Chamisa clueless on Matabeleland

Chamisa clueless on Matabeleland
Published: 27 May 2018 (229 Views)
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said the tribal monster that feeds the political appetite of the Harare parties is finally exposing it's expiring phase in Matabeleland after what it claimed was total ceaselessness by MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa on issues affecting the region.

The party said the gradually slipping Matabeleland hold has thrown the Harare parties into the terrain of uncertainty, error of judgment and haphazard hollow speeches.

"Chamisa was in Matabeleland South this weekend. The tribal monster advised him to wear the Ndebele head gear. It would have been a shock if a Matabeleland leader had to do the same in a rally in Mashonaland. Shona people have got a rigid position and are consistent in defending what is their own, even if you appear to them on a golden horse. Why did Chamisa wear 'Umqhele' and carry a knobkerrie (Intonga)  in Gwanda? Could it be the same Intonga he purpotedly got from the Nkomo Family? ( Yiyo yini induku kamdala uMqabuko,  UMafukufuku?," said the party.

"It was just keeping appearances. Only a chameleon changes colour to suit geography. The advice from the tribal monster was, 'Pretend to be like them and be as dramatic as possible about those things that affect them'. And yes he was dramatic indeed. Chamisa comes to Gwanda to lie to the people of Matabeleland South. He unashamedly tells them  that Obert Mpofu is the problem that has bedevilled them all these years. He chooses to ignore the real devil, which is Tribalism. The mantra of removing Mugabe is now over and is overtaken by that of removing Obert Mpofu.  Surely the influx of workers from Mashonaland is not attributable largely to Obert Mpofu, but to the ethnic hegemony fronted by Harare parties, so is the arbitrary looting of local resources to develop Mashonaland. This ignorance of accountability will in the near future erase the traces of Harare political parties from the face of Matabeleland, MDC Chamisa included. Surely there are mainly two things from Harare that have devided the people of Mthwakazi, and these things are called ZANU and MDC."

The party said Chamisa, in an effort to defend his immaturity, tried to defend the issue of his age by emphasizing the element of Prof Welshman Ncube as surety of his political stability.

"It is fitting for him to be advised by Welshman Ncube because he has never represented the people of Mthwakazi. Welshman has always been entirely  absent from Matabeleland issues. Not to be outdone, was  Victor Matemadanda when he was addressing the War Veterans at Stanley Hall in Bulawayo. He was also forced to borrow some rhetoric from the tribal monster. In his address, he tries frantically to deny the existence of institutional tribalism. He goes on to defend Mnangagwa and what he calls MaShona on the commission of the Gukurahundi atrocities. He went on to apportion all the blame on Mugabe for unleashing Gukurahundi while agonisingly trying to exonerate Mnangagwa. What an insult to the intelligence of the people of Matabeleland!"

The party said it is so painful to hear someone like Victor  Matematanda who is a beneficiary of Gukurahundi, making a mockery of our fathers by equating them to the value of Mugabe's properties.

"So sad! Matematanda instead, delved artistically into defending the employment of non- Mthwakazi people at the expense of the locals. Defenders of the 1979 Shona grand plan will leave their children in great danger of retribution if they neglect reality over politics," said the party.

"We appreciate the anger that the likes of Matemadanda continue to stir in Matabeleland as it solidifies and justifies our struggle for Self Determination. By whatever means, Mthwakazi will some day be free."

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