The young dynamic Mthethwa

The  young  dynamic Mthethwa
Published: 15 February 2017 (99 Views)

Hie, my name is Emms Nyambose and I am 28 years. I am young upcoming artist who has not got the exposure to show what Zimbabwe (Bulawayo) has got. I write this article because of the many undiscovered talents that my beloved country has. I have tried to ignore the dream or call but, many people have told me to start taking this serious.

From a young age, I have always like to act , sing and  do more. What I like to do the most is imitate, act, write drama scripts, commercial scripts and more. For now I am based in South Africa because of the economic situation back home but I know I day, it’s gonna be fine. Though I have tried in South Africa to have exposure, nothing has brought me results and I am still trying. The main thing that I would love to do is the voice animation which will be focusing on young people, mainly educational cartoons.

I will love to be connected to the people like Mandlela Sikhobokhobo Bruce (Bulawayo show), entertainment guru Cont Mhlanga and many more. I believe if I am given the platform to do my thing many would be shocked over the world because some call me Kevin Hart. I recorded a few of my voice clips and currently I am working on another project imitating some of the well-known DJs like Dr Zoba, the prominent soccer commentator Charles Mabika and money more. 

My biggest dream is to run or own a production company and help other discover their talents. I pray to God for my dream to come true so I can help others as well and change their life. I call on Bulawayo artists to unite and have one goal of  showing the world what  Bulawayo can offer. Mostly, I would love to make a production in Victoria Falls as a way of marketing Zimbabwe in the world map of tourism.

Lastly, I will like to thank you Bulawayo24News for the opportunity of exposing myself. I really hope after the publishing of this article I will get a good response. If possible editor can you connect me to Madlela Sikhobokhobo I will appreciate.

For those who want to know more about me can contact on the email
Thank you

- Emmanuel Mthethwa


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