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This video clip was published on Jan 26, 2014 on YouTube with the title "Harare night club"



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Anonymous user 07 December 2016
What's crazy about adults having fun in an environment where there are no kids.
Anonymous user 13 October 2016
Madness kills our people
Anonymous user 09 October 2016
Ndiro basa ratosara chete muZim irori. Kwakudii hakuna mabasa kunze uku
Anonymous user 05 October 2016
Crazy people. What do they think they are doing. Its shameful.
Anonymous user 24 September 2016
It's funny Zimbabweas will believe anything . No disrespectful for those guys who claim to be living in Europe but my question is even my 7 year old boy who had never Ben to Zim will tell you that this is not Zimbabwe. This is a common practice in all the Carribean Islands especially Jamaica. For your own info that video was shot in a Jamaican night club, like I mentioned people who have lived in UK , America and other places we can easily tell whether a black person Carribean or African. Above all, where in Zim can u find a Jamaican DJ. Yes my brothers n sisters, for I have close links with both places that I am talking about Zim , Jamaica n Europe. For you who claim to have been to Uk clubs , I am convinced u hv nevr been anywhere apart from doing shifts . I suggest u take a day off wok and go to one of the Carribean clubs, parties or the Carnivals . I don't judge people , we need to understand difference in cultures. In a way those guys do what they do whilst in the club but country has a higher level of HIV, in short , we r nt and hv nevr Ben better than anybody. Munondipa kutaura saka muchitambwa memi Mazimba. Actually without wasting yr time , that video was in St Catherine in Jamaica, which is a few miles from Kingston Jamaica.
Anonymous user 26 August 2016
Give enouph rope and see
Anonymous user 04 August 2016
Mhata dzoshupa Mugabe ndaabve tiise mitemo ne kugadzirisa black colony
Anonymous user 08 July 2016
This is crazy such behaviors need to be corrected ,we don't want that in our Zimbabwe
Anonymous user 26 June 2016
nyika yaenda kumawere eeeeeish
Anonymous user 21 April 2016
Nyika yoguma manje vaoparadzwa vose vasingadi mwari 1 Corinth 6 vs 9-
Anonymous user 24 March 2016
Ndezvekumama izvi tsvagai mabasa
Anonymous user 29 January 2016
unfortunately thts reality
Anonymous user 29 January 2016
This is a serious case tinofara but izvi Vanyanyisa
Anonymous user 18 November 2015
Ah hazvina kana basa izvo. Ndizvo zvinoitika munyika yedu. N zvishoma. Vazhinji tino bata vhangeri .A ungarega kunakwa nyika yakadhakwa kudai?wadii
Anonymous user 16 November 2015
Ths is bed cnt blv wht am seeing hr
Anonymous user 10 November 2015
This now illumination by Satan... The world is now coming to an end
Anonymous user 22 July 2015
It's funny we call this bad ,but if a minister of the present govt by the name Walter Mzembi is seen frequenting such joints,what does it say. Is he encouraging tourism in the country
Anonymous user 18 July 2015
what was done with these people and what is being done to prevent reccurence? NB * these behaviors will grow if not corrected
Anonymous user 18 July 2015
what was done with these people and what is being done to prevent reccurence? NB * these behaviors will grow if not corrected
Anonymous user 24 June 2015
Who is to say that's in Harare for sure? That aside.......this is very much deplorable,depraved and disgusting behaviour. Is this what they would then refer to when they say ''it was rocking at the club''. For sure,repent or perish........
Anonymous user 17 June 2015
you see how our people have corrupted themselves with SIN.I live in uk where people go to nightclubs everyday i never see such filth.But we know the curses in deteuronomy God Almighty will never free real israelites bantu people because we have followed the evil ways of America the daughter of babylon Europe .We are poor but we are rich in spirit.Our people now follow evil ways .SHAME ON YOU.God will destroy you if you dont repent
Anonymous user 19 May 2015
Hasha ku shaya zvekuita