Bravo to Chamisa and team MDC

Bravo to Chamisa and team MDC
Published: 24 May 2019 (207 Views)
Besides celebrating the High court dismissal of an appeal to interdict the about-to-start peoples congress in Gweru, we congradulate Advocate Nelson Chamisa for his courageous leadership against elements of darkness within and outside the party who wants to proffer incessant chaos to derail the people's cause. We say bravo to team MDC.

Even since the high court judgement on leadership hassles in the party, there was too much noisy, ructions and mudsliding directed towards Chamisa and team MDC but they all remained unfazed over the common cause of the suffering masses who are looking unto the upcoming Congress on how best the current ambivalence can be overcomed. Here we are, the Congress roars to life in Gweru against the wishes of our distractors who spent millions sponsoring smear campaigns, in the court of law aiming to proffer barricades & sully its outcome as a way of diverting our attention on real issues of the day in particular the failures of government on dealing with the biting economy which if left unattended might put the whole nation at risk.

Super team MDC has shaken their opponent, no one can dispute that, however the devil has not surrendered. Ahead of the Congress, we must guard against infiltrators, militias and saboteurs who would want to influence the outcome of the Congress particularly on the day of elections. Tight security, from our youth (the vanguards) is our last resort and everyone is looking forward to see how best the new Midlands executive can handle such a historic Congress after the death of our icon & father of democracy Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai who left us a special endowment in the form of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). We thank him a million times. Provincial chairperson Mushore is his time to shine on international camera, demonstrating in front of all that MDC is an indefatigable team built on the pillars of peace, strength and wisdom such that the insolent will come back humiliated.

To note is that Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai never ever killed anyone during his long journey with the struggle, neither did he maligned, maimed nor abducted the people for the sake of power retention. In fact, throughout his life Tsvangirai was a victim of bad governance that is why he mysteriously died on foreign soil. The forces of evil were in pursuit of his life day and night such that the savoury of our home land missed him along the way but he never lost sight until his last breathe.

In this light, team MDC owes Dr Tsvangirai respect and honor for what he did to the nation. Of course, with the current dissipating economy we can't award our heroes and heroines a decent token of appreciation but selecting a best team MDC on Sunday will make Tsvangirai's happy because his wish, prior to his death, was to see a united and strong MDC. Now that Welshman Ncube and other prodigal sons and daughters are back, let us cast our net wide and catch the best qualities befitting the challenge ahead.

Roy "paChedu" Bennett is no more and so is Prof Mukonoweshuro and John Makumbe but in our MDC pool they left eggs, why can't we pick another Bennett between Tapiwa Mashakada & David Coltat, to mention a few. Remember a well funded party is the one that can stand against any kind of state capture hence accredited delegates must pick a new bearer with circumvention in conscious of the value of TG post. Unlike the SG post, the TG must be a person with a traceable record, with decorum and undying loyalty to the party not political turncoats, money mongers and gallivants - keeping them away from our party's briefcase is all we should do to save the integrity & reputation of our movement.

In the same vein, no room for Chameleon leaders in the party with a range of able-leaders contending to take over strategic standing committee positions, come Sunday. Gone are the days of nursing a mad dog when there are good ones. We can't sell a cow to buy medication for a sick donkey. The party has robust pool of diversified talent that can suit the needs of the people of Zimbabwe. Therefore at this critical juncture we need to elect the best out of the best.

Forget about the noises from Gutu, Khupe and silent Bhebe, they are already off the hook. Whether they recruit more deserters to fight team MDC over what is termed as unfair dismissal from the party, the hangman's noose befell on them and there is no reverse jive. In spite of SIs, Sections, Clauses and Chapters of whichever law Gutu might refer, he remains fired for (1) insubordination (2) truancy (3) lackadaisical. Gutu knows very well that there are laws governing employment matters which he & cabal bleached during their time at MDC.  To tell the truth, no matter how brave, knowledgeable and brilliant they are they can't dodge dismissal under those circumstances. They bunked duties as elected members of the party MDC by virtue of being VP, spokesperson and OS respectively by so doing they were obliged & mandated to abide by the laws of the party which they both contravened. The party was left with no option except to fire and throw them in the dust bin. What remains at the moment is to carry on with the inherent Tsvangirai ideology which embraces internal democracy, nonregionalism, gender parity and nondiscrimination alienated to Chamisa.

- Benny Gudo

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