The first lady Grace Mugabe to admit she has a behaviour problem

The first lady Grace Mugabe to admit she has a behaviour problem
Published: 20 August 2017 (661 Views)
Rage does not and should not necessitate physical violence. Violence is not power. Violence is symptomatic to an emotional deficit and a larger personality disorder linked to a sense of loss of control of a situation, lack of self-esteem and confidence. The recurrent violent behaviour by Grace Mugabe is a predisposition associates with exposure to an aggressive and a violent social environment presided by President Mugabe.

The anti-social personality traits are an acquired chronic deviant behaviour that has become a significant tool for conflict resolutions by the first lady from hell. President Mugabe has a deeply rooted violent past against many sections of Zimbabwe society that his wife has emulated to the core to become gregariously violent towards others.

Robert Jr and Chatunga are involved in self-inflicted violence by self-harming using toxic illicit drugs and alcohol. When under the influence of drugs the young men become a risk to others by engaging in a drunken public disorderly conduct just as good as mum. President Mugabe has completely lost control of his family.

It can as well be called a dysfunctional family. The sorrowful elderly President has become a broom wagon running after his wife and children in Dubai, Malaysia and South Africa cleaning up their mess. This is a consequence indicative of a man suffering guilt of failure as a parent and of good parenting. If the behaviour of his wife and children is not humiliation and mortification for Mugabe then this is family chaos Mugabe is enjoying too.

The behaviour of Grace getting in involved in a hotel room brawl injuring 20 years old Gabriella Engels she found in the company of her sons is both a national and a diplomatic embarrassment. It is an act of moral indignation and of social decadency; ethically exasperating and psychologically disordered. It is an obnoxious, abhorrent and an unruly personal and public disorderly conduct of an adult of a high stature who has lost her faculties in a fit of rage behaving very close to being a hooligan. When confronted with problems Grace seems to use emotions as opposed to intelligence to resolve those problems. Grace constantly exposes herself to being an international laughing stock; to be called a diamond smuggler, 15 billion dollars looter, farms snatcher, criminal fugitive, a disGrace, a teenager basher and diplomatic immunity seeker. Note that being given diplomatic immunity is not a victory.

It is a shame, full stop. Grace assassinates her own character so she does not need to blame anyone but herself. Our first lady should help us as a country to accept that she has a personality disorder. People with personality disorders present with the following symptoms, "a lack of concern, regret or remorse about other people's distress; disregard for normal social behaviour and rules; chaotic family and general life styles; little ability to tolerate frustration and control of their anger, poor emotional regulation, impulsive and unpredictable reactions, not learning from their mistakes and blaming others for problems they cause themselves" This recognition should provide an insight for Grace to seek professional help in anger and mood management therapies.

The behaviour of the first lady is incompatible with her stature as the first woman representative of the culture, norms, customs, values and ideals of the people of Zimbabwe. The hotel incident with Gabriella was unfortunate, regrettable, did not need to have happened at all and must be condemned for what it is and in the strongest terms it deserves. The actions of the first lady must be condemned by her husband, her wider family, her ZANU PF party, her women's league, her G40, and the people of Zimbabwe. This behaviour must stop. It is disgraceful and does not project her in good light. The aspiration of the first lady to be next president or vice president of Zimbabwe is now overshadowed negatively by her temperamental personality, unpredictability, impulsivity and a lack of self-control executed without a consideration of the consequences of her actions.

The general theme of her dealing with problems is driven by undesirable episodes of uncontrollable anger, behavioural explosion, verbal and physical aggression that obstruct her ability to exploit positive attributes of self-restraint, humility, assertiveness, logic and tact. The whole behaviour by the first lady whether provoked or unprovoked is constructed on her low threshold of emotional regulation leading to volatility, instability, and hostility. Emotional regulation becomes a struggle for her to hold back her feelings. She gets herself overly absorbed on issues with a rigid and imposing personality.

Everything associated with our first lady moves very fast and she appears to get irritated with everyone because she believes no one thinks, talks and does things as fast as she does. She finds it extremely fulfilling to dominate but suffers horrible feelings as her expectations of others are expressed with high and aggressive emotions. When she recovers from her emotional charges, aggression and yelling and when the dust settles down she feels sorry and guilty of her actions. That period of reflection pushes her into a period of depression. She expects everybody to run to her rescue. Once she is rescued the cycle of her tantrums begins again.

The problem with Grace is that of posturing, feeling as though she is on top of the world and can do anything she wants without complying to rules and by imposing her will over others without thinking of the impact of her actions. The first lady loves the feeling of being in control in an adverse and antagonistic manner driven by a desire to be a dominant social and political actor not necessarily accompanied by requisite skills. Grace positions herself as indestructible, very keen on self-referencing, relentlessly seeks adoration from others, she is averse to advice, she shoots of the mouth without thinking and she is low on interpersonal sensitivity.

It is hard to imagine the kind of president she will make. Grace desperately wants others to love and show loyalty to her by attempting to put herself in the position of a resource provider, a caring national mother, a philanthropy and entrepreneur. On the other hand she gets obstructed by the generally failure to maintain positive and lasting relationships at work and in social circles. Friends are wanted for their sake. Once the source of the establishment of that friendship is accomplished; that friendship is then terminated. It will be amazing to see how long her political bedding with Jonathan will last.

First lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, wife of President RG Mugabe; please give up this unpleasant behaviour. Stop your retrogressive philosophy you hold that states that, "If it's not your way then there is no way"

- Themba Mthethwa


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