Nelson Chamisa Vs ED Mnangagwa: The Facts

Nelson Chamisa Vs ED Mnangagwa: The Facts
Published: 15 May 2018 (482 Views)
Greetings to my fellow African brothers and sisters.Election season is upon us in Zimbabwe.There will be two main contestants in this year general election.Nelson Chamisa will face ED Mnangagwa in a make or break election this year.Both candidates are favourites to win this year's election depending on the method each will use to win the election.

We will begin with ED Mnangagwa,why he is the favourite as the British says.The power of incumbency is ED's trump card.ZANU PF have full access to the Treasury.Their campaign machinery is well oilled because it is well financed.There is no doubt that ED is using state resources to fund his campaign.These elections are very important to ZANU PF than MDC because if ZANU PF lose it will be the end of ZANU PF as a party and most of its bigwigs are old and some may be the guest of Chikurubi Maximum Prison.ED is refusing to make some much needed electoral reforms.ZBCtv and Herald they are now full-time propaganda tools for ZANU PF.

ED is well connected to the army that may help him in case of a runoff.He is also well connected with people working for ZEC like army Major Etoile Silaigwana the CEO of ZEC.Soviet leader Joseph Stalin once said "The most important person is not the one who vote but it's the one who counts votes"ZEC CEO Major Silaigwana will play a crucial role in this year election.Ballot box must be printed by a well known company not to be done in secrecy.Both ED and Chamisa must know who and where or when is the ballot paper printed.ED and ZANU PF they know that Zimbabweans are fed up of ZANU PF.The removal of Gamatox and G40 weakened ZANU PF especially in Mashonaland.

ED is facing big problems in his party.There are some divisions between warvets and the commisariat.General Chiwenga has so much influence in ZANU PF more than ED himself and this must be corrected for the party to move forward in the right direction. The president is also surrounded by real criminals. All known criminals are running to ZANU PF for protection and this may cost the party big time. There is also an issue of Gukurahundi which ED and Shiri played great roles. Their refusal to apologised and compensate the victims will cost them in Matebeleland. ED real want to take this country forward but his team is letting him down,imagine promising people to fight corruption with people like Obert Mpofu you won't be taken serious at all.These are some of the thing he must address first if he is to be elected.

Nelson Wamba Chamisa is also a favourite to win this election because almost everyone in Zimbabwe wants change.He is very energetic and visionary. His tone is what Zimbabweans are craving for this moment. In a free and fair election he would easily wallop ED by more than 70% of votes. He is promising especially the youths job and cash in the banks so people are tempted to give him a chance.ZANU PF so called new dispensation is total a failure.5 months on thing are getting worse everyday. ED is surrounded by bootlickers instead of great economic minds. Chamisa's team is pure class there is no doubt about that. He is bringing Biti, Coltart, Mwonzora, Mashakada and Prof Ncube. This is a great team that can help Zimbabwe move forward on the other side ED is bringing Mpofu,Chinamasa,Mandiwanzira,Makupe and Sithembiso Nyoni people who  have a tainted past and are clueless. This is the 21st century bullet train,WiFi and almost all of Chamisa's promises are possible if great leaders are elected to be public office bearers.Chamisa must smoke peace pipe with Khuphe and Mujuru incase there is runoff these two great women may help him before ED reach out to them.

In my conclusion both candidates stands a better chance of winning this year's election.ED is being helped by state media and Chamisa have the masses on his side both young and old. ED may be the new darling of Britain but let's not forget that the real deal is with the EU and the Americans.IMF,World bank are all controlled by the US and the US want practical reforms before they start to engage Zimbabwe.ED is taking time to implement those reforms and that puts him in a invidious positions with the West.Zimbabweans are tired of empty rhetoric and they won't hesitate to enter the streets again if things continue the same. ED's team is "bhora musango" and Chamisa's team "suga". ZANU PF is a great party they liberated us from colonial bondage.Most of its leaders no longer have that 80s energy to drive us forward its now about protection of the loot. This is the moment that ED and his team can be written in our book of history as true liberators indeed.They have passed their prime its time they pass the button to the 21st century generation.We can't be talking about things that happens almost 40 years ago this century, Zimbabwe needs a fresh start not a fake start.Its insane to talk about a new dispensation that is led by octogenarians complete madness indeed. We must put our country first ahead of individuals.Big deals are being signed on a daily basis but they are only benefiting the top achelon not the masses.Lives have been lost in the name of a great Zimbabwe. Who ever must put Zimbabwe first, cash crisis must be the thing of the past.


- Nkosana Malinga


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