Ndebeles will never rule Zimbabwe

Ndebeles will never rule Zimbabwe
Published: 11 January 2019 (262 Views)
The closest a Ndebele will get to political power and smell it, would be when they are appointed 2nd Vice President, an insignificant position that reduces one to a mere servant in the President's office.

The 2nd Vice President in Zimbabwe is not elected by the people but appointed by the President. So he stands for nothing other than his own stomach, family and appointing authority.

Besides playing second fiddle to the 1st VP, his other role is to grovel at the feet of the President and sing his praises.

In one of his bootlicking sprees, Mohadi, the current 2nd Vice President of Zimbabwe from Matabeleland, told Zanupf supporters in Mvuma last year, "I am content with the position which the President has assigned to me. After the President chronicled what he had been through I told him that he can keep his seat.

"He is a man amongst men. If he is the king of the jungle I am sure he is the king of Zimbabwe."

This kind of behaviour is both humiliating and disgusting. More so for a man who spent years in the trenches fighting for the independence of Zimbabwe. Fighting white minority supremacy and dominance, fighting for equality between blacks and whites only to be reduced to a praise singer by the new oppressors who happen to be black like him.

It boggles the mind why one would take up arms and fight white minority supremacy and oppression to become a willing slave of shona supremacy.

In Zimbabwe, 2nd VP position which is the most junior in the presidium, is a permanent post for Matabeles while 1st VP and that of president are strictly reserved for shona people.

"If you are a Ndebele person who is keen to join the world of politics, please accept that comedians like Gringo and football players like Knowledge Musona and Tendai Ndoro conceivably stand a better chance of becoming president of Zimbabwe than accomplished Ndebele leaders.

"Mashona always find ways to justify why prominent Ndebele politicians cannot become state presidents: they are never smart enough and eloquent enough for supposedly highly educated and enlightened Shona voters. And if the Ndebele politicians happen to have doctorates in law, history or economics, or extensive experience in business, they are just never streetwise enough or battle- hardened enough for Shona voters."

A Matabele who says the above words in public would be accused of tribalism followed by a barrage of attacks and insults by shona people. Or worse, could be arrested by shona supremacists agents on a trumped up charge of inciting violence.

Fortunately this amazingly truthful piece was put together by Tafi Mhaka.

Here is one shona guy who does not allow tribal emotions to mistify his eyes and ability to think. He has risked all, ie to be labelled sellout and attacked by his kith and kin who happen to be shona supremacist, for telling the truth as it is.

This quote strongly confirms what MLO has been saying all along that shona supremacism is a huge and sophisticated system that is composed of founders, funders, supporters, beneficiaries and leaders both in the ruling and opposition parties.

It is incomplete without a few desperate Matabeles like Kembo Mohadi and others who aid and abate it. A person in his right mind would not go as low as confessing that he is "content" with being assigned to a mockery position in the presidency.

It is incomplete, without people like Welshmen Ncube and others, who, beside being humiliated and kicked out of Harare, they keep on going back there to beg for similar mockery positions of being 2nd VPs.

It is incomplete without people like Obert Mpofu who believe that there is no one in Matabeleland who is fit to be president.

It is incomplete without a few Matabele voters who allow themselves to be deceived by conmen who are driven by the politics of the stomach to accept their oppressors as their savours. No no! Your oppressors will never be your saviours.

Tribal oppression against Matabele people in Zimbabwe is no longer a hidden thing to be seen by MLO and Matabeles only. Even good shona people like Tafi Mhaka have seen and exposed it.

As MLO has said it many times and Tafi Mhaka has also given his own testimony, the presidential door has been slammed in the face of Matabeles. Mugabe (shona) ruled for 37 years. And there is talk that the current President Mnangagwa (shona) will pass the button to Chiwenga (shona) in 2023 who will in turn pass it on to SB Moyo (shona) in 2028. There is no mention of Mohadi who is supposedly part of the presidium. See how SB Moyo, currently Minister of Foreign Affairs would rise and overtake Mohadi to become president.

I bet the only time Mohadi's name would be mentioned is only when he has praised the president well.

It remains to be seen if 2nd VP Kembo Mohadi (Matabele) would deputise all the above or pass the humiliation to another Matabele. But what is clear as day is that NO NDEBELE WILL RULE ZIMBABWE.

Matabeles have two choices: join MLO and fight for the restoration of Matabeleland state to govern themselves or embrace the false state called Zimbabwe founded on tribalism and hate and be the slaves of shona supremacism for the rest of their lives, pass on poverty and slavery to generations and generations to come.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

- Israel Dube


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