Planned demonstrations retrogressive

Planned demonstrations retrogressive
Published: 11 October 2018 (90 Views)
Government recently introduced fiscal measures meant to address the economic challenges that the country is facing, and against this backdrop, there has been a surge in planned protest action by opposition parties and pressure groups.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) after their planned demonstration was banned by the police went on to proffer threats saying "If it fails we will announce the next option which is more potent than the demonstration." The ZRP noted that Government was still effecting measures to curb the cholera outbreak and public gatherings, and demonstrations, would hamper effective progress.

The MDC Alliance, through its #Generational Consensus linked group, released a highly charged and inciting statement, accusing President Mnangagwa of being an "enemy of Zimbabwe." The group said, "We the young people organised under the banner of #generationalconsensus declare Emmerson Mnangagwa and his regime as enemies of the Republic of Zimbabwe and must be brought down by any means necessary."

On another hand, ZINASU declared its intention to stage demonstrations across the country in all tertiary institutions, saying the protests were targeting the 2% tax and the rising cost of living.

President Mnangagwa, recently said the liberalisation of the economy was a necessary pain that the country had to go through as things would improve in the future.

Against this background, it would be shooting oneself in the foot if Zimbabwe was to ignore the political contestations behind these on-goings, which are contributing to the worsening economic challenges, unnecessarily. It has become a public secret that Chamisa has been influencing ZCTU to lead the protests, in a nak*d attempt to bring political instability.

Chamisa, by refusing to acknowledge that he lost the recently harmonised elections, declared that he would make the country ungovernable until he is made President. Besides the everyday rhetoric that 'elections were stolen' and that he 'holds the keys to unlocking the economy,' Chamisa has been on an offensive to influence Zimbabweans to rise against the Government.

From the statements above, it is evident that the Alliance is charged with destabilising peace and national security. Not only is the Alliance targeting to incite citizens to revolt against Government, it is also aiming to lead the country to instability and civil disturbances, only to realise selfish political gains.

Clearly, the protests, planned by organisations aligned to MDC Alliance, are clearly meant to buttress the Alliance narrative that only Chamisa can lead the country out of its challenges. The planned demonstrations also prove the duplicitous nature of pressure groups and civic organisations which purport to be fighting for citizens when they are being used to support the Alliance's political agenda.  

At any given chance, Chamisa and the Alliance have failed to bring forward any concrete economic policies. He has on the contrary, continuously threatened to lead citizens to the streets, with the intention to unseat a constitutionally elected Government. Chamisa has made it his intention, by all means necessary, to divert attention from nation building to national instability.

In his cunning and devious means, Chamisa has made it his intention to take advantage of challenges that are brought through a transition, by politicising it and making it seem as if Government has failed to address the basic needs of citizens. He has also made it a point to make sure that citizens overlook that the economy needs long term solutions that will shield business from future turbulences.

Over and above, Chamisa should be reminded that mass protests and demonstrations are not an alternative to bringing economic progress, market stability and national peace and security. It will only be fair that Government is given some time and support to effectively implement economic and currency reforms so as to address the imbalances that are causing these challenges in the country.

President Mnangagwa has also reiterated on the need for dialogue and engagements so that ideas are exchanged. These are more effective ways of addressing national challenges. Demonstrations, from previous experiences, have always resulted in violence, destruction of property and unnecessary halting of business operations.

If Chamisa really has genuine interests to contribute towards economic stability and national interests, the door is open for him to engage with the respective authorities and offer viable solutions. Using civil organisations and the general public at large only goes to show the desperation and immaturity that Chamisa embodies. The country cannot go forward or progress when national security is continuously threatened by selfish political individuals.

- Anesu Pedzisayi

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