Heavyweights vie for ZACC posts

Heavyweights vie for ZACC posts
Published: 20 March 2019 (164 Views)
High-profile figures are among the list of 133 people who have been nominated for interviews to become commissioners of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC).

Following the resignation of ZACC chairman Mr Job Whabira and his entire team in January, the Parliamentary Committee on Standing Rules and Orders (CSROs) invited members of the public to nominate persons to be considered for appointment to the Commission.

The CSRO today published a list of the people for potential commissioners, which attracted a torrent of nominations from politicians, lawyers, academia, journalists and police officers. The CSROS will in due course invite objections from the public before it conducts public interviews with the nominees.

Former editor of The Herald Tommy Sithole and former editor of the Chronicle and Daily News Geoffrey Nyarota are on the list, which has nominations cutting across all sectors of the economy.

The list also includes prominent politicians and former legislators Mr Gabriel Chaibva, Mr Tongai Matutu, Ms Jessie Majome and Mr Blessing Chebundo. Former magistrates Mr Never Katiyo, Mr Wilbert Mandinde, Ms Caroline Chigumira and Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe have also been nominated. Mr Chinyoka Advocate Michael Majuru leads a cast of lawyers and former prosecutors seeking appointment to the Commission. These include Mr Tinomudaishe Chinyoka, former Dynamos secretary-general Mr Brian Kashangura, Mr Mehluli Tshuma, Adv Greyson Nyoni and Mr Tichie Garagbwa.

From the academia, Professor James Kurasha and Prof Simon Mukwembi and Mr Joseph Kurebwa are the notables among the nominations. Members from the disbanded anti-graft commission comprising Dr Nanette Silukhuni, Mrs Christine Fundira, Mr Denford Chirindo, Ms Cathy Muchechetere and Mr Boyana Ndou are seeking to bounce back following their nomination.

Other prominent figures among the long list are Foreign Affairs and International Trade permanent secretary Ambassador James Manzou, former Clerk of Parliament Mr Austin Zvoma, banker Mr James Mushore, former police officers Edmore Veterai and Ms Angeline Guvamombe, former GMB general manager Mr Albert Mandizha, Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust executive director John Makamure and musician Ms Shuvai Wutawunashe.

The chairman of the CSROs published the list of the nominated candidates in conformity with the guidelines of the committee of CSROs. He is now inviting members of the public to lodge objections, if any, to any of the nominated candidates. "The objections should be based on a very strong verifiable characters or other considerations that would be inconsistent with the appointment to the Commission," read the advert.

"The objections should be made in writing and lodged within seven days after publishing of the nominated candidates."

After the interviews, Parliament will submit a shortlist of at least 12 names to the President, from which he will select eight commissioners before appointing the chairman in consultation with the CSRO.

The Constitution stipulates that at least one of the commissioners be a lawyer with seven years' experience; one be an accountant with auditing competence and at least one commissioner should be a criminal investigator with at least 10 years' experience.

- the herald


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