Mwonzora to challenge Chamisa come 2019

Mwonzora to challenge Chamisa come 2019
Published: 16 April 2018 (259 Views)
MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora is said to be mobilising party structures to drum up support for the 2019 national elective congress where reports say he wants to challenge the current president Nelson Chamisa.

Information obtained by TellZim News suggests that Mwonzora is sponsoring divisions within provincial structures which belong to the Chamisa faction among them Masvingo.

Masvingo has been put under the microscope over their candidate selection process which has been marred with controversy with some aspiring candidates complaining that their Curriculum Vitae (CVs) had been removed without reaching the electoral directorate.

The information made rounds on social media mudslinging the James Gumbi led Masvingo provincial executive leading to the issuing of a statement to clear the air.

"I would want to impress on members to post information they have verified to be true and authentic. I would want to assure all concerned that nothing like this has occurred. Be assured that all and I mean all CVs have been handled in compliance with the laid down party guidelines all CV have been submitted to the national election directorate.

"So I wonder what agenda is being pursued by people propagating such falsehoods, but definitely it doesn't appear to resonate with the real change agenda of our party. If such energy being shown in spreading such falsehoods was being channeled to rebuilding and mobilizing people to rally behind our only known candidate, president Nelson Chamisa, then we definitely would deliver the people of Zimbabwe to their promised land.

"I hope every one of us will remain guided and wait for party processes to proceed. I refer people to our party constitution and election template so that you know who has the power to choose candidates and you will see that no individual has those powers as purported by the person who originated this misleading message.  Our party follows and is servant to its constitution, and we abide by it religiously," said Gumbi in a statement.

Gumbi had a torrid task to defend the province over the candidate selection processes after members from the MDC Veterans Activists Association (VAA) on social media took him to task over the allegations of removing some aspiring candidates' CVs.

Gumbi said there are other people who are focusing on 2019 instead of focusing on the elections in July this year.

"That information is false and is being peddled by those who think they can discredit the current province for 2019. The scheme is as clear as day and the good part is President Chamisa knows the whole plot," said Gumbi without mentioning any name.

One member was quick to say it is Mwonzora who is looking to discredit the Gumbi led administration and said he (Mwonzora) is holding secretive meeting with other provincial bigwigs at the Flamboyant hotel to prepare for the congress.
Mwonzora told TellZim News that as a member of the party he is allowed to contest any position he wants to.

"I am allowed to contest any post I want and I am going to contest if I want to. The people who say I am having secret meetings in Masvingo are factionalists and a bunch of losers.

"I haven't been to Masvingo for over a year now. I know the people who are saying that but I will shame them," said Mwonzora.

- tellzim


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