Paul Mwazha @100 years: The amazing testimonies

Paul Mwazha @100 years: The amazing testimonies
Published: 04 November 2018 (784 Views)
A few days ago, Archbishop Paul Mwazha, the founder & leader of the African Apostolic Church was bestowed with rains of congratulatory messages from distinct churches and our entire body politic for becoming a centenarian on the 25th of October 2018. He joined the Gospel hall of fame, without exception to the fact that he broke world record for not only reaching 100 years but for becoming the first if not the only person of his age with a symbolic life, typical of the Biblical first generation, that manifested from the power of prayer & worshipping. Archbishop Paul Mwazha enjoys the goodwill of FAITH & OBEDIENCE to God which many of us fails to obtain throughout our lives due to spontaneity & naturalistic life of Man. At 100 years, contrarily, the Man of God has no aging complications.

Having been born on the 25th of October 1918 at Chirumanzu district, Midlands province, Archbishop Mwazha gone through a despicable terrain before he established a Church. At first, something outlandish happened during his birth. The whole world was rocked by a deadly disease called influenza, which enamated from the poisonous bombs of the WW2, that killed millions of born babies and as such, Archbishop Mwazha succumbed to it and died. His mother being a devoted Catholic took the corpse to the prelate at Holly-Cross Mission for benediction so that it would be buried. Father Emilio Schmidt, a German prelate in charge of the temple performed the sacred rites on the corpse with the name Paul. The dead rose to life with a shrill cry and then the holy spirit engulfed the house of God. Filled with the majestic spirit of God, Father Schmidt exclaimed, "Son has been raised for work, son has been raised for work, son has been raised for work!"

In that regard, Archbishop Paul Mwazha started the ministry of Christ at his tender age after the Lord Jesus appeared to him  many a time. At some point, he heard God's calling in 1951 while doing teachers training at Howard Institute and then in 1957 again he heard the voice of God proclaiming, "the African Apostolic Church (VaApostora VeAfrica)," a Church he established 2 years later.

Meanwhile, the Church commands a glaring following which is estimated above 7 million, with him as Archbishop, Chief Priest & Teacher (Mudzidzisi) per se followed by the Priesthood (His Sons), Bishops and Elders, to say the least. Everyday the church is growing like a mustard seed and signs are that soon it will conquer the hearts and minds of the massive citizenry to the extent of inhaling other denominations in Zimbabwe. Johanne Momberume, popularly known as Johanne Marange prophesied over this ministry, how it will gain traction over others in the country before the world comes to an End. To that effect, thousands of new converts continues to join the Church volitionally every Sabbath countrywide, and the numbers sprout rapidly in fulfilment to Johanne Marange's prophecy. With women commanding the highest number than men in relation to Cindy Jacobs, a Guatemalan prophetess' revelation to which she saw a flock of worshippers invading the land of Zimbabwe.

"An army of women with the Deborah anointing will march across the land. They will be like a net all over Zimbabwe with prayer. With a powerful anointing, the women first and men following," prophesied Jacobs.

Undoubtedly, the African Apostolic Church is an unstoppable grouping which has a strong foundation (Jesus Christ) such that no amount of smear campaign nor witching will stand against it and win, NEVER. Its rank and file is intact, obdurate and invincible, the same with its chain of command. There is tremendous harmony in the church that ostensibly portray the presence of Christ who is the Prince of PEACE.


"the mission is to preach the fundamentals of Jesus' name and the mysterious ways of salvation."

While at Melisetta junction at Gudyanga in Manicaland province, God instructed Paul Mwazha to go unto the world preaching the importance of Jesus' name and testify the mysterious ways of His salvation, a task synonymous to the one Jesus commissioned to his disciplines at Pentecost before his ascent to heaven (Mark 16v15-).


Wherever we go, people from all walks of life are attesting the great works of salvation which is revealing in Paul Mwazha of Africa in that some say he is no ordinary man whereas others testify that he is Celestial.

Godwell Chikahadze of Mbeva village, Chivi district is one amongst many who bear witness to a perilous encounter where he saw Paul in his celestial being coming to rescue him from the jaws of a crocodile while fishing in Tokwe/Tugwi river this year. Upon facing death, he saw 3 men clad in white garments coming to assist him pull off his hand clawed by the vicious crocodile which had dragged and drowned him into the deep waters. Since he was in an unconscious mood, that is the only incident he could recall before he was repatriated and taken to a nearby clinic.

By that time, Chikahamadze was a Catholic and as such he would not conscientize that Paul Mwazha was amongst the 3 Angelic saviours. Matters came to light when he saw some Apostolic Church members visiting patients (their relatives) at Chishave clinic where he was admitted, nursing from the crocodile attacks. He asked one about the church which dresses alike the 3 men he saw (visionary) saving him from the crocodile attacks and that's when he came to know the African Apostolic Church and its leader, whom he said was in the company of the 3 Angelic saviours.

Not only Chikahamadze experienced the good works of our Lord Jesus Christ but Kefasi Tapesana, who is now  Reverend in this church gave an account of how the power of God through Archbishop Paul Ernest Mwazha saved him from death after he inadvertently fell from a speeding bus. Its was an astonishing and fascinating incident to noting that Tapesana escaped unhurt despite falling on a tarred road. He neither endured contusion, concussion nor internal and external hemorrhage, to date, Reverend Tapesana is stronger than fiddle.

Admire Museki of Rujeko A Masvingo concurred with his own account that which enticed him to join the African Apostolic Church in 2017. For so many years, Museki was living in a menace within which avenging spirits and goblins savaged him day and night. He had no job. He lived in a disparaging servitude full of  great anguish, sorrow and misery. But one day he had a dream for which he saw, through the window, an aeroplane carrying armed personnel charging towards him. Museki knew exactly that the armed airmen were after his life but he had no cue over his life. He remained dejected and helpless as the aeroplane approached. Moments later, he heard his wife praying loudly saying, "The God of Paul Mwazha, help my husband!" She did that repeatedly until the aeroplane changed to a bird a few metres away before landing at the house they were sleeping. As his wife lauded her prayer fire caught up on the wings of the aeroplane-cum bird. It incinerated to ashes. The next day, Museki told his wife of the dream. He later accepted to partner his wife and became a member of the church. From that time, Museki experienced an overall transformation of life from despicable bondage to ultimate emancipation. Meanwhile, Admire Museki is a full qualified teacher at Binga primary school. The days of living in onerous environments are long gone, he now lives a happy man because he received Christ as his saviour and father through the Gospel preached by "Mudzidzisi".

- Benny Gudo

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