Pastor Sanyangore went with 'miracles'

Pastor Sanyangore went with 'miracles'
Published: 21 October 2017 (434 Views)
EVER SINCE the Pastor Paul Sanyangore alleged expose' no prophet has come out with an extra-ordinary miracle.

Sanyangore would at least once a month deliver an out-of-this-world miracle which some people accepted while others blasted him.

Despite claims by his cousin that the miracles were fake, they remain documented in history books.

Again he is not the first to be accused of being fake, renowned prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has allegedly been sued over what the plaintiff termed fake miracles.

Among the miracles he came out with were walking on water, raising someone from the dead, encounter with angels, changing sewer water into clean drinkable water and the mysterious oil raining in church among many others.

He had shifted from the ordinary healing miracles that are even done by those street preachers to the extraordinary miracles that are written in the Bible.

Each time he announced a miracle, another prophet would come out with their miracles.

Now that Sanyangore has gone quiet, where are they?

Were they into this for competition with him? How are they surviving? Have they gone into hiding? Are they also fake?

This has led to the conclusion that Sanyangore went with miracles and all we are left with now are clowns.

We now have the Madungwes who claim to have fought God and to have arrested the Devil. Whatever conclusion you may come up with, it is up to you, but these are the things we are waking up to nowadays.

Nowadays we are having those prophets or rather the madzibabas advertising on radio but what they claim to do is nothing more than what Sanyangore did.

We now hear of the 'go back to sender' prophets and what they help people with is nothing new to what Sanyangore offered us.

There were a lot of debates that surrounded Sanyangore and at least to him, they were supported by scriptures and he was always prepared to defend his position.

When the condom incident happened (when he is said to have prayed for condoms at his church), the preacher even went to defend his position to the ICASA Conference attended by several world delegates.

Word in the ghetto is that the remaining prophets lack the courage to face criticism and all they can do is just advertise the people they had helped.

We just hear of testimonies that we helped this man or woman who was suffering from this and that, the ordinary miracles that are being done in the streets.

A local prophet who preferred anonymity said "You need cover for some of these things. Sanyangore would get bashed for all of us to flourish and no one wants to be that sacrifice.

"The Magayas, Makandiwas and Vutabwashes were the cover for Sanyangore. Those senior prophets were criticised, insulted for the young one like Sanyangore to flourish, so he had to be that cover for us."

Speaking to Sanyangore, he said he had never quit his ways of operations but is not taking it to the public.

"This was my calling and miracles are what I have to do. The church is there and the miracles are happening. We are there just that we have not been advertising only," he said.

It is no doubt that some of these prophets are in this church business for competition and they celebrated Sanyangore's downfall.

His downfall has however pronounced doom for them as it has killed 'creativity' from them, leaving us with the ordinary miracles that have made radio boring and are dismissed at face value without debate.

We need Sanyangore back!

Someone tell him the people miss his controversy.

- hmetro


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