1893 MRM launches the Movement and opens its offices in Bulawayo

1893 MRM launches the Movement and opens its offices in Bulawayo
Published: 12 February 2018 (362 Views)
February 10 2018 will go down as a significant historical day to the nation of Mthwakazi and certainly to those that made history happen as members and leaders of various political parties, religious and non religious organisations, civic and civil organisations, royal and non-royal restorationists turned out in great numbers to support and be part of the launch of 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement (1893 MRM) - as well as the opening of the Movement's first office in Mthwakazi (Matebeleland and Midlands).

At the event, the Movement was introduced to the members of the public together with dignitaries from various organisations and institutions, by its National Chairman Mr John Nkomo. Mr Nkomo spoke at length about the Movement and pledged the neutrality of the Movement in order for it to have the ability to support views and open doors to all people of Mthwakazi nation regardless of political affiliation, religious affiliation, royal affiliation, sex, race, language, tribe or any other individual diversity or involvement. Mr Nkomo asked members of the public to remain vigilant of the Movement's activities and to be quick in shouting concern where the Movement is seen to be taking a biased stand in favor of a particular Mthwakazi organisation or political party over others.

Mrs. Cora Ndebele (Deputy Chief Administrator) introduced the Movement's current leadership, especially those based in Mthwakazi. Standing as the main speaker of the day was Mr. Bernard Magugu who received rounds of applause for the great speech and words of encouragement he uttered to the attendees. Mr. Magugu spoke of the need to eliminate the presence of fear that greatly engulfs the nation of Mthwakazi. He introduced the office as being open for services and for use by any Mthwakazi national. "The greatest enemy of a person is fear. Kanti wesab'ukufa uzafelwa ngubani? Phela umuntu wonke owazalwayo, uzaphila aphinde afe", these were some of the powerful words of nation-building that Mr. Magugu (Secretary for Legal Affairs, 1893 MRM) uttered to rounds of applause from excited attendees.

 The Movement was explained as having been founded in early 2017. Founders of the Movement had a vision when the idea of the Movement was tested on the ground. The vision was to resolve a void or a gap that seemed to leave Mthwakazi nation frozen in its tracks everytime that some good leaders organised themselves to restore the broken nation. The vision was to form a Movement that would unite Mthwakazi nation under one umbrella body where all voices from across the divide (be it for the development and restoration of Mthwakazi or in defiance and protest against abuses and killings of abaThwakazi), would merge into one voice and take one action to deal with a common enemy.

The vision was to see Mthwakazi nation fight for self-determination, self-governance - and at the least the respect and recognition of our nation's boundaries that would enable our citizens control of regional leadership, natural resource and their distribution as well as priority to benefit from all our regional resources and wealth as well as employment. Self- determination would also allow for the restoration of a fractured culture and heritage as well as language and traditions of Mthwakazi nation. The education of our youth and nation as a whole would be restored using local wealth in resources, which are currently being stolen and harvested to benefit regions that have been developed at the expense of the discrimination and marginalisation of Mthwakazi.

Amongst the official guests present at the launch of the now popular Movement were Hon. Mqondisi Moyo the President of Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP), Hon. G. Dube of Ibhetshu Likazulu, Hon. Mandla Dube from the Royal House of King Stanley Raphael Khumalo (Mzilikazi II), Hon. Moyo, Deputy Organising Secretary for the Provincial Executive of Bulawayo from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-W), Hon. Canaan Mzilikazi from Mthwakazi Heritage Trust. Invitations had been extended to a broad spectrum of society within communities and organisations and some who could not attend for various reasons reached out to the Movement's Secretary of Administration Miss. Sharlene Nxumalo-Ndlovu and they extended their support for the Movement.

Hon. Mqondisi Moyo spoke at length about the Movement's necessity as a vehicle to bring the nation of Mthwakazi together under one umbrella. He likened the diversity of Mthwakazi to ‘a belt that goes in separate directions around a person's waist, yet at the completions of its journey in either direction both ends meet at one point to fulfill their ultimate purpose.' Such is the way in which the various organisations and institutions as well as individuals of Mthwakazi must understand one another and their situation. Promoting tolerance for diversity in opinion and support for one another in our differing endeavours. Hon. Mqondisi Moyo thanked 1893 MRM for availing the opportunity for an umbrella body to unite the Mthwakazi nation in speaking with one voice, noting as well that the very non-political nature of the Movement is what makes it a sustainable success with regards to its mandate, wherein if it were a political party or had aligned itself with a particular political party no other political party would have been able to attend in fear of competing and conflicting views. He did however warn that the neutrality of the Movement could only be sustained for the time being while Mthwakazi continues to search for its most viable solution to its restoration and self-determination. Not mincing his words that once a definite direction is identified and proven, the Movement would indeed find itself with a need to align itself, driven by popular demand of a means to an end. Mthwakazi's restoration agenda is now being guided, driven and protected by spiritual powers and the mighty God. No brutality, cleverness or education at any level by any particular human being can alter or influence the inevitable dawn of a restored Mthwakazi.

Hon. Moyo, Deputy Organising Secretary for the Provincial Executive of Bulawayo from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-W) spoke on his personal capacity as he also praised the Movement's formation as well as its mandate. His advice to 1893 MRM was for the Movement to continue its youth involvement, stating that every child of Mthwakazi must be seen to have an interest in the events and future of Mthwakazi. Hon. Moyo also emphasised the need to continue inviting every body of Mthwakazi into the agendas and mandate of the Movement and to make sure that everyone who knows about the Movement does actually find themselves obligated to take part in the rebuilding of our great nation- where someone opts not to have an interest in restoring Mthwakazi they must be educated further and challenged on their decision to remain docile over oppression and abuse.

From Ibhetshu Likazulu, Hon. Fuzwayo made a compelling statement, also emphasing on the need to unite our nation of Mthwakazi. He praised the evident presense of the youth in the Movement. A point that Hon. Fuzwayo drove deep into the minds of the crowds at the event was that of the need for the nation of Mthwakazi to be patient and tolerant of one another as individuals and organisations comprising of our diversity. He also mentioned that victims of any genocide or abuse are bound to hold grudges and internalise such anger as is found within the nation of abaThwakazi. Such anger must be managed for the betterment of our future and its planning, said Hon. Fuzwayo. The anger that we see amoungst the nation of Mthwakazi is largely due to unacknowledged, unresolved and unaccounted for atrocities of the Gukurahundi era as well as the discrimination and continued marginalisation of abaThwakazi and their region from opportunities such as economic and infrastructural development and employment.

Hon. Canaan Mzilikazi from Mthwakazi Heritage Trust also expressed the organisation's trust and full support for the Movement, as well as their willingness to continue working with 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement in every way possible as a united voice of Mthwakazi nation.

Such was the order of the day during the launch of the Movement and the official opening of its Bulawayo offices, where a double cake fully decorated with the Movement's beautiful logo was available together with snacks to add on the beautiful taste of the historic day for Mthwakazi nation.

- Thabo Siziba


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