7 educational apps which will help you be a proactive student

7 educational apps which will help you be a proactive student
Published: 17 July 2019 (73 Views)
Smartphones have become an indispensable part of the lives of people in the past few decades. Mobile gadgets have turned out to be really useful, beneficial and practical in different aspects. You can reap the benefits of mobile apps for bringing an improvement in the studying performance. A wide array of smartphone platforms have come into being which helps you in online learning and becoming a super productive learner. Here is a list of few of the apps which offer assistance to the teachers and students in becoming more proactive.


Even students tend to go out in a frequent manner, enjoy parties, have fun and have sufficient time for all those crucial college commitments. In these circumstances, scheduling and planning are essential to ensure that students learn in a proper manner. It is a prerequisite to set different kinds of reminders. The objective of Todoist is offering assistance with timekeeping. Thus, you will be able to complete all sorts of tasks in a timely manner. Todoist is equipped with the highly organized and simple dashboard which has the necessary details, as required by the students.

Stay Focused

Execution of the plan is also necessary for becoming a proactive student and ensures lifelong learning. As the student, you require being well organized so that you can complete everything at the right time. It is also necessary to keep a higher level of concentration and consistency as you go through the study material. Stay Focused happens to be a lovely mobile application which offers assistance in staying proactive for the long term by the maintenance of the targeted level of concentration. With this app, it is possible to block specific apps and social media on the smartphone, thereby eliminating the chances of any distraction.

Simple Mind

It is regarded as a mind mapping tool which is equipped with different kinds of powerful visualization abilities. In case you are a newbie to mind mapping, it offers a graphical technique in order to visualize the connections between different ideas. Mind Mapping will be beneficial in order to organize various concepts and determine mutual relations. Simple Mind has earned a high reputation as one of the well-renowned apps. It allows the end user in creating mind maps of different sizes and shapes.


This is a popular web app which has the ability to recreate the ambient sound of the cafe with an eye to boosting creativity. It is essential in working in a better way. This app is primarily developed on the concept that a wide array of people love to hear the ambient noise in the background at the time of studying or working or a similar period of time.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is considered to be a perfect option for the free education of the science or maths students who are willing to figure out or calculating how a specific thing works. All you require doing is typing in the query and you will find the most relevant answers. Wolfram Alpha offers step by step explanations which are related to chemistry, physics, and mathematics, to name a few.

Seven Minute Workout

Most of the students have a tendency to neglect training and fitness sessions and this may take a toll on their health. The 7-minute workout is considered to be an effective option in this aspect of student engagement as it helps in reminding about the training and fitness sessions. You require exercising for seven minutes daily for staying in good shape. A wide array of students have gained success in staying healthy and fit with the aid of this app without wasting any time.


Duolingo has gained high prominence as one of the well-renowned language learning apps. It provides similar services in more than twenty different languages. This app boasts of gamification elements such as clock races, points, and levels which help in learning in an effective manner. In this application, the learning procedure is known to be divided into a wide array of smaller segments and thus you will gain success in studying in the smaller increments.

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