Jacob Mudenda's scandals unpacked?

Jacob Mudenda's scandals unpacked?
Published: 23 August 2019 (401 Views)
Who is Jacob Francis Mudenda?

Jacob Francis Mudenda nicknamed "The Headmaster" in parliament and "Scania" in Matebeleland North is the current Speaker of the National Assembly. Born in 1949, Mudenda attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of South Africa. Mudenda was to be appointed District Administrator in Mat North and rose through the ranks to become Provincial Administrator and subsequently Resident Minister of Mat North.

He was dropped from Government and went into political wilderness, he focused on furthering his education and  business interests. He resurfaced as Chair of the human rights commission and was also Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe. Mudenda is a soft spoken man with a very strong command of the English language and an interesting accent to top it off.


Not much is known about Mudenda's children,  wife or concubines. Much is known about his one son Donald who is listed as director and owner of Dynamic Success Pvt Ltd. Donald has been sucked into so many scandals he seems to have taken after his father.
Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda's son, Donald, was implicated in a botched 1,7 million-litre diesel tender for the refurbishment of Victoria Falls International Airport that was carried out by a Chinese contractor, China Jiangsu International EEC.

Donald played a significant role in facilitating the deal seven years ago when his father was still chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (Caaz) which handled the tender. This deal stinks of corruption and abuse of office,  maybe ZACC should look into it.  

Donald confirmed his involvement in the deal adding that there were some logistical issues that needed to be addressed by the fuel supplier, Struss Logistics. "I am aware of the deal and I can confirm that basically I facilitated everything between the Chinese and the local suppliers," Donald said. He added: "Initially Zuva Petroleum was supplying the fuel before it changed hands to Struss Logistics."  These were his words when he spoke to a local publication.

Donald was taken to court over failure to pay rentals in Kensington Harare and was also taken to court for failure to repay a bank loan. One wonders if Donald was acting on his own or if he serves as a runner for his father.

Jacob Mudenda himself is no stranger to scandals. Jacob  Mudenda was named as corrupt by the ZANU PF youth league though ZACC has not taken any action against him.

ZESA scandal
It is alleged that Mudenda got 3000 hectares of land from Victoria Falls town council and failed to develop the land for more than a decade prompting the town council to summon him with intent of repossession as stipulated by the town authorities by- law.

To avoid losing the land, Mudenda is said to have hatched a plan and approached ZESA Holdings Pension Fund offering to sell the land in question located at Stand Number 1351 Victoria Falls township.

Title deeds on the said piece of land were only done after Zesa had paid Mudenda in 2018.

Documents show that the land was valued at 500 000  United States Dollars but Mudenda sold it for twice the market value to ZESA Holdings Pension Fund.

It is alleged that bank transfers dated May 24 2018 indicate that  ZESA Holdings Pension Fund paid out $500 000 United States Dollars from its Stanbic Bank account number 9140002086010 into Mudenda's ZB Bank Limited account.

The other $500 000 was deposited to Vic Falls town council  and Mudenda literally acted as a ‘middle man' pocketing half a million United States Dollars in the dubious transaction. Mudenda has not yet cleared his name on this allegation and we do hope that ZACC will pursue the matter to its logical conclusion.

Jacob Mudenda is no stranger to scandals as he was also sucked into the Willowvale Mazda scandal which ended several political careers. Mudenda was represented by MDC treasurer general David Coltart in the Sandura commission. Mudenda and the likes of Jonathan Kadzura appeared before the commission with their dirty hands.

Mudenda has also been sucked into the ZINARA scandal and we wait to see if the long arm of the law will catch up with Mudenda or if he will go free. Mudenda a lawyer by profession seems to have mastered the art of survival.

Mudenda Mat North
The people of Mat North dislike Jacob Mudenda. He has done nothing for them and offers nothing to the people of Matebeleland North. He is viewed as a political liability,  an opportunist and chancer who is of no value at grassroots level. Jacob Mudenda was described by Tendai Biti as having a rich history of nothingness. Jacob Mudenda is a political under achiever with more scandals than track record for progress.

Hopefully ZACC will have a chat with Mudenda and maybe he will be able to clear his name soon that's if it can be cleared.

Nicholas Ncube is a Writer and blogger and lover of things based in Canada

- Nicholas Ncube


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