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A video in which a Zimbabwean woman teaches women about sex has gone viral.



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Anonymous user 18 February 2017
i dont know who shes trying to fool but aint no chick doing that
Anonymous user 05 December 2016
Wow it was nyc ...u know how it is done ... teach those who dnt hv aunties
Anonymous user 19 October 2016
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Anonymous user 13 October 2016
Yoo its a business keep it n save it
Anonymous user 25 July 2016
some one stole her phone and uploaded the video
Anonymous user 25 July 2016
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Anonymous user 21 May 2016
Modern days vana tete havachaiti basa ravo thanks my sister iauto vaudze
Anonymous user 17 May 2016
Good stuff, exactly unogona vaudze vese ava varikuti hee rubbish, havazvigone ndosaka.tipe number zvako iwe
Anonymous user 14 February 2016
vadzidzise kuti ibasa iri nokuti vamwe vakauya vokurira musango
Anonymous user 08 December 2015
African lost their culture
Anonymous user 02 October 2015
Chimboita futi wakabvisa kabudura
Anonymous user 20 August 2015
Yaaaa thats not they west yakati omei kkkk
Anonymous user 19 July 2015
kkkkk ayaaas tht's th end of ths wrld
Anonymous user 09 July 2015
Number one yu go gal yu go gal i like like like it
Anonymous user 07 July 2015
That is diabolic nd so people never be fooled
Anonymous user 28 April 2015
Very important to know this especially women.
Anonymous user 20 April 2015
You gotta give the lady credit. Sex must be enjoyed.
Anonymous user 17 March 2015
What a load artistical rubbish...
Anonymous user 22 February 2015
ko ndozvo .becoz vakadzi vatiinavo madanda.havadi kuita izvi
Anonymous user 26 December 2014
Vane chikapa chaicho dont waste their time advertising chikapa chavo chine power. I honestly think kuti thats attention seeking at its best. Even though she needs to try much harder than this.
Anonymous user 24 December 2014
Urinani Asi wedzera chikapa