The man who will save Zimbabwe revealed

The man who will save Zimbabwe revealed
Published: 11 July 2019 (404 Views)
The country is experiencing probably one of the worst power shortages. Industry is losing money , city councils do not have power to pump water to residents , there is very little fuel available and it seems everything is just a mess. These are not teething problems for the new dispensation , they are more or less a roadmap to the dark ages of 2008. The new dispensation is failing to win the trust and confidence of entities like ESKOM one wonders if we will be able to win over major capital and investors.

The nation appears to be on auto pilot and people are desperately in need of a leader , a father and a Saviour (not Kasukuwere).

Exit Morgan Tsvangirai

Zimbabweans admired the courage of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. The former Prime Minister took  on Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF when they were in their most powerful and lethal state. Tsvangirai risked his Life and personal freedom for his version of a better Zimbabwe. He too like Robert Mugabe overstayed his welcome  and failed to manage a succession plan.  The man's health was failing but his conscience would not allow him to  hand over power. This plunged the MDC into chaos and disarray. Zimbabwe  had looked to the MDC as a saviour alas Morgiza let the nation down.

Enter Nelson Chamisa

The MDC witnessed a coup lite of its own when a young vibrant Nelson Chamisa  elbowed out Thoko Khuphe and Mudzuri from the party's top post. Student activists had hope that one of their own was going to be save Zimbabawe. The nation gave Chamisa the benefit of the doubt and many were ready to go all out  in support of Chamisa or Khamisa as my Ndebele friends call him. Nelson expended all the goodwill he had amassed from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was ready to believe and hope in the young blood - Nero, Wamba, Cobra until he got "majiggies Ake". Sadly it turns out the Cobra is a millipede and the Wamba is a Mobuto Seseko in the making. Nelson Chamisa is not a leader and certainly not a father. He loves photo opportunities more than results , he enjoys the sound of his own voice but not the sight of his action. Emperor Nero has no clothes and how he handled the Job Sikhala scenario certainly exposed him. Zimbabwe has no saviour in the MDC Alliance , Zimbabwe does not have a leader in Nelson Chamisa and he is certainly not the Moses who will lead us to the promised land of spaghetti roads and bullet trains.

God's case no appeal

When it comes to President Mnangagwa and his two Vice Presidents the novel God's case no appeal comes to mind. We really cannot do or say much as they have captained the ship to this  point. Emmerson Mnangagwa has been a member of the executive arm of government since 1980, he was Mugabe's most trusted advisor and lieutenant.

ED and Dominic Nyikadzino are certainly not our saviours. While they deserve gratitude and honour for moving Zimbabwe from one dispensation to the other and showing people that it can be done , they are not the ones to deliver meaningful development to Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans who eagerly await a brighter day. We cannot crucify them neither can we judge them for not being our saviours , for it is God's case and there is no appeal.

Enter Sydney Sekeramayi

When Robert Mugabe was talking succession he is said to have been thinking of Sydney Tigere Sekeramayi as his potential successor. There could have never been an ever boring president such as Sekeramayi. Robert Mugabe would have been wiser to back Saviour Kasukuwere or Ignatius Chombo in a worst case scenario. Robert Mugabe's existence and lack of proper exit is one of the major factors why Zimbabwe needs a saviour at the moment. If Robert Mugabe had managed his succession plan with a proper hand over - take over maybe our situation would not be so bad. Some claim that Sekeramayi is currently the head of the proverbial Zezuru mafia , he leads the all important Mash East province and is a senior politburo member but never will be a potential saviour of the nation of Zimbabwe. We are better of with Brian Mteki as President than Sekeramayi.

Enter SB Moyo

I have been itching to write about SB Moyo. The man who became the face and voice of the coup was an unknown figure before November 2017. Highly decorated , highly experienced and a master at military intelligence and strategy SB Moyo could be the saviour that Zimbabwe needs.

SB Moyo has been a stealth operator moving silently yet effectively in diplomatic circles. Bearing in mind that most diplomats are an arm of any nation's secret service and therefore very influential and useful in covert or overt operations. SB Moyo has been rubbing shoulders with those who can help Zimbabwe become a better place. SB Moyo understands what needs to be done in order to bring capital and donors to Zimbabwe.


If you have watched the series House of cards then you need to pay close attention to SB Moyo and all things Moyo related. SB Moyo has a spouse , relatives , family and friends who would be important in forming a Moyo machinery should there be need for one. It will be interesting to observe the ZACC chair as she conducts her business under the prestigious and highly effective (insert sarcastic laugh) Anti corruption apparatus. ZACC is a powerful body which can be used to beat down political opponents , or simply Chikurubi them out of the power matrix. One wonders what the conversation at the dinner table would be like for the country's power couple.

If Vice President Chiwenga were to retire from politics on health grounds then my money would be on SB Moyo to replace the 2ic.

If by some stroke of misfortune a motion for impeachment or a vote of no confidence were to be mooted at the ZANU PF conference then the "mooters" would need a character like SB Moyo. Who is highly respected within the barracks , has earned a lot of respect and friends in the diplomatic circles and as Minister International Trade he has come face to face with the faces and voices of global capital. SB Moyo sits on all the relevant cabinet committees and is a man who has his finger on the nation's pulse.

Obviously SB Moyo would never lead a coup against ED , it would be foolish and suicidal. Though it would not be the same for those who seek to oust ED Mnangagwa and get their revenge.

If I were an anti Mnangagwa strategist my plan would be to rally the ground , rally finances and international community behind SB Moyo. Maybe Professor Jonathan Moyo would be kind enough to lead the pro Moyo campaign and another Moyo in the form of Saviour Kasukuwere would jump at the opportunity to re create the Rozvi empire.

Back to reality

Zimbabwe is in need of a leader and a father figure in these trying times. The economic situation has reached another level. I would like to assure the nation that the Zim dollar is safe we are only targeting the criminals around it (in an SB Moyo voice). Zimbabwe is in unchartered territory and we really need a saviour with clean and steady hands at the wheel. SB Moyo might not be the best but he certainly is a dark horse that is worth observing as the post Mnangagwa winds blow us closer to the 10 year cap on ED's potential.

The road to ZANU PF's conference is a power play that will either cement ED's power and legacy or totally rock the boat for the Crocodile gang. The youth and women's conference are already delayed and the vultures are already circling over "chinhu chaora". At the end of it all Zimbabwe urgently needs a saviour , a leader and a father figure. Sadly , Nelson Chamisa does not fit the description.

Nicholas Ncube is a researcher, blogger and strange thinker based in Ontario Canada

- Nicholas Ncube


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