Kingship and Nationalism will not solve Matabeleland problems

Kingship and Nationalism will not solve Matabeleland problems
Published: 23 September 2017 (155 Views)
Greetings to you all my Comrades and friends in the name of Mthwakazi struggle for Self-determination. I have not been politically active since I lost my wife some two months ago. Well I have accepted the will of God and life has to go on so that I am able to fulfill my mandate in life too. This is my first statement in two months, thanks to those who have been constantly checking on me and even praying for me. I am ok God is good all the time and he has been good to me as well.

While on leave I have been following our local politics as well as international politics as things unfold a lot has been happening, from the false start to King Stanley Raphael Khumalo's coronation, to the disagreements over the Cartalonian Refurundum. The much talked about King Bulelani Khumalo's Kingship, I have also been following on the National parties' inconsistences in as far as their donor funded and influenced coalitions are concerned. The grand coalition has since collapsed, the NERA collapsed, CODE also collapsed, now the MDC Alliance has since been cracking, judging by the ZAPU, PDP and NPP's Matabeleland pact that has since been introduced. ZANU PF has also not been left out in terms of political drama. The electric cord and the ice cream drama was just too much to resist it has been a heat even of social media, thanks to Dr stop it's political drama.

My intention was to entirely devot at some days to God through prayer and less politics, but I couldn't avoid politics as I have been getting calls daily from Comrades in Bulawayo from different political parties. Surprisingly most calls came from the Khuphe faction of the MDC-T asking to work with MRP of which you already know MRP's position to that effect.

Today's installment is focussing on the political path Mthwakazi people should take, I have said it before and I repeat Scotland politics is the way for Matabeleland no other option. We have told you a million times as MRP that Mthwakazi problems are political problems that needs a political solution, and that solution is MRP.

We have argued that the King in the twenty first century cannot hold the power that King Mzilikazi or King Lobhengula had then, in the twenty first century a King can only be a stakeholder and not the almate authority. The issue of King will not free Mthwakazi good people it's high time everyone in Matabeleland understand that. Thus why we have remained neutral in the whole saga.

The Kingship issue has further been weakened by the bickering within and amongst the Khumalos. Which effectively means that the throne can no longer be important, since it has succeeded in dividing our people while giving some high hopes about something that simple won't happen. Personally I believe that the Zwide faction must stay away from the Kingship issue and stop wasting our time, while I wish to encourage the Bulelani faction to reach out to SRK negotiate and find  common ground.

I must put it catigorically clear that SRK's advisors must stop misleading him, he will remain illegitimate for donkey years as long as he continues to behave like a pressure group leader without any iota of legitimacy, the mere fact that he does not have even a single known legitimate Chief on his side, as well as his constant unfulfilled threats and deadlines to Zimbabwean gorvenment makes him and his crew more of a joke than real, we don't want that. The mere recognition by Chief Khayisa Ndiweni that Mthwakazi Restoration is not an event but a process is a good starting point and I believe that Chief Khayisa Ndiweni understands the task ahead.

It doesn't impress me to see people setting up targets they won't be able to fulfill. So I believe its high time Chief Khayisa Ndiweni and SRK need to meet and iron out any differences between them, because we need them both in this struggle as they all need MRP.

There is only one way to Mthwakazi Restoration that is following the Scotland National Party's way of doing things. At this juncture we all need as Matabeleland people to agree that our first port of call is to contest the 2018 elections as Mthwakazi, make sure we win council,  senate and paliamentery seats available in our territory, be in charge of our territory as a starting point as we get rid of Obert Mpofu and his ZANU party, MDC as well as all other funny schemes disgised as political parties from Mashonaland.

I don't find pleasure in targeting hundred percent of a rabbit and loose it all, when there is an option of targeting ten percent off an elephant and win. We all know hundred percent of a rabbit can never be equal to ten percent of an elephant.

What am I saying? I am simple saying we need to be strategic in our planning, it is not in our interest to realise powerful statement which we won't fulfill. We rather follow the basics step by step going up untill we reach the Scotland and Cartalonia stage which is all possible and feasible. Basically our Target should be to be incharge of our own affairs as a  starting point, govern ourselves through local government.

Our Matabeleland people should forget about the ZAPU PDP and NPP's election pact it's all a fallacy which will not help anyone in Mthwakazi forget anything from Harare. It's high time we need to understand the real meaning of Self-determination, Self-determination means that we have to be in charge of our own affairs, and in this case Mthwakazi self-determination, NOT  PDP, MDCs or anything Zimbabwe.

Finally Mthwakazi Omuhle we need to understand that there is no short cut to our Independence, we need to be constistant, resilient and focused, be ready to work on our own set targets. It's high time our business community stops taking their wait and see stance, Team MRP has proven that it has the formula others have come and have gone, while we remain standing and focused.

May I also state that it does not make sense for all of us to be singing Mthwakazi Restoration while we are being dominated by MDC and ZANU in Matabeleland, which is a more reason why everyone of us should help MRP wrestle all Mthwakazi seats from these parties influenced by the 1979 Shona Grand plan.

We encourage "uMthwakazi wonke jikelele" who is 18 and above to register and vote Team MRP. "Ayikho eyinye indlela Mthwakazi Omuhle". May I take this opportunity to encourage you not to use imotions in this matter this is a national issue "akelehlise uMoya phansi" and think, so that you won't be carried away by anything that comes up. You need to interrogate these people who comes to Matabeleland with their funny schemes disgised as the Messiahs of Matabeleland.

Contesting and winning the 2018 elections as Mthwakazi people remains the best option available let's all focus on that. That is a sure way of showing our anger, protecting our natural resources and employment opportunities. We are aware of ZANU PF rigging mechanitions thus why we say United we stand divided we fall.

*Mbonisi Gumbo is Mthwakazi Republic Party Bulawayo East's Paliamentery candidate, and the party's Secretary for Information and publicity writing in his personal capacity. He can be contacted on email: or App on: +263 784 272 301.*

- Mbonisi Gumbo


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