Zanu-PF eyes Mutare mayorship

Zanu-PF eyes Mutare mayorship
Published: 13 September 2017 (154 Views)
ZANU-PF intends to wrest power at Mutare City Council from incumbent mayor councillor Tatenda Nhemarare whom it accuses of gross incompetence.

The revolutionary party's Manicaland secretary for Administration Kenneth Saruchera said they wanted to take over the running of affairs at Mutare City and replace the current mayor. He made the remarks while addressing a zanu-pf meeting in Dangamvura on Sunday where Mutare City deputy mayor, councillor Collin Mukwada was in attendance.

Saruchera said the MDC-led council was failing to meet residents' expectations and the executive should be replaced by people who are work and result oriented.

"We were failing to make a breakthrough in Mutare and we only managed to make a breakthrough when Mupfumi took over the Dangamvura-Chikanga seat. Nyika yose

yakafara nanhasi iri kufara! (the whole country was elated; today everyone is happy)," he said.

"There is going to be a by-election very soon in Fern Valley. We are all going to campaign in Fern Valley. Let's take over that seat. I was with the Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Mandi Chimene we should make sure ZANU-PF wins that seat. We are yet to sit and map a strategy of winning that seat. We want a strategy that sends a clear message to whole of Mutare that ZANU-PF will win in Mutare. We want to take over the council. Deputy mayor, we are promising to give you another ZANU-PF councillor. But as of now start to think of a ZANU-PF mayor. We cannot work without a vision. Our vision is to take over the council," he said.

Saruchera said people should start scouting for a suitable candidate whom they would work with as a mayor.

He promised to give the selected person political support.

"Let's take over the council. I am told that there is a new town clerk. I heard people saying isimbi yebasa, chikoti (he is a hard worker). But that person needs political support; political support in controlling the council by winning majority seats. Go and scout for a good person who will not give us problems when at work," he said.

Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency legislator Isau Mupfumi sometime early last year led a demonstration in which ZANU-PF members were complaining of mismanagement and corruption at City of Mutare.

The demonstration resulted in the resignation of the then town clerk, Obert Muzavazi from his position.

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