CIO tarnishing-PFeesident's reputation

 CIO tarnishing-PFeesident's reputation
Published: 17 June 2019 (225 Views)
I WOULD like to apologise to my dear readers for the no show last week as I had to attend to an urgent family emergency in my rural home.

The situation has reached another level with what is happening in our economy. Every time your phone rings and you see on the caller ID a name of a relative from the communal lands, you now dread to press the green button and answer it.

Usually these callers are the messengers of bad news and in most cases whether it is a death or a serious illness in the family, you have to act.

And when I mean act, it usually means you are the one the whole family is looking up to in terms of organising everything both in terms of logistics and financial support.

Hon Criss received such a call last week which meant I had to drop everything I was doing and attend to the family emergency.

With the way our RTGS$ is fast losing its value both on the parallel market and on the inter-bank market, solving a family crisis has become a great task not for the faint-hearted.

But what can you do?

When family calls out for help, you have to respond because there will be nowhere else to turn to.

After my brief absence, I returned back to the capital sometime early last week and I was surprised to find that some thugs had appeared at the Bulawayo Magistrates' Court after abusing-PFeesident's name by masquerading as member of the "dreaded" Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

Gostaff Gomo (37), Isaac Makore (37) and Tichaona Chinosengwa (35) alleged drove a Zany-PF car to a gold mine located in Matabeleland South and threatened the lady owner that the-PFeesident intended to take over the operations.

A certain Zany-PF member by the name Blessed Mushando (27) also appeared in the same court after extorting the same lady of US$12 000 by claiming he could "liaise" with the-PFeesident to protect the mine.

This was the modus operandi by rogue State security agents during Robert Mugabe's time as they went about extorting citizens especially business people.

It seems the practice has not died down as more and more people are still being extorted of their hard-earned cash and investments.

This is a clear some that-PFeesident needs to make a number of security reforms starting with the CIO.

For many years Mugabe had turned this critical arm of State security into a personal police force whose only responsibility was to safeguard his interests.

However, the role of the CIO is to safeguard national interests by doing covert and clandestine work both the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the army could not do.

But these spooks had become so much drunk with power as years of propping up their old master had seemed to have blurred the lines of their between good and bad in the eyes of their agents.

Since-PFeesident "ushered" in a "new dispensation", Zimbabweans had thought the CIO would change its ways.

At every opportunity, the-PFeesident repeats his mantra that "Zimbabwe is open for business" but it would be had for any capitalist to set up shop in a country where their investment can be threatened this easily.

The sooner the-PFeesident sorts out this mess at the CIO the better because the country cannot continue on this path where State security agent are a law onto themselves.

"Apostle" Chiwenga in mysterious car crash

An unfortunate accident occurred on Wednesday when the car controversial preacher Talent Chiwenga was travelling in veered off the road before overturning a number of times along the Harare-Masvingo highway near Chatsworth.

Unfortunately, three people including Chiwenga's wife lost their lives in the mishap.

Chiwenga suffered serious injuries including a broken hand, fingers and ribs before undergoing  surgery on Thursday.

Many of you might have not been familiar with this Chiwenga character but events of the past few days have catapulted him into the public space.

The young preacher, who is related to the-PFeesident's sidekick Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga, has made a name for himself by attacking the ruling class and other established churches.

Earlier this month, Chiwenga the preacher had written to the-PFeesident and warned that he is being followed and stalked by unmarked car believed to be from the CIO and the Military Intelligence Department (MID).

Furthermore, he was receiving threatening calls from private numbers also threatening him because of the way he had been critical of the government.

Just a few days after that letter was published in the media, the author is then involved in fatal car crash that kills three people.

Before going into surgery, Chiwenga the preacher posted a video on social media from his hospital bed chronicling everything that happened prior and after the accident.

There's no need for Hon Criss to repeat what he said in the video but only one thing came into my mind after watching it; the great quote from Seth Eisenberg.

"If it looks like sh*t, smells like sh*t, and feels like sh*t, you don't have to actually eat it to know it's sh*t".

Excuse me for the language in such a sensitive matter as death but I felt that it best describes what all Zimbabweans thought when they heard the news of the accident.   

Since the liberation struggle, Zany-PF has perfected this art of eliminating their enemies using car crashes.

Of course traffic accidents do happen but the coincidence in the preacher's crash and his letter to the-PFeesident is just too glaring.

We had hoped that we had seen our backs to those dark ages when a number of Zimbabwe's luminaries lost their lives on our roads in dubious circumstances.

But it looks like this is only the beginning.   

Shake up at Shake Shake building

The Zany-PF politburo last week made some changes to the top leadership.

Like a bolt from the blue, tete vemusangano Engelbert Rugeje is now awaiting redeployment after he was replaced by the taxi driver-cum-ovet leader Victor Matemadanda.

Taxi drivers are always on the go and normally go about their business very quickly. True to form, Matemadanda did not waste time and was already making headlines in The Horrid the following day.

"Those implicated in corrupt activities be it a politburo member or minister should clear their names before the courts before taking public office," he screamed in the State media.

"For those in influential positions, they should resign and clear their names, they should not wait for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to nail them in public.

"We want things to be fair. There is need to increase the push for the fight against corruption. Corruption should never be tolerated."

Hon Criss has heard this before from previous Zany-PF commissars and to tell you the truth, nothing has materialised from such hollow threats.

Zany-PF is a magnet for corruption, the two cannot be separated. We all now Zany-PF's way of dealing with graft and it's not this hogwash Matemadanda was spewing in The Horrid.

Corrupt party and government officials have been allowed to continue with their ways and in some cases even promoted to more influential positions.

The taxi driver's promotion was not the only appointment the politburo made.

Former Finance minister Patrick Chinamsa was named as the new board chairperson at Mazarura (AirZim.

In a blatant disregard to good corporate governance, the politburo is now determining what happens at a government parastatal.

Hon Criss had thought he had seen the worst from the "New Dispensation" but this has got to take the trophy as the biggest gaffe-PFeesident has made.    

Sudan junta takes a leaf from Zim

I have touched on this issue before of what is happening in Sudan where one of Africa's long-ruling leaders was ousted in a coup after long-running protests.

Everything that has happened in Khartoum is exactly a carbon copy of what transpired during our own "Operashen Restowo Regacy" back in November 2017 to usher in the "New dispensation".

The military took power after ousting the then president, Omar al-Bashir, in April after months of mass rallies.

However, the protesters refused to leave the streets until the junta handed over power to a civilian government. On the other hand, the junta prefers a transitional government.

This is only where the Khartoum situation differs from here. I think our brothers and sisters from Sudan learnt a great deal from what transpired here in Zimbabwe.

But the situation reached another level a week ago.

More than 100 people were killed and as many as 700 injured in attacks on a sit-in and clashes afterwards, as paramilitaries from the Rapid Support Forces spread through the city to quell sporadic unrest.

Doctors believe paramilitaries carried out more than 70 rapes during an attack on protesters.

This sounds familiar to most Zimbabweans because this is what our brothers and sisters went through on two occasions after the disputed elections of June 2018 and the fuel riots of January this year.

- dailynews

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