Zimbabwe is 'peaceful and stable' insists Mugabe's Minister - echo Saddam's 'Chemical' Ali

Zimbabwe is 'peaceful and stable' insists Mugabe's Minister - echo Saddam's 'Chemical' Ali
Published: 14 November 2017 (430 Views)
"Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi has told Zambian leader, Edgar Lungu that Zimbabwe will be stable and united ahead of next year's polls," reported Zimeye.

"Mzembi spoke as he delivered a special message to Lungu from President Mugabe. Mzembi said Mugabe's top priority at the moment were peace and stability."

Since when has Mugabe ever care about peace and stability in Zimbabwe? Ever since the country attain her independence in 1980 all he has ever wanted is to secure absolute power by ensuring Zimbabwe was a de facto one-party, Zanu PF, dictatorship. Before the ink was dry on the new Lancaster House constitution calling for a multi-party democratic Zimbabwe, he was already plotting how to undermine the country's State Institutions like Police, Judiciary, ZEC, etc. to establish his dictatorship.

Even when it was self-evident that the dictatorship was not working President Mugabe ploughed on regardless driving the nation's economy deeper and deeper into trouble. To keep his greedy and wasteful Zanu PF cronies loyal to him and his tyrannical regime, Mugabe looted everything of value. When there was nothing left to loot in the late 1990s, he turned on the white owned farms.

He instigated the violent farm seizure, "njambanja", it was no accident these flared up during elections; they were used as cover for the politically motivated violence again the opposition and their supporters.

"Mzembi also conveyed President Mugabe's sincere gratitude to the Zambian Government for supporting Zimbabwe with affordable maize imports during the last four years of grain shortages in that country," continued the report.

One of the consequences of the njambanja was to knock Zimbabwe of its coveted perch of not only growing enough to feed its own people but have plenty left over to feed the region, the bread basket of the region. Ever since njambanja the nation has had to rely on imported food-aid.

We are starving in the country which for all intend and purpose is the Garden of Eden; a fitting testimonial to President Mugabe's breath-taking corrupt and incompetence.

President Mugabe is a control freak megalomania who love for absolute power and the trapping of influence and wealth it brings is insatiable. He has ruled the country for 37 years and is now frail with ill health and old age, at 93 years of age, and yet he still hangs on to power like a binnacle to a rock.

In the last three years, he has fired two VPs and their supporters for no other reason other than to clear the deck to allow his wife, who hunger for absolute power is sparred on by her insatiable love for Gucci shoes and other luxuries. She knows that if anyone else was to succeed her husband she will be reduced to being a Minister, if she is lucky, and thus forced to give up all the luxuries and extravagant lifestyle she and her family have enjoyed all these years.

The political chaos gripping Zimbabwe today was all cause by first of all President Mugabe himself to refusal to handover power to someone else although he had nothing to show for it, other than the economic chaos and the over 30 000 political murders. The last straw was he Machivalian machination to have his wife to succeed him!

Minister Mzembi can talk of President Mugabe restoring peace and stability in Zimbabwe until he is green in the face, no one will be fooled by that nonsense. Having triggered the self-distract button overstaying in office, President Mugabe has no clue much less control over what is going to happen next.

Zanu PF is imploding and there is a real danger of the party dragging the nation and the whole SADC region into the abyss with it. All because of the insatiable greed of one man and his shrew wife!

SADC leaders had the opportunity to end Zimbabwe's political crisis following the signing of the 2008 Global Political Agreement in which Mugabe agreed to the implementation of a raft of democratic reforms designed to stripe the tyrant of all his carte blanche powers to rig elections.

Sadly, Mugabe bribed Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends to do nothing about the reforms. Whilst it is true that SADC leaders, who were the guarantor of the agreement, pushed MDC to implement the reforms; given the chaos now in Zimbabwe, they know they should have pushed even harder.

SADC leaders should have publicly denounced Tsvangirai & co., for example, long before the end of the five years and demanded the appointment of a competent team to implement the reforms! Now all SADC leaders can do is wring their fingers; they too are as helpless to stop the madness in Zimbabwe as Mugabe himself.

Minister Mzembi's comments to assure the world President Mugabe is still in charge are as foolish and comical as Saddam Hussein's "Chemical" Ali who continued to claim that Iraq was winning the 2003 war even with the American soldiers inside the city gates of Baghdad!  

- Nomusa Garikai

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