MDC disassociate itself from Chamisa

MDC disassociate itself from Chamisa
Published: 24 May 2019 (187 Views)
24 May 2019

We welcome you to this brief press statement which follows the one held on Saturday 18 May 2019. In that press statement we alluded to our desire to convene a meeting of progressive elements of the MDC to deliberate on the consequential issues and implications of the High Court judgement made by Justice Mushore on the 8th May 2019.

That High Court judgement rightfully ruled that Nelson Chamisa was an illegitimate impositor in the MDC and nullified all decisions and actions he and his cabal made since the date of the demise of Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai last year. Further, the High Court ordered Nelson Chamisa to return all assets he unsurped and used during his shameful reign as acting President of the MDC. The same High Court ruling nullified all illegal appointments of his cronies into the strategic positions of the MDC party namely the integration of the obnoxious ZANU (PF) G40 and those  elements who had left the party and rejoined it recently and given influential positions in the MDC party.

Critical in the High Court judgement of the 8th May 2019 is the nullification of the all the congresses Chamisa conducted at all structural levels of the party from the Branch, Ward, District, and Provincial levels throughout the party, not only because he was  illegal himself but also that their processes were NOT democratic and that they were punctuated by unparalleled violence and replete with practices which resemble the chaos and confusion borrowed from Chamisa's funding father Robert Gabriel Mugabe. We are aware that bulk of the true members of the MDC were illegally and forcefully stopped from participating  in those congresses in preference to persons who were handpicked by Chamisa himself and his cabal for the sole purpose of political aggrandizement. We all know that this was done to ensure that he and his preferred friends would complete the takeover of the MDC by people who owe no allegiance to the founding values and culture of the party.

All what has happened vindicates what we have complained about and raised alarm bells in the hope that some redress will be put into place. But we all know that this is now history as Chamisa does not listen to anybody other than his G40 allies who are bent on destroying the MDC party at all costs. However, know that Chamisa's programme to stop the growth and development of the tenets of democracy has NOT been stopped.  But we have  the majority of the people who subscribe to the efficacy of the principles of democracy and non-violent political dispensation and we are aware of Chamisa's autocracy and tyranny which are anathemas to the socio-political and economic emancipation of the masses in Zimbabwe. Accordingly, we have taken decisive actions to dissociate ourselves to the unsavoury actions espoused by Chamisa and his surrogates. We are today reclaiming the party from the hands of this violent dictator whose sole objective is to stifle the emergence of a democratic Zimbabwean community.
The High Court determination of the 8th May 2019 has come and passed. We all know that there is no legal basis on which that ruling can be appealed successfully. However, Chamisa has exercised his democratic right to appeal but are aware that his purpose in doing so is not  only to stall the processes that will restore democracy in Zimbabwe but also to buy him time to undertake his shameful and illegal congress. However, we would like to assure Zimbabweans that we stand resolute in our endeavour to establish a truly democratic and non-violent society that respects, extols and upholds the fundamental freedoms of the peoples of this nation. For we know that freedom of association, of choice, of expression and indeed democratic governance are the bedrock for development. Hence we need to insure that these principles form the basis upon which this nation is governed if we are to stop the hemorrhaging of the economy and hence deepening the poverty that assails us. We owe this to ourselves, to our children and indeed to generations that will come after us. Accordingly we take these bold steps not only to dissociate ourselves from the shameful charades that surround Chamisa and his surrogates.

In the meeting we held on 23rd May 2019 in Harare, we took a bold decision to stop this process of political hemorrhage by establishing a political party that puts an end to that process accordingly we agreed to take steps to revitalize our structures and mobilize our people in deepening our belief in the values which built the MDC party into the household name that we all know. We know that Chamisa has, and continues to, build a party that is far removed from the founding principles, values, and culture of the MDC. Whilst we would have preferred a situation where all persons born out of this MDC family would stay united, we are aware that Chamisa and his surrogates no longer subscribe to the tenets which bind this family. We accept that at times rogue elements are born into families but we cannot allow such elements to tear the MDC family apart. As the prodigal son, we will let him establish his own political formation despite the fact that the party he is leading is hounded by unprincipled demons who fund and control him now.

On our part we will continue to restore legality, constitutionalism and democracy  in the MDC party we so love. There are several programme we are putting together to energize the party in order to stop the current deepening  poverty that has been foisted on us by ZANU(PF). But we can only succeed in doing so if MDC party itself adheres to constitutionalism and democratic governance.

The remnants of legal challenges we raised against Chamisa  will continue and we will take them to their logical conclusion. We have a duty to perform to our party faithful and have the onus to prove to them the veracity of our intentions. Hence all the legal challenges against Chamisa will continue and will be taken to their logical conclusions. We must reiterate that an appeal is NOT a judgement. It is just a party of a legal process permitted in coming up with a judgement that is beyond reproach. We have won the first part of that process and that this first party has vindicated our position that Chamisa is illegal and that he must be stopped at all costs.

Finally we announced that, as provided for in our constitution and as condoned by the High Court Judgement of the 8th of May 2019, the MDC will hold its EXTRA-ORDINARY Congress by 27th July 2019 using the 2014 MDC structures. We are currently involved in organising for that congress to take place and will make relevant pronouncements as we prepare for that Extra-Ordinary Congress in terms of our constitution and the High Court Judgement. Relevant Committees have been put into place to effect the same.

We thank you most sincerely for your attendance and patience.

By: Hon Webber Chinyadza,
Information Secretary, DMTL
Phone: +263 772 238 509

- Hon Webber Chinyadza


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