Why Matebeleland must not celebrate!

Why Matebeleland must not celebrate!
Published: 20 November 2017 (630 Views)
It remains a fact that a lot of people have suspended their consciences and systems of consciousness, from which their principles must be firmly anchored. Looking at what is obtaining in Zimbabwe, one immediately realises that it's no longer about principles and looking at facts; it is now about short and quick fixes for the ordinary masses - especially their stomachs. It's the politics of the belly.

Shockingly some of the people who have seemingly been celebrating this fraud that's aimed at rebooting Zanu-PF back to its manufacture settings are people I went to University with; people I was with when we campaigned against Zanu-PF for years. Some of them are even lawyers who should know better.

But it would appear they are far too hungry to, at least, understand that we stand not to benefit anything from this. As we all agree, Mugabe is an evil man, we should also agree that all the bad things he committed he was with the same Army Generals and Mnangagwa.

Are these Army Generals and Mnangagwa not the same people who have pillaged our people dating back from the Gukurahundi Genocide to the most recent violent episodes of 2008, and the Muramba Tsvina crusade?

So if Mugabe ended up earning himself the title of being a 'Hitler', then it means his right-hand men; Emmerson Mnangagwa, also earned himself the title, 'Adolf Eichmann' and the Army Generals, Constantino Chiwenga and the rest are the equivalents of 'Heinrich Himmler.'

We all know about the most gruesome and horrible things that that these people (Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, Heinrich Himmler and the rest) did, in particular, their role in the murder and pillaging of the Jews leading to the most painful Jewish Holocaust.

To date the whole world still hasn't recovered from these evil men's actions. But we the victims of these new forms of evil that are obtaining in the Global South; the most recent violations perpetrated on us by the reincarnated pieces of Satan; Mnangagwa as Adolf Eichmann, and the Army Generals as Heinrich Himmler, are told that we should suspend our pains and brains, and focus on their enthronement so that tomorrow they turn us, again, into 'beasts of burden'. All those who have fallen for this scandal, including some of my trusted brothers and sisters are victims of the shrill of their empty stomachs. They lost their conscience a long time ago.

But I for one will retain my conscience and consciousness - I will never support this path of evil, and the rebooting of Zanu-PF back to its manufacture settings. That I will never do! We should allow for our humanity and being to come first. If we really need change, we must not embrace anything that pretends to be change. It's an illusion, and we must never embrace it, no matter how tempting or charming it might be.

Genuine progressive cadres with a conscience and deep consciousness are needed in a struggle like this one. Not these hungry characters in the opposition who only pretend to be fighting for change yet positioning themselves to be accepted by the pretentious status quo.

We all Should know that what is likely to happen when this group of thugs takes over, is that they will withdraw the US$15 Billion that they stole. Use part of it to inject the economy in order to paint their pretentious outlook of being the new saints. And our hungry citizens, brothers and sisters who are gullible will fall for it, and celebrate it as change, and go on a political honeymoon with the new devils.

Another 20 years or so will be wasted before people realise that the so called 'new independence' they celebrated was actually fluke, and that it never was an emancipatory project.

The international community that never cared about the plight of the Blackman will reinvent these sons of Satan (Mnangagwa and the rest) that would have captured the state and do business with them. It must be noted that the international community has no conscience. For them it's business first and their running stencil is Global Imperial agenda. It works!

This time they don't have to come and pillage us as they did in the past, all they need to do is to have thugs like Emmerson Mnangagwa and the rest, as their 'Comprador Bourgeoisie' doing the pillaging for them. It's a pity. I will never support this fraud that pretends to be change, for I know what it is - we should rightfully call it an evil scandal of the 21st Century! Removing Satan and replacing him with the Devil will never suit my conscience and consciousness.

 As I stand guided by the souls of my innocent folk who were brutally murdered in the Gukurahundi Genocide, I prefer to choose the path of vilification and principle. And so I refuse to celebrate

- umthwakazireview.com


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