How to win at slots? Top slot tips & tricks

How to win at slots? Top slot tips & tricks
Published: 17 January 2019 (1466 Views)
Slot gaming across web-based gaming site is a popular activity basically for fun or even as a way of investing your money with an expectation of a considerable return. For this reason, slot gaming experts and experienced pundits have come up with some insightful tips_ on how you can leverage your spins and relatively get more winnings to your way.

Nonetheless, even as tips and strategies have been proposed by a number of experts like on normally give their tips with a disclaimer that slot gaming is purely random and as such, no strategy or tip is absolute in terms of predicting how the spins or the overall outcome of the game will look like.

Some of these tips include; Taking advantage of the no deposit offers. Generally, the online casino industry is a highly competitive business. Casinos are in constant races to outdo each other in a bid to attract new customers and keep the existing ones. Whenever a new no deposit bonus code is available it is advisable to exploit and apply it on the games specified. This gives you a chance to enjoy games for free hence improving and honing your skills without putting any cent into the stake.

Checking on the game's volatility can as well be insightful in terms of slot predictability. Generally, slots are described as having low or high volatility. Slot machines with high volatility do not pay frequently but normally pay huge sums when they do. On the other end, low volatility slots have frequent payouts but with smaller amounts. As such, it is logically advisable to wager larger amounts in high volatile games as this will yield better returns in the long run. For low volatile games, bet small as this will likely yield only small wins.

Before clicking that spin button, gamers can check the said volatility by looking into a game's paytable. Every slot game out there comes with a unique and specific pay table. All the games available at have, for instance, diverse and detailed paytables. Whether, Wild payouts or Scatters, the payout schedule will give you tips whether the winnings have been paid at close or far apart intervals. This is the truest path in determining the volatility of a game.

Keep looking for special slot bonuses. This is another recommendable gaming tip that may also be extended to other games. Through bonuses, you can significantly improve your bankroll and increase your play time. Normally, new bonuses are issued during the launch of a new casino, new game, a new gaming tournament or even times preceding popular events like the SuperBow tournaments. Once you satisfy the laid down conditions, the real cash rewards will be seamlessly credited to your gambling account in case there is no special activation code required. This will, of course, give you a chance to engage paylines for longer periods and possibly enjoy the benefits of high volatility in the long run as described above in this text.

In case of progressive or random slot jackpots, always go the random way as opposed to the latter. As the name suggests, random jackpots are primarily fixed and just come randomly. Progressive jackpots are significantly different from random in the sense that a common pool of prize grows until when the lucky player strikes it. It could even be wagered across casinos provided as much as the said casinos are officially part of the network where the game is offered. The advantage with random jackpots is due to their fixed payouts which insinuate to a relatively higher chance of hitting the prize though smaller in size. For progressives, the designers normally set them up with chances that it hits those crazy mega jackpot figures which basically indicates few or nil chances of winning in the short term. With such a setup, it becomes obvious to take part in short term chances as presented by fixed jackpot prizes.

For experienced gamers, all the above tips have proved in one way or another comparably fruitful. However, pundits, as well as enthusiasts, continue to find progressive ways on how skills can be leveraged and eat the house edge further given the fact that the said tips are not absolute.

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