Fortune Charumbira in delirium about Gukurahundi

Fortune Charumbira in delirium about Gukurahundi
Published: 18 December 2018 (318 Views)
Provocative and desperate attempts to hoodwink the world on Gukurahundi by Zanu-PF surrogates such as Fortune Charumbira will never weaken or derail the struggle for justice by the genuine victims of the tribal driven carnage.  This ZanuPF chief who is notorious for leading traditional chiefs in persecuting villagers, who dare openly declare their support for any other party that is not ZanuPF, exposed his grossly impaired sense of judgment and a serious handicap to simply understand reality in general.

He ventures into comparing how his ancestors who are the Hutu of Rwanda are now at peace with the Tutsi that they attempted to wipe out.  So shallow is his pathetic understanding of the dynamics of reconciliation in that country that his comparison is like shamelessly putting up a face to say cutting down trees in the forest can be like playing table tennis in a gymnasium.

Fortune Charumbira visited Rwanda recently. One wonders whether he was told how the government that implements the reconciliation now was formed.  It is perhaps imperative to give briefly the background of Rwanda`s current peace initiatives. The Hutu carried out genocide against the Tutsi after a Hutu President had been murdered in plane crash. The minority Tutsi were accused by the majority Hutu and in typical Gukurahundi style, the Hutus went on a rampage killing the Tutsis. Even the moderate Hutus who were married to the Tutsi were not spared. Churches also joined the Hutu in their genocidal expeditions. Thousands of minority Tutsis were massacred many of them in churches. The behavior of some Zimbabwean "Pastors "is therefore not unique as they openly support the perpetrators of violence against defenseless civilians and then quickly rush to the victims urging them not to hate the murderers.

The imperialist France as usual supported the Hutu and many people of Rwanda including their President have openly expressed their hatred of the French including their language. The current government that is working on reconciliation came as a result of a war when the Tutsis fought back for survival. Despite being from a majority tribe, the Hutu army was defeated and fled. Many of them came to Zimbabwe where they became refugees. The victorious Tutsis wiped out the armed gangs. Perpetrators who tried to hide were arrested and jailed. The murderous pastors were also exposed and jailed for their role in the genocide. Justice for the victims of the genocide was achieved. The perpetrators apologized and accepted the punishment for their inhumane behavior. The current Rwandan peace process in founded on justice and not on lies.

Gukurahundi was indeed an inspiration to the Hutus in Rwanda in some way.  The Gukurahundists were backed by the British and precisely by the Conservative Party of Margaret Thatcher. It happened before the Rwandan genocide and nothing happened to the perpetrators here. Not a single Western government talked about it at the time.  The Hutus then must have thought that they could do likewise although they went too far. The world could not look aside as it had done in Zimbabwe when unarmed Zapu supporters and the Ndebeles were murdered in their thousands.
Fortune Charumbira has been a ZanuPF supporter and a defender of Gukurahundi and as their chief. He believes it was right to kill the Ndebele for the "crimes" of the Ngunis in the 19th Century. He has NO ROLE to ever talk to or on behalf of the Gukurahundi victims. It is not acceptable.  The talks will be louder and he should expect more noise. He also day dreams calling it an in-house problem. The murderers were trained by the foreigners from North Korea specifically for that purpose. The British funded.  Other friends of Mugabe like Nyerere of Tanzania supported and advised.  The apartheid South African BOSS agents well known by Mugabe and his State Security Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa  were operating here as CIOs. They recruited their informers against guerrillas and Zapu during the war to give Gukurahundi all the names of Zapu supporters and all those who had joined the struggle. These former Smith supporters became officials of ZanuPF. Gukurahundi cannot be an in-house isssue to be managed by any ZanuPF chief let alone any supporter.

The confused and probably unwell ZanuPF chief claims that the UN failed in Rwanda so it can't do anything here. What a laughable imagination! Chief Vezi Maduna must have made someone`s manhood shrink! The world must know the truth of the Gukurahundi. Someone must explain how a yet to be born child would be a dissident. An in-house solution like the many Commissions such as the numerous ones   that ZanuPF has set up have yielded nothing. The latest one led by Montlante of South Africa was a shameless joke where ZanuPF witnesses just said anything, really just any lie that even children could not say. How can anyone think that it is a serious fact to say that as soldiers opened fire this coincided with the fire from hired MDC snipers from Tanzania. Lunacy can never do better than the UN no matter how toothless the UN is.

So Charumbira can imagine whatever he wants to dream. They can pick up Zanu PF supporters and masquerade them as anything. It will not work. The victims of Gukurahundi will never ever subject themselves to the perpetrators of the genocide coming as traditional chiefs. After all, they know why the genocide was carried out. They know why the British actually funded although pretending to be looking aside. The victims clearly understand why the South African Intelligence was involved. They were also clearly told by the tribal army why they were being killed as a people.  They know and remember the ZanuPF slogans they were forced to repeat after the Gukurahundi murders. They still know who they saw during the period. Fortune Charumbira and his likes resemble all the evils of Gukurahundi. He can never be part of a solution as a perpetrator.

- MKhululi Zulu


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