'Grace Mugabe used me'

'Grace Mugabe used me'
Published: 24 November 2017 (627 Views)
OUSTED Zanu-PF national secretary for administration, Mrs Letina Munamato Undenge, says she was used by outgoing First Lady, Mrs Grace Mugabe to further a factional agenda.

She also acknowledged that change in the country's leadership was inevitable. Mrs Undenge said her surprise rise to the influential post in the Women's League also shocked her, but was based on her academic qualifications.

Responding to questions sent to her on Wednesday, Mrs Undenge who was viewed as loquacious by most people, said: "My rise to secretary for women's league came as a surprise to me as I was told of the appointment when I was called to the party headquarters' Women's League offices by Amai Grace Mugabe and Amai Sandi Moyo who was the deputy then.

"I was still deputy secretary for education in the national Women's League then. I was told that I had been appointed secretary for administration for Women's League, a full time job.

"They said the top 10 national executives that included Amai Mugabe, Mai Sandi Moyo, Mai Chinomona, the late Mai Mahofa, Mai Msarurwa, Mai Mahoka, Mai Mohadi and Mai Kanengoni had set down as a management committee scouting for talent in terms of academic qualifications to employ in the Women's League and had unanimously agreed to appoint me their secretary.

"Then I had a Masters' Degree in Administration from NUST which the other contenders did not have. I was given a task to add value to the Women's League. Part of my job was planning programmes for the league and doing all administrative work, reporting to Amai Mugabe who was the boss and secretary of the Women's League. I have an official letter of appointment to this effect.

In short, my rise to that position was based on my academic qualifications. I admit that I was blindly used by my boss."

She said she never bootlicked anyone for a position, a reason why she never had a ministerial appointment during her two-year stint at the helm of the Women's League.

"My apologies if the position put me in the limelight because all of us on salutation we had to praise Cde Mugabe and Amai Mugabe, something which I did innocently. My deepest apologies to everyone in the party and I wish them to forgive me and leave (sic) me in the party. Our excitement could have hurt others and in God's name, I ask for forgiveness and wish to continue with my party Zanu-PF. I was not part of a planning cabal against VP Mnangagwa or the army. I only did secretarial work and praised the leaders as I was taught by my party. I am happy that there is a new dispensation and thanks to the bold stance by the army in restoring legacy and order and promise to be a loyal abiding citizen."

She added: "I would like to congratulate our incoming President, Cde Mnangagwa and also our Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga for embracing change in Zimbabwe in a peaceful manner. I salute them and respect them and as a Christian, the Bible teaches us to respect those in power because they are put by God.

"Yes, I was very close to Amai Mugabe because of the nature of my job. I was so active in rallies and meetings because Amai Mugabe's deputy, Cde Thokozile Mathuthu has been unwell for some time now. I ended up executing her roles," she said.

When asked about the contributions she made during the liberation struggle as she claimed in her Curriculum Vitae she submitted to Zanu-PF Manicaland provincial offices, Mrs Undenge insisted that she had actively participated in the struggle.

This is despite her tender age, as she was a 14-year-old teenager when Zimbabwe obtained its independence in 1980.

"In the liberation struggle, my contribution was that of supporting the struggle through cooking and attending rallies. My parents are from Buhera, from Chief Chitsunge's area. I am a daughter of Zanu-PF and I grew up in the party. I have never known of any other party," she said.

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