PM May resigns over Brexit and sheds a tear – ED Pfee will shed buckets of crocodile tears but never ever resign

PM May resigns over Brexit and sheds a tear – ED Pfee will shed buckets of crocodile tears but never ever resign
Published: 24 May 2019 (225 Views)
"Brexit means Brexit!" said British Prime Minister Theresa May when she took over from David Cameron in 2016. After three years of blundering from pillar to post, she has failed to deliver Brexit and has bowed down to pressure for her to go. Now she is going! Good bye! Au revoir! Bon voyage!

Good riddance! Bon debarras! How many times in the last 40 years have Zimbabweans wanted to say that to the country's only two leaders who have ruled the country with an iron fist! Mugabe promised the nation mass prosperity, "gutsa ruzhinji!" and for 37 years has dragged the nation into mass poverty and worse.

Mnangagwa took over on the promise to revive the nation's economic fortune with his "Zimbabwe is open for business!" Eighteen months down the line, it is clear the country's economic meltdown is even worse than ever and, sadly for Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa is working feverishly to consolidate his iron grip on power. He is not going anywhere, regardless his pathetic failure and the evidence he has no clue what he is doing.

PM May has resigned and by the end of July the UK will have another PM. Whoever he/she happen to be will be 7 th since 1980. In the same 40 years Zimbabwe has been hopelessly stuck with two leaders. Robert Mugabe came into power following Zanu PF's rigging of the 1980 elections. He then used his position to undermine the country's state institution and the constitution to establish a de facto one-party dictatorship that has ruled the country with an iron fist to this day.

Even when the people were convinced that Mugabe and Zanu PF were corrupt, incompetent and tyrants they were powerless to remove the regime from office because the party rigged the elections and, from time to time, supplemented the rigging with the use of wanton violence to ruthless crash all dissent against it rule.

After 37 years of corrupt, incompetent and murderous rule, Mugabe was only finally forced out of office at gun point.  His erstwhile vote rigging and murderous Zanu PF thugs whom, it should be said, he had already started to boot out of the party, ganged up against him and booted him, his wife and the G40 faction he wanted to takeover, out of office. The coup leader was none other than Emmerson Mnangagwa, the man Mugabe had appointed his VP and had entrusted to carry out the regime's dirtiest corruption, vote rigging and murderous acts.

Mnangagwa and his fellow coup gangsters promised to hold free, fair and credible elections and thus restore the people of Zimbabwe's right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country. It is now clear they said that to win some brownie points following the coup; they blatantly rigged last year's elections. The regime has been moving swiftly to consolidate its iron grip on power, particularly in the face of the worsening economic meltdown.

Mnangagwa came into power on promise to revive Zimbabwe's comatose economy. "Zimbabwe is open for business!" became his trademark clarion call. By failing to hold free and fair elections and failing to end corruption Mnangagwa slammed the door shut to the very people he was hoping to attract into the country. Who, in his or her right mind, would ever want to do business in a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs!

Countries like Britain, USA and all the democratic nations the world over have enjoyed peace, freedom and economic prosperity not so much because they have never had bad leaders; they have all had corrupt and incompetent leaders and worse. The nation's healthy and functioning democratic system have allowed the people to remove the failed leaders from office, more often than not, long before the failed leaders have inflicted lasting damage to the nation's interests.

In Zimbabwe, with our de facto one party dictatorship, we have been stuck with for decades with corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrants!

Make no mistake about it Theresa May did not want to give up her post as PM.

"Theresa May saved her tears for herself. If only she'd shown this humanity before," commented Suzanne Moore, in the UK Guardian.

"Make no mistake, she has been an absolutely dreadful prime minister, impervious to reality, deeply unsympathetic, utterly tone deaf. Missing any chance to actually compromise. Anyone who has met her will tell you that she doesn't really do human. I remember a miserable lunch with her years back and being mystified ever since that anyone ever thought that she could negotiate any kind of deal. A walk-in freezer has more warmth. Interesting necklaces do not make a personality. More importantly she doesn't do dialogue, she simply repeats her lines and her mantras until people are so bored they possibly agree with her. Or she pretended they did."

Well the UK's democratic system has worked and save the nation from a dreadful PM. In Zimbabwe Mnangagwa has finally dropped his "Zimbabwe is open for business!" mantra. He still goes around wearing his multi-colour scarf regardless of the sweltering heat! He has reverted to Zanu PF's most trusted, tried and tested way of consolidating power – use of brute force!

 "We don't want violence, so I said soldiers go and silence these people, they were silenced," boasted Mnangagwa.' Protestors were of ‘Legion'—a multitude of demons—and the government would ‘sort them out … We will crush our enemies, and they are being crushed."

He was talking about his shoot to kill orders to crush civilians, whom he called "legion", protesting the soaring cost of living in January 2019. 17 civilians were shot dead then to add to the 6 shot dead protesting the rigged elections in August 2018.

Theresa May was a dreadful PM and was finally forced out of office. She has shed tears for herself. Mnangagwa, just like Mugabe before, is an incompetent, corrupt and murderous thug who imposed himself on the nation by rigging elections. He is not going anywhere, we are well and truly stuck with the tyrant.

Mnangagwa's nickname is "ngwena" (crocodile), he is as ruthless and cold blood as the reptile. Any tears Mnangagwa sheds can only be crocodile tears for the purpose of luring the victim to get closer for the deadly strike!

It is us, the people, who have suffered a great deal these last 40 years and, until we dismantle this de facto one party dictatorship, there will more tears, gnashing of teeth and deaths. If Zanu PF is still in power come 2023 then the party will rig those elections and extend its corrupt and tyrannical rule. We will pay dearly for it and will only have no one but ourselves to blame – for we have been forewarned countless times.


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