Justice Chigumba is attacked once more using Zimbabwe weapon of mass destruction: SEX

Justice Chigumba is attacked once more using Zimbabwe weapon of mass destruction: SEX
Published: 18 July 2018 (976 Views)
Chamisa and his thugs were seen once more storming the office of Justice Chigumba without an appointment. They demanded to see her at once. Their small minds immersed in inferiority complex were talking loud, almost doing what they know best: rudeness and total disregard of the person who holds such a high office in the land. On a woman called Justice Priscilla Chigumba. Curiously we share the concerns of the majority of the population that ZEC should be more transparent in their execution of their mandate and partiality to all political parties.

The problem we have with MDC-Alliance is their total disrespect of women. It would appear as if Chamisa and his thugs are fighting the woman: Justice Chigumba more than their grievances. Chamisa is wholly disturbed by the fact that it is a woman in charge, hence their rudeness in dealing with her: mistreating her because she is a woman. It is inconceivable for an aspiring presidential candidate to just match in and force himself into the office of ZEC, demand to see her without prior appointment. This is absolute rudeness on the part of MDC-Alliance is insulting; it is telling all that this woman is not worth the office, the office must be occupied by a man; that is their inherent message as a matter of fact.   

We know too that if the Head of ZEC was a man and not Chigumba the woman, Chamisa would not have done what he did, just storming into the office and demand to see Justice Chigumba. Chamisa would not dare storm into Mnangagwa's office and shout of top of his head the way he did to Chigumba in that video. This is the reality we women of Zimbabwe have to live and cope with daily: absolute rudeness coming from some of our men folk. Chamisa is an advocate who should know better than he does, not to behave the way he did, it did not matter how wrong Justice Chigumba may be, she does not deserve disrespect. But he did it because he is Chamisa the future Fuehrer of this land! Chamisa thinks he should dictate everything without questioning and Justice Chigumba is a mere woman and deserves bullying.   

We women should come together and denounce this rudeness meted on another woman. Just twelve days ahead of harmonised elections, sex accusations are surfacing to reduce her: they are to pin her down as a woman with loose morals because "them men" have better morals than her!  My foot. Those men, misogynistic in nature, know too well what devastating effect it has on women when you confront her using sex as a weapon of Zimbabwe mass destruction. We do not demand to know Justice Chigumba's private life by no account. We have nothing to do with her private sexual life. But is it those twisted men, women haters will turn around any story and make it sexual so that it's sellable to Zimbabwe societies that curiously frown at sex. Zimbabwe is a society that put measure of a decent woman in terms of her sexual life.

For argument sake if it was a men who had sexual relationship/s with multiple women, that man would be considered a decent man by Zimbabwe standards. Zimbabwe is a very promiscuous society: Sex is the glory of men and not women. Zimbabwean men cheat their wives almost on daily basis: there are small houses dotted around Zimbabwe from prominent men with money. There is no mention of the men having multiple sexual partners on social media. But they will seek, scrutinize her, will want to know all about Justice's Chigumba‘s private especially sexual life in detail to flash it on social media to denigrate her, to reduce her to a slut, they have already called her a "Hure" in the presence of Chamisa. Who gives them the right to dwell into other people's private lives? We shall never stop to denounce this uttermost rudeness on our women. Amai Mujuru was treated the same as all of the women in powerful positions: was shamed using sex: a Zimbabwean weapon of mass destruction. Any woman who dares to assume a powerful position in public offices will be targeted and will be humiliated with unprintable words. Enough is enough! We want our dignity as women period!

Sis Thoko was treated in the same, conspiracy-minded treatment she got from Chamisa and the whole MDC-Alliance right up to the thugs outside the Harvest House, to apportion absolute rudeness and name-calling of sexual nature that will shame her. (Chigumba is loose because she has a sexual relationship with a married man!) Advocate Jessie Majome was mistreated the same way was told she is some old woman fit to go back to the reserves to herd donkeys. Majome was supposed to be reduced and diminished, belittled and deprecated by none either than her own Party MDC-Alliance and Chamisa never said a word about it.

Now the playground for MDC-Alliance is ZEC offices targeting the very woman who chairs the Big Office and a very important place for all future citizens of this country: Justice Chigumba. ZEC has become an office where MDC-Alliance can exercise their misogynistic language of hate towards women. They feel they can permit themselves, force themselves on the premises without the due appointment. I ask everybody to see the video once more of Chamisa and his thugs forcing themselves into the ZEC offices to go and exhibit hatred towards Chigumba, shouting: kicking and screaming on top of their heads at the secretary's desk. Then you ask yourself a second question: is this the quality of a future president of the Republic of Zimbabwe?

The worth of note is the video of Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa with Justice Chigumba: indeed the video is worth watching once more. What is striking most in that video is the civility of the interview? Ruvheneko was on point, taking Justice Chigumba head-on. Even the honorable Justice never felt threatened by her most pertinent questions that highlighted serious discrepancies in her office. If Chamisa could learn the same to highlight his grievances to Justice Chigumba without calling her names and without exhibiting disregard for her as a woman without being rude to her, without mistreating her, but to respect the office and authority she holds at the same time putting the grievances he deems fit to redress before the harmonised elections with civility. We should be a civilized nation and not marauding thugs that enter offices to disrupt work.

Reading a today's article written by Jonathan Matika: "Why women will know their place in Chamisa's Zimbabwe: this article, written by a man, made many of us hope that there are men out there who genuinely appreciate our plight as women. Thank you Jonathan Matika, for that today's insightful article on Bulawayo 24. We sincerely can never say all men in Zimbabwe are misogynistic. On the other hand, the content of the article makes one to despair from the onset: If indeed Chamisa came to power, what will be the plight of women in his administration. How are women going to develop their potential in a misogynistic government poisoned by a misogynistic attitude of a young man?

Chamisa rates women as the second class has a conspiracy-minded attitude towards women. If he can casually bat using his sister, his ability to sleep with any woman, but he is a pastor, tells us he can prove his sexual competency on any woman in Zimbabwe: the body language between his wife and himself will inform us that she is put at her place in their home; the man is supreme in Chamisa's home. What does that tell us about Chamisa, the future president of this country? Is that the language from a pastor: the man of God and a learned advocate? Whether Chamisa wins or loses these elections we shall never stop to fight for our rights as women. We shall talk and talk: we shall fight and fight for our rights as women. We know we shall be told off by those men with an inferiority complex, insult us with all sorts of names one can imagine.

We demand that Justice Chigumba is treated with respect in as much as all other human beings in the land. We demand you Chamisa and your kitchen cabinet to respect women. Stop insulting Justice Chigumba using sex as a Zimbabwean weapon of destruction even if it's your thugs that do the insulting on your behalf. We are mothers and grandmothers of this land. Please stop those insults of sexual nature Justice Chigumba at once as they insult all women in the land. Stop witch-hunting her private life at once! We are sick and tired of being insulted and our private lives exposed to destroy us emotionally. You are such cowards; cowards! We are behind Justice Chigumba because she is a woman, a mother and a sister of this great nation. (She will solve her problems in ZEC alone.) We come to her defense because she is a woman and nothing else. When MDC-Alliance attacks Justice Chigumba using sexual insults you are insulting all women in the land. So please stop it at once!

- Nomazulu Thata


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