MLO attacks Mnangagwa

MLO attacks Mnangagwa
Published: 06 July 2015 (1215 Views)

The Matabeleland Liberation Organisation party (MLO) spokesperson Israel Dube has lambasted Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa for accusing his party leader exiled Paul Siwela for sowing seeds of division in Matabeleland.

The party said Mnangagwa should have known during the 1980s when he took party in the deployment of the fifth brigade to kill innocent people in the region that he was himself sowing seeds of hatred against himself and his colleagues.

"It is true that a Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. And that an unwise cruel king who divides his empire  through ancient political policies of oppression such as annihilation, exploitation, hegemony and segregation has nobody to blame but himself when he suddenly finds himself suffocating under the dark cloud of smoke and rumble caused by his falling Empire," said Dube.

"Those who sow seeds of division shall reap the bitter fruits of division.

"Zimbabwe Vise President Mnangagwa should have known that before he participated in the formation and deployment of Zimbabwe National army  5 brigade christened as Gukurahundi in Matabeleland, that left a trail of destruction and bloodshed where over 40 000 un armed Matebele civilians were murdered, over 100 000 women raped and over 1000 000 Matebele civilians displaced into neighbouring states notably South Africa and Botswana where they have remained up to date."

He said MLO dismisses with the loudest laughter and contempt it deserves, Mnangagwa's resent outbursts in Masvingo where he accused Siwela and others  for 'dividing Zimbabwe along tribal lines'.
"The most entertaining part of his speech is where he claimed that "Zimbabwe is a unitary state and a democracy guided by the constitution" he said. "Really? What Vise President Mnangagwa has to know is that MLO is not interested in dividing Zimbabwe, but to extricate Matabeleland from Zimbabwe and return her statehood which was lost on 3 November 1893 We are pleased that Mnangagwa who is a member of the presidium both in Zanu PF and Zimbabwe government has finally acknowledged our demands. Our message has been head and no one can deny that much has been discussed in the corridors of power about our demands."

He said they cannot say Mnangagwa is misinformed or totally ignorant of the latest events, as his utterances, though far fetched, clearly show that the Matabeleland independence agenda has reached a critical point where it cannot be ignored and has taken centre stage in the presidency.
"Hence Mnangagwa has been deployed on a mission to spread Zanu  PF  propaganda  to misinform the public, soil and reduce an otherwise genuine Matabelend statehood restoration cause to a mere tribal dispute," he said.

"Mnangagwa is not the only one dispatched from the office of the President to try and curb the raging fires of revolution in Matabeleland . Vise President Mphoko  was assigned to cause confusion as far as  Gukurahundi genocide is concerned while  Mugabe, his wife Grace and his spokesman George Charamba belittle and verbally assault Matebeles at any given opportunity. Sibona ngezenzo ukuthi Lihlabe lephukela (actions show that  the nail has been driven home)."  
He said let it be known to Mnangagwa,  all Zimbabweans and peoples of the world that Matabeleland  is not Zimbabwe as evidenced by the following simple facts.

"Zimbabwe/ Mashonaland was occupied peacefully without resistance by the BSA Co on 13 September 1890. Matabeleland alias Mthwakazi was occupied through conquest on 3 November 1893 after a fierce war dubbed as Anglo Matebele War that claimed 18 000 lives that included 6 000 warriors and 12 000 civilians," said Dube. 

"Territorial Integrity. Matabeleland has clearly marked  borders with its four neighbours ie  Botswana, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. All the borders are historic and were signed in the 19th century by King Lobengula  on behalf of  Matabeleland. The other three are recognized except The Jameson Line border that separates Matabeleland from Mashonaland. MLO demands that it be recognised too."

He said Zimbabwe was using the Rule By Right Of Conquest and  Matabeleland was combined with Mashonaland by the whites to form Rhodesia without the consent of the people of Matabeleland and Mashonaland.

" Zimbabwe is a successor to Rhodesia through an imperfect decolonisation process. Matabeleland remains a captive state held by force by Zimbabwe. Matabeleland must be free," he said.

"Star Leander  Jameson used the Rule By Right of Conquest which was illegal and morally wrong  to forcefully unite Matabeleland and Mashonaland  without the permission of native Matebele and Shona. This oppressive rule is still in place  today as it manifests  as the Unity Accord which Joshua Nkomo was forced to sign at gun point. That's why Mnangagwa emphasizes more on the so called unitary state."
Dube said however the unitary state as expounded by Mnangagwa is too narrow and too tribal to accommodate The Republic of Matabeleland.
" A rainbow nation like ours that prides itself in diversity of culture, language, ethnicity and founded on the spirit of ubuntu and equality cannot fit in Zimbabwe, a rigid  centralised  state which is premised on a very primitive tribal supremacist system which projects Shona as  superior than other tribes, particularly those from Matabeleland that are regarded as inferior. Matebeles are ashamed to be called Zimbabweans whatever it means," he said.

"In Ndebele we say iqaqa alizizwa ukunuka  (no pole cat ever smells its own stinks), actual meaning: nobody recognises his own fault. Mnangagwa with his stinking genocide history is the last person to preach unity to the people of Matabeleland. Nothing in our history  has set apart the people of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe more than the unresolved issue of Gukurahundi genocide. It remains a dark spot that cannot be erased from  our history. VP Mnangagwa should know that he is yet to answer to the charges of genocide."

Dube said Zanu PF strategy of using mass murderer Mnangagwa as an intimidating agent of forced unity has failed before it even starts.

"Firstly, because no sane person in Matabeleland will give an ear to an arrogant and unrepentant Gukurahundist who has openly bragged that Gukurahundi genocide is a none event and a closed chapter. Secondly because the people of Matabeleland have been conscientised and now understand and have embraced the restoration agenda. Therefore they are no longer interested and do not want anything to do with Zimbabwe," he said.

"Lest Mnangagwa and his oppressive lot forget: the people of Matabeleland are human beings fully entitled to the right to self determination and very much capable and fit and ready to govern themselves. There is not even one reason why they must place this precious right in the hands of the government of tyranny that has no respect for human life and human rights."

"As MLO we shall not apologise for demanding the reinstatement of the statehood of Matabeleland which shall be delivered as the independent and sovereign Republic of Matabeleland. There is absolutely no crime in doing that but a crime to remain in Zimbabwe as a captive state."

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