No to senseless divisions, Cdes

No to senseless divisions, Cdes
Published: 02 July 2015 (1190 Views)
Dear Cabinet  and Politburo members

COMRADES, I really meant what I said when I addressed members of the party's Youth League…that you should stop causing fresh divisions within the party. I thought we had had enough of those but it looks like there are some of you who are still bent on weakening the party further by dividing party structures along your narrow interests.

This should stop forthwith or else I would be forced to stop it myself the same way I stopped others who have tried to do the same in the past.

Why should people busy themselves with the issue of who is going to succeed me when I am barely halfway through the first of the two-terms which I am entitled to under the country's Constitution? Don't you have something better to put you time and effort to…like making sure that our Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation blueprint is a resounding success? Or ensuring that our grassroots support base remain solid in readiness for another victory in 2018? Anything useful than just causing needless alarm and despondency among the rank and file of the party?

Internal divisions only serve to weaken the party, and we would not expect anyone who is a bona fide member of the party to do that, unless there are some leftovers from the last clean-up exercise that need to be attended to.

I have pointed this out time without number that only the people will have a final say on who takes over from me, not any of my deputies or you other senior members of the party.

There is nothing wrong with having ambitions, but you should be careful where those ambitions might lead you. You all saw what the people did to Cde Joice and others who had decided to place themselves above the people.

The people will put you in your right place; that I can tell you. So you should not say you were not warned. You have fresh examples in front of you yet you would want to repeat the very same mistake that got others out in the cold.

I had to take my message straight to the youths because I realised that they are the ones that you use to cause divisions in the party structures. These youths look up to you as their elders for wisdom but sadly some of you end up leaving them confused. This should stop.

Meanwhile, I know many of you are curious about the status of Cde Jonah. That will be clarified in due course.

Kindest Regards
Yours Sincerely


The deadline government gave illegal vendors to register and move to designated vending sites came and went. From the look of things, nothing is going to change anytime in the near future. Mealie cobs are being roasted right in Harare's central business district, having a decent phone conversion is still near impossible because of high noise levels and pavements are still blocked. This is what happens when people stop taking their government seriously because it has failed them in every aspect.

The government is stranded on the issue, as those vendors have become a political hot potato. We wait to see who would be blamed next for this mess.

If only a tithe of what the State media has so far reported about former presidential affairs minister Didymus Mutasa is true, then we should be having a fairly good idea of why people would want to get power. This week, it was reported that Mutasa was refusing to vacate a Rusape council house that he claims to have acquired in 1984, although he does not have any proof to that effect. This is a man who is giving fulsome interviews to each and every media house and hopes to be taken seriously! This is the same man who says he is willing to stand up in a court of law and testify in favour of the MDC-T that Zanu-PF rigged elections in 2013.

The Rusape house is just but one of the assets that we are made to believe Mutasa blessed himself with…there are others … farms, businesses, wives, girlfriends you name it. And the same man would want us to believe that Zanu-PF is evil. We thought he was one of those people who made it to be evil? It's like Jabulani Sibanda telling us that President Robert Mugabe does not care about the welfare of war veterans…coming as it does from a man who terrorised the whole of Masvingo province in the name of the very same person he is now bad-mouthing only makes us really appreciate that sour grapes indeed exist.

Mutasa's house case is remindful of the house that former Mashonaland Central governor Martin Dinha paid the Bindura council Z$0,48 for and later sold for a cool US$48 000.

This is the reason why sometimes Dr CZ is seriously tempted to reconsider his decision to quit politics…it can sometimes be so lucrative!

Meanwhile, a bank attached Temba Mliswa assets after he reportedly failed to settle a loan of nearly US$3 million. This is quite interesting since we thought banks were no longer lending to farmers because they have no collateral? Political power is so good for as long as one does not lose it!

This week, we woke up to a news headline in which Zanu-PF secretary for administration and Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo was threatening to arrest all land barons in the country. One cannot help but laugh at this sorry apology for a joke because Chombo has been saying this over and over again to the point where his threats now sound like a broken record.

This is just like the joke that the government is going to repossess farms from multiple farm owners…or that the government is going to fight corruption. There are some things that Zimbos have grown to accept as a fact of life.

Still on jokes, the State media this week made a joke of itself by screaming that the government should punish those public officials that have been exposed by the Controller General's audit as failing to account for various amounts allocated to their departments.

We cannot believe that the African Union (AU) refused to have anything to do with Burundi's sham elections that took place this week insisting that conditions did not exist to allow for free and fair elections to take place. This should be the first time the continental body has behaved in this manner.

We hope it starts and ends with Burundi otherwise the political and economic bloc would have set a very wrong precedence.

Meanwhile, Dr CZ thinks if he was Burundian, he was going to call for the country's withdrawal from the AU because the body is clearly interfering with its internal affairs.

Someone asked Dr CZ what the AU would be doing next after the sham poll that is certainly going to give Pierre Nkurunzinza a third and illegal term in office. Dr CZ knows the answer. Nothing. It will be business as usual. Nkurunzinza would be embraced by his colleagues most of whom actually envy him despite what they say in public.

Dr CZ could not believe it this week when one of his uncles who works for the government told him that he has been assured that his bonus for 2014 will be paid on July 10. That really makes ours a country and a half! If the situation is this bad, then the 2015 bonus that Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa tried to cancel, before he was overruled by his superiors, might not be received until 2018.

Don't care!
Dr CZ's fans have been asking him to please fill them in about the latest news on former information minister, Jonathan Moyo. The truth of the matter is that Dr CZ does not just know, but does not give a damn as well. There are some people that will never be missed.

- fingaz

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