Zimbabwe's impressive cabinet line-up under a severe parliamentary vaccuum

Zimbabwe's impressive cabinet line-up under a severe parliamentary vaccuum
Published: 19 September 2018 (512 Views)
For the first time in history, the new president has made constructive use of the specially elected parliamentarians window.

From this window the president has addressed key discrepancies to bring-in the most rare skills in both parliament and cabinet. Such specially elected parliamentarians include the ministries of Finance with Professor Mthuli Ncube as minister, Sports with Kirsty Coventry and Health with Dr. Obadiah Moyo. With a dead parliament! The worst of its kind since creation! A big blow to development! Thats the price of keeping an uninformed electorate. The specially elected skilled functionaries naturally face all limitations of being unelected and therefore, resented and rejected by the ruling ZANU PF both Central Committee and Politburo. And parliament as some of them remain as being non-partisan in the service of a partisan agenda. Such appointees need a thick skin to carry the wanton inevitable bullying from the uninformed majority parliamenrarians. While multitudes would also be expected to reduce the status of the august house into that of another bedroom. Taking to sleeping during parliamentary business.

About seventy five percent of the elected parliamentarians remain as non-parliamentary material with the capacity to take the country back to the Old Stone Age. Educational qualifications ranging from between grade zero and Ordinary Level! A natural killer to effective debate! Or, high quality legislation! And policy implementation and cabinet supervision! The country, technically, will run with no parliament for the next five years till the next election with Honourable Joseph Chinotimba of Buhera continuously on the rampage with poor quality debate material. The electorate has irretrievably gambled-away its right to quality governance in the next five years with the election of a new set of political and administrative idiots! Thanks to President Mnangagwa who has skillfully tried to patch-up the most grave discrepacy with the specially elected window.

Zimbabwe has failed to build on the strengths of the early 1980 parliament that comprised of The Rhodesia Front of former Prime Minister, Ian Smith, Joshua Nkomo's ZAPU and Mugabe's ZANU PF. Parliament has continuously depreciated since the early1990s that came with the waive of The Lancaster House stipulated white parliamentary seats ten years after independence. Parliament experienced gross-value-add with the likes of Dr. Hebert Sylvester Masiyiwa Ushewokunze of ZANU PF, Sydney Donald Malunga of ZAPU, Ruth Chinamano of ZAPU, Dr. Eddison Zvobgo of ZANU PF, the then youthful, Donald Goddard and P.K. Van Der Byl of The Rhodesia Front . Later came the late Lazarus Nzarayebani of The Movement for Democratuc Change and ZANU PF's Chindori Chininga. Parliament was no Joseph Chinotimba daily Tea Party circus and dead wood rest-room! But Hard Talk high quality serious business all the time. Honourable Chinotimba has unwittingly cinfined youth empowerment to the election campaign Chibuku binges where the youth are primed with alcohol and food to bully opponents requiring no expertise at ministerial level as anyone could do it. Or, raising the presidential age limit to about sixty years so that Nelson Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance be naturally curtailed from participating in the next election. This was despite the fact that the world is getting younger with the majority interests being youthful. While Nelson Chamisa, the assumed youth front-footer presidential candidate, has most disappointingly, disapproved of Kirsty Coventry's appointment on the basis of age.

The best gift for democracy Mnangagwa could ever give would be to champion legislation that would facilitate for a speedy removal for liability elected officials ranging from local authorities! Members of Parliament! The Cabinet! And The Presidency. Coupled with intensive and extensive voter education. President Mnangagwa carries a high-sounding quality agenda that requires warm-bloodied corporate animals to run! A non-free-riding passenger affair! The every Wednesday national public administrative feedback that kept Germany running efficiently without the president and cabinet for over six months in the later part of 2017 to the early oart of 2018. That would be a boost to accountability and fast-forward drive to public servants performance shirt of a vibrant team of elected officials.

Parliamentary business narrowly missed genuine revival with the felling of The Movement for Democratc Change's Professors Elphas Mukonoweshuro, John Munodawashe Makumbe, Masipula Sithole, Kempton Makamure and Mthandazo Ndema Ngwenya who were destined for big times in parliament alongside the then reigning former Mugabe staunch critic cum Mugabe's ZANU PF mouth piece, and now self-exiled Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo.

The electorate has committed political suicide! The rural electorate have known no real independence since 1980 rather than knowing that Mugabe or Mnangagwa was in power. They have continuously been oppressed through their elected dummy officials some of whom can not even count their fingers! They have nothing develplmental to take to and fro parliament to the people. The electorate is continuously bribed with food, alcohol and various other hand-outs at election time in return for the requisite compliance. A dhallow legislature ties the hand of the president into cabinet mediocrity.

Reginald Thabani Gola. Whatsapp 00263 775284749. E-mail:regtgola@gmail.com

- Reginald Thabani Gola.


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