MLF denounces Bulelani and his gang of Judas Iscariots and Liars

MLF denounces Bulelani and his gang of Judas Iscariots and Liars
Published: 24 February 2018 (254 Views)
The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. These words ring true to the dot if we are to examine and interrogate what is currently happening in the binary Zimbabwe presently. Most of the events taking place in that failed country need men to stand and put to a dead-end evil with its afflictions that have gripped the colonial arrangement and seems unabating unless confronted truthfully for what it is by all that genuinely care.

As a people of Mthwakazi, we are seeing the desperate government of Zimbabwe seeking to impose through its multiple proxies a Xhosa national as King to Mthwakazi nation. This mercenary King by the name Bulelani who does not know any place in Mthwakazi and even a single street in Bulawayo agrees to jointly shoulder the untenable burden of oppressing, trampling and brutalising the people of Mthwakazi cannot go unchallenged. The government of Zimbabwe, pursuant of its near complete diabolic Grand Plan (1979), uses a well-known clique of traitors within Mthwakazi populace to court Bulelani to assist it to dismantle restoration agenda by Mthwakazi people.

Unashamedly, this notorious clique of Judas Iscariots even lie that King Zwelithini will coronate Bulelani at Bourberfields on 3 March 2018. They further claim that there shall be a football match between Highlanders and Pirates on this date, yet it is known that on the said date Pirates play Chiefs in a Soweto derby. Some people can play petty when talking about issues of national significance and have no single grain of remorse for such blatant lies.

For the record, as MLF, we are a privileged few to know only too well that King Zwelithini can never be party to a ceremony of common evil spirits that seek to subvert the will of Mthwakazi nation when King Zwelithini knows very well that the wanted and revered King of all Mthwakazi (for what he says and does) is already there. It is therefore preposterous for the meek to seek trivialise such a matter just to placate the ego of their Shona masters. All these fierce lies designed to hoodwink and confuse our people are once again being peddled in the name of the unknown and unwanted Bulelani. Instead, Bulelani should tell the truth that it is Mnangagwa who is expected to enthrone him as King on that unenviable day.

If indeed Bulelani were a King as he and gang wish, this would be the worst disaster in living memory whereby the claimant King shamelessly glorifies lies at the expense of our nation in order to appease the Shona slayers. It boggles the mind when one thinks what kind of a hole Bulelani has been hiding in so as not to know how much Mthwakazi has suffered at the hands of the unrepentant Shona. He, together with his handlers even unashamedly pronounce that he is prepared to work with the murderous government of Zimbabwe. What a shame to a creature devoid of humanity to the extent of further subduing the already suffocating nation at the hands of the ruthless government of Zimbabwe.

To Bulelani and your handlers, know that the name Zimbabwe to the people of Mthwakazi, is what devil is to the Christian world. We, as a people, have nothing to do with Zimbabwe with their defunct, oppressive and inhuman policies which have caused untold suffering to our nation, yet you choose to stand with them and assist them to complete their mission of exterminating us from the face of the earth.

We shall not be held hostage by the Shona in collaboration with Lobhengula clan who had hidden under rocks for more than 120 years as nation bled profusely due forces of oppression and evil. We reject such imposition in the strongest of terms and never shall such a liar be a king to such a noble nation born from kings of integrity.

In the same breath, we want to put it on record and for the umpteenth time that the people of Mthwakazi have no other place they call home, but the land of their forefathers laced with their graves some of which resulted from protracted war they fought defending Mthwakazi from the colonialists and not Zimbabwe. We have no history of our warriors who fell defending Zimbabwe but Mthwakazi.

It is disturbing so much that we still have, to date and in this era, some of our own Mthwakazi people believing in the utopia of Zimbabwe when they are always ejected, bruised and treated as second class citizens. Recently, the Shona loudly and clearly labelled one of our own, Thokozani Khuphe, as a dissident who must return to Matabeleland -34 years after the so-called independence! This is quite clear to anyone even to those of average IQ that the Shona do not accept us as part of them and so we must fight to stand on our own as a people. We are a complete nation without them.

When I say this, I know that some meek people among us would be quick to label me tribalistic, but truth be told, what else is not tribalism in the binary Zimbabwe? Even the said vice president of Zimbabwe presently, Mr Kembo Mohadi, knows that he has reached the pinnacle of his political career by being a deputy and cannot aspire for a higher post - that of the president and such has been the case since the Zimbabwean independence in 1980. He knows this well as much as we all know yet he continues to pose as though he represents Mthwakazi in that dubious arrangement. No one else from outside Mashonaland shall ever be a president of Zimbabwe, that's a living reality we all know from deep down our hearts. Instead, the likes of Mohadi are tools used for policing Mthwakazi for the Shona and are fairly rewarded for that while still active but discarded after their masters deem time is up for them.

Bakithi, inkukhu ingaze ibenhle kanjani, ekhozini yinyama kuphela. How many of our people must be killed, humiliated, maimed, raped, used and dumped so that you know that you don't belong with the Shona?

To our people who are still poised to appease the Shona even with the lives of their own children and relatives, we say, ' wake up and smell the coffee, lingafeli egabheni letshukela njengobunyonyo'. Time to work for your nation is now otherwise history will judge you harshly. After reading this, introspect and ask yourself innocently what you have done for your people save for bringing them misery every day!

As MLF, we stand firmly with our people who chased the Mnangagwa Shona commission that he launched to check how many of us survived the Shona carnage so that they carve new strategies to annihilate us. There can be reconciliation when we do not know how many of our people were killed in cold blood for being Ndebele, how many were raped, maimed and abducted and their whereabouts unknown to this date. We need a neutral commission preferably by the UN to conduct forensic investigations objectively so that the remains of our massacred Shona can be buried decently according to our customs and a memorial site erected with names of Shona victims engraved on tombs.

That there can be closure at Mnangagwa's directive and as at when it pleases him without facts and figures, it's the wildest dream with one's eyes open that a grown-up man can ever have. We still argue that the murdered exceed 50000, the raped over 500000 and tens of thousands disappeared while many more maimed. It is only after such facts have been gathered and collated that as a nation we shall demand a befitting compensation while the perpetrators face justice in a competent court of law - such a compensation shall never be short of our independence as Mthwakazi nation so that our lives and rights are guaranteed like all other citizens of the globe.

Presently, no sane person can entrust their lives and those of their children in the hands of Mnangagwa, Perence Shiri, Chiwenga, Sekeramai and many others who have demons that need appeasement with Ndebele blood.

To the people of Mthwakazi, never before has unity of purpose been so important. Let's leave our comfort zones and strive to put to end all forms of evil and inhumanity we wake up to everyday in Zimbabwe, our hell on earth. We need to stand up for our children and generations to come and reclaim the land our forefathers bequeathed to us without fear or favour or else we stand condemned even by our departed. Justice +restoration =real independence and equality of human race.



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