Madamombe is an attention seeker

Madamombe is an attention seeker
Published: 21 September 2017 (279 Views)
While speaking to VOA Studio 7 last night, the coordinator of the demonstrations against President Mugabe at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Savana Madamombe revealed unwittingly the real reason why they were protesting.

In that interview, Madamombe said her group was demanding to meet the President. They have watched with admiration, the Zambians meeting their leaders in a peaceful manner. That assignation with their leader was very fruitful and such engagements are symbiotic. This is the opportunity that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora fail to seize. They have only realised now that they need such engagements after taking a cue from the well-bred and decorous Zambians.

However, what Madamombe and gang failed to realise is that they cannot force somebody's attention on them, never. They should have asked what the Zambians did to secure that attention. We did not see them making noise but we just saw them talking happily with their leaders.

If they wanted President Mugabe's attention, they should approached the Zimbabwean embassy and civilly submit their request. They cannot make a careless assumption that the President knows that they need his attention. After all, he went there for UNGA not to meet Madamombe and his gang. He has more pressing issues than meeting a boorish gang.

At one time, the MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai requested to meet President Mugabe for the purposes only known to the former. Ironically, Tsvangirai had not been recognising that President Mugabe was the legit President. President Mugabe demanded that he must recognise his presidency first before they meet. It was a sensible demand because Tsvangirai could not cry for a meeting with President Mugabe in his capacity as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe when he plainly said he was not recognising him as such.
In the same vein, Madamombe and group must first of all recognise President Mugabe as a legitimate leader, give him the respect befitting same and behave demurely before seeking to meet him. We saw Madamombe and group raising placards inscribed 'Mugabe must go.' One wonders, therefore, why the gang would want to have a meeting with a person whom they want to leave office.

One wonders what is really in President Mugabe that makes everyone wants to see him. You can see how, even members of the opposition who are ever singing the 'Mugabe –must-go' mantra, get excited upon greeting President Mugabe. You must see how excited the MDC-T co-Vice President, Thokozani Khupe was when he was blessed with a kiss on the hand by President Mugabe during a graduation ceremony at the University of Zimbabwe last Friday.

Everybody wants the man's attention but not at one time did they go into the streets to protest over lack of that attention. Nomatter how much noise Madamombe and gang can make, that will not force President Mugabe to see them. Those people cannot add any value to this country. In any case, they are behaving in a way that scares away potential investors.

In one of her Facebook posts, Madamombe said, "We seek attention to poor health delivery system, to poor roads, poverty, failing education systems, 95% unemployment, unabated corruption, poor water services, gross human rights violations, failed leadership and attention to our highest office being run by a sleeping 93 year old."

That is a language of someone who is out of sync with what is happening in Zimbabwe. There are no human rights violations in Zimbabwe at all. They only exist in the mind of certain Civic Society Organisations (CSOs) which thrive on deceiving donors that there are human rights violations in Zimbabwean so that they can get funding. The funders will one day visit Zimbabwe, and believe you me; those CSO's coffers will run dry.
President Mugabe is also seeking attention to the removal of the evil sanctions so that the economy can work again. Once the sanctions are removed in toto, all the issues that Madamombe is seeking attention to, will all fall in place. Madamombe and gang will do well if they demonstrate against the sanctions.

- John Sigauke


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