was suffering from 117 percent (mental) disability! Could this brainlessness be a result of that purported war-related (mental) disability?

As someone who purported to be a chief law enforcement agent, Chihuri should know that this only happens in countries like Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan and some such places where the rule of law has effectively broken down and warlords have taken control of every aspect of life.

It looks like Chihuri specialised in criminal extortion. This is the man who was reportedly forcing his juniors to pay a hefty $100 for his doctoral thesis that he claimed to be a book… small wonder why the Zimbabwe Republic Police became synonymous with corruption and extortion… they were learning from the master himself!


- fingaz


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